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  1. Ah thanks again Innula! Yup that's definitely one way I might do it. I'm also seeing you can share UVmap space with a texture that is premade outside of SL. So say photoshop as long as I adjust it in photoshop to hit area's of a model or attachment I want I should get results. It's just harder to paint nurbs it seems since it's a 0 to 1 texture space they call it. An I'm still looking into how to paint that as well lol. Other then that though I now see how I can build stuff that has more control in SL using sculpt maps and scripted code. I just hope I can remember how it's all done LOL!
  2. Yea I'm noticing now there is two ways of doing it with sculpt maps either dropping them in. Or just as you said using the UUID copying that out of inventory that I guess SL generates for each item in your inventory once it's uploaded in world. Then I can just call that item by it's hard coded ID inside a script to give the sculpt prim it's shape I want. I can now call multiple sculpt maps just from script code. Which is really cool, I guess where my head hurts is if I do this I'm learning sculpt maps of an object tend to have UV map that is setup to not be touched if you're working inside say
  3. Hello Innula, you're correctly about that. What I been confused on is how most HUD's are being created with what is capable in SL. Being that I'm not a programmer and came in late in the game with second life content creation. I was talking to Keiran Rotaru about some of his creations and HUDs and he explained to me that it's an .obj converted to a sculpt map which looks like a texture when you click it, but in world it forms the shape you built as an object outside of SL. So I was like wow, no wonder I been confused. So this is one way that definitely will work using prim_type code to call y
  4. @ Rolig...hmm I see this is more difficult then I realized lol. I guess i have two huds in mind actually. One with attaching and detaching and after that one hopefully move on to what I thought was an object with contents holding a couple objects in there and called on from a additional HUD object with a script. This is giving me some idea's at least since I didn't realize it doesn't exist until rezzed. @ Thans Innula, I guess though I want something I can make that doesn't require a certain viewer to make this work. An I'd still like to figure out how to make it where it doesn't create m
  5. Yea I agree with both your comments. I think though it's done some how through a HUD that controls an Object within an object. Or at least that's one way. Just looking at other huds and how they are used. I usually have an attachment object and a HUD. I can't see into the contents of course but I can only assume one of the two objects has the other attachments inside it. They gotta be pulled from some where lol! I am new to coding and more of an artist anyway so I can see how I will have mental blocks here for quite awhile. If I figure it out though I'll post here how it's done. I just been so
  6. @ Lucinda Bulloch, I see this is confusing. It would be nice though to just attach an object from the hud object. But have it act as not a new inventory item. Just not making duplicates of what is already in the HUD. I see really great huds I just don't know their secret lol. I can understand the reason to rettain that knowledge and not share it though. SL seems to be getting more and more competitive and hard to make the means to live lol. Unless you're very knowledgable. I might have to find some huds that are free that I can disect and see how it's built. I think I'll get lucky to find th
  7. Thanks man, ah I'll have to keep looking into it. I think I gotta long way to go lol!
  8. Ah ok, I'm thinking it's something to do with llCreateLink? I'll have to look into that when I get a chance lol.
  9. Hm.. well maybe I'm also going about this the wrong way to. Because as I rez the object in world from the button I click on the hud. I kinda assumed it would put that in objects creating multiples every time I clicked the button. I'm basiclly trying to build a small Hud that attached two different objects. From other huds I've used I don't know what they are doing but it works how I'd like it. Attaching the object only to detach it when say clicking a hide button or maybe now that I think of it it's still there I'll have to see lol. I'll take a look at created HUDs on wiki I recently ran into
  10. Ok so far this is working thanks. But only thing I now have problem with is trying to do a detach of an object. I get this error Script trying to detach from agent but PERMISSION_ATTACH permission not set! I'm missing something. So here is script for the hud and beneath that one inside object that attaches. If I can solve that I probably have this done lol! Thanks though this is tedious work. list Objects = ["-", "Breath 1", "Breath 2", "Detach"]; string msg = "Please make a choice."; key ToucherID; integer channel_dialog; integer listen_id; string Object = "Cold_Breath_Gorilla_He
  11. Ok I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to do that but basically again what I am trying to do is take that llattachtoavatar function and use it differently from how it's show on wiki. where I could some how combined it's (ATTACH_CHIN) but tell the llattachtovatar function what I'm wanting to be attached to the chin which would be a object within the small hud I'm working on. This way it's not just attaching the hud to my face. Again so you're saying this is not possible? This is the code I was looking at for attachment that I was trying to modify. //-- rez object on ground, drop in this script,
  12. Hey guys I'm puzzled by something with llAttachToAvatar. If I wanted to specify a part I built like a mesh object for example to be attached. How would I do that? I been looking on wiki but all it tends to show me is this llAttachToAvatar(ATTACH_LHAND ); and it goes on to specify example (ATTACH_CHIN); What I am looking for is something where I can say either from the folder in my inventory where the obect I want to point to exists. Or if I can't do it that way put my object in the hud contents with the script. Then point to it some how with a string function maybe? I can't seem to figure out
  13. Hey great new system LL! I really like it and now I get to sell for free! I can't thank ya enough! Now with mesh and viewer performance going up I think SL is going to continue to grow!
