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  1. Thanks for help guys! Well what I am trying to do is build a mesh in Maya. So far I have a head/neck area done. But as I was working on it I started looking in SL how most of the mesh or models seem to be broken down I thought in order to animate it you need to separate parts of it? I know like it needs to be rigged no matter what to animate it. I was just not sure if it can be rigged as a whole single mesh. Cause it would lack the ability to move say the head around on the neck. I seen an avatar where it was created in an outside program I could tell. But he had it so that the head was placed
  2. Hello I was just curious about correct way to build a full set of body parts to complete a mesh I am working on. Do avatars in SL have to be broken down for example say the leg. A quad/hamstring prim, then knee down to calf area prim and say ankle to foot. Like three prims for a leg? Just curious how to make it more possible to animate and make it workable fo SL. Any help I'd really appreciate! =)
  3. Ohh ok thank you! I'll have to change that now lol!
  4. Oh ok I'll have to try this out soon. I did get one of the examples to work on wiki finally as well for the coords on x an y I think it was of where I touch the hud. I'll try to fix that part of the code without messing up what I already put together lol. Hm.. one problem I am having though is only my gesture can be herd but not the laugh that is inside the HUD. I don't know why that is because I did set it in the code as you can see to 0 for public chat. So I'm puzzled as to why it's not playing in virtual world and only to me when I click it. Again though if I just use the gesture it works.
  5. Nice I am going to take a look at it. I actually finally wrote a script well. I feel like I'm piecing together what I understand. I haven't fully memorized how to write this all up. Which I guess to me is really being a scripter lol! But it's a start This is my example of what I was trying ot do. My only issues so far is I have to figure out how to learn the llDetectedUV. So far I found on wiki the code that tells me where I am clicking. But I don't understand how to use the reported information in local chat. Maybe I can find out how it works on that college of scripting in world. Also I nee
  6. Thanks guys, I really appreciate this help. Yea that's exactly what I was looking for Carbon! Had no idea that llDetectedTouchUV even existed. But I am very new I guess to scripting even though I feel I understand it some what. I'm not in amateur in all area's of the computer. At least not with hardware and art. lol programming though I got a long way to go. I'm just gonna keep playing around with it maybe I can find away to write it up correctly as a script. Thanks again for point me in the right direction! Helps a lot! :smileyhappy:
  7. Hi I am trying to make just a simple script where if I place a gesture that has an animation and sound in it. Then put it in a object like a cupe. Then Put a texture on it with a play button. How would I write a script to define the play button is the trigger to make the gesture play? And if I have two do it separate where it can't be a gesture only a animation and sound file. I uploaded the sound file but the .bvh file of the stock belly laugh animation I can't find that. Where would that be lol? Sorry for all the questions but I can't find answers to them on Second Life wiki the examples are
  8. Hi I'm new to building full avatars or meshes, but I been spending lots of time trying to figure out the process of how you go from a high poly count model, that is I guess textured with polypaint using zbrush but working also alongside photoshop with Goz. What I am trying to get at is let's say I have a model that is 3 million polys, then I polypaint it and also use photoshop. After that what would be the process of starting to get it in Second Life? I know I need to either do retopