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  1. For example, there is a program where you can make created 3d models dance for music called MikuMikuDance. Would I be able take a model from there, or anywhere else, and bring it into Second Life to use as my Avatar? If so, how?
  2. ...actually accept gift cards to buy lindens? I've been trying to get this card to work for a bit now, but even the third party websites give me errors when I use the card. Not sure how to reply below... but no, paypal doesn't accept gift/prepaid cards either.
  3. I put my gift card information in the billing section, went to the buy lindens section and entered the amount I wanted, and after I hit the Place Buy button it gave me the error "Cannot charge card. Error when processing order". I'd really hate to find out that they don't accept gift cards after I bought one D: So? Am I doing something wrong or do they really not accept them?
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