  14. So does this mean if I store my magic box items all in direct delivery folder I no longer need magic box? The items are stored online to send directly to customer? Sorry I'm new to this selling and it's confusing to me lol.
  15. Hey Medhue! What is the anim format an export in blender? I don't see it in export menu but my brain also says ganim as in maybe scritping that joint some how? lol and other question is what is TPV? That's also new to me.
  16. Hey guys, I'm new to animation but curious about a particular joint in the skeleton for SL. The mSkull joint I'm trying to get control over so I can adjust it's rotation I can't find that in qanimator but I know it exists on my skeleton in maya. Does anyone know if this joint is animatable? If so what software might allow me to use it?
  17. Thanks Cathy! Actually what I ended up doing is using a reset skincluster python script from this site here. This guy really makes my life easier I suggest everyone use it if they like Maya lol! http://www.macaronikazoo.com/?p=188 For some reason importing and exporting weights always gives me undesired results in maya though. Usually weights get changed in certain area's or I lose coverage of weight on parts of the model and have to re work and smooth it. Not sure why this is happening but Maya can be a nightmare for me at times. Even lost work today with a crash on a new avatar I'm bui
  18. Thanks Gaia this might help, trying to see how I might be able to use this to help get me to more of what I see in MAya is what I get in SL type of upload. How did you create a neutral body shape? Is that the same thing as just making a default body shape or no? Only offset I use is usually to get feet to ground which is z offset. I'm gonna try taking that off though cause that has to be something to it. Tends to give me different results as times. Example if I adjust joint positions in maya reupload and use same z offset as before I now have a different ground level to my character as well as
  19. Hello guys, I'm still trying to tackle some other issues with Mesh. One of them is when a mesh is uploaded and rigged, the bodyshapes tend to sretch and elongate characters out of Maya in weird ways. Example I use female bodyshapes for male characters because of this, problems I have is forearms are very elongated. I can only get them to shrink so much and it deforms the character too much from the original build of it in Maya therefore I use Female shapes because of this. I've played with blender and it does the same thing and seems as if skeleton position is part of the problem but it doesn'
  20. This looks really good might be able to solve some of my mesh elongated issues I get with my characters. I see the code is available but where do you put this code?
  21. Rage Riptide wrote: Ideally, we should have had an Avatar2 rig ready before mesh even hit beta, or at least, a plan for one. All we'd need is a working rig and Ruth would truly be history. Answer: No, maybe, should be, could be, dunno. lol Ok thanks for the reply Rage!
  22. I was just curious does Linden have any plans or I should say anyone know if Linden Labs will eventually upload a rig for maya or blender that will allow more bones? I know there is a lot of people making attempts to add more bones figuring out work arounds. But I'd rather have an official rig from Linden like the one I currently use. This way I can kill some of the major confusion you must go through to figure out what works and what doesn't work at this point. lol
  23. It's extremely touchy Sae Luan. If you're trying to rig a meshed skirt. I would say most likely won't work out of maya. I even tried to add bones to the skeleton that is provided to Maya users from the file that Karl gave me. But that file is actually same I had found from SL. Whatever Linden Labs does to make it work in their world only they know at this point I'd say. So for example you doing a rigged skirt would be like me adding bones to the basic rig. This way I could have fingers and tongue and mouth animations. Until linden labs makes this possible. I doubt it will be doable in Maya. So
  24. Thanks Med, no problem. You guys were very helpful. But I finally figured out my problem. This really annoys me to because it's now come full circle and the work load to make this stuff usable is worse than a full time job. Something I don't even have right now infact I don't even have a technical job, so that's where all my free time comes from lately lol! Ok so what finally got my eyes, tongue, teeth gums into the world was not parenting to the bones. It's actually the opposite and infact really stupid and non productive way of rigging a mesh. What you have to do is if you're a maya user
  25. ah ok I see, nice idea there. Yea I'm still having no luck with some of the changes to maya I made. So far still just the body rigged. I'll have to try importing this skeleton into blender and setting it on the SL axis to see if I can get the rest of my model to show up. I know when I was trying with blender it showed those parts but they weren't rigged to the mouth were on my shoulder. lol Yea if I ever finish it I don't mind at all if you want to animate it. Was going to try myself but I'll be lucky if I get in world lol. I think part of the problem though is Maya, it tends to export a
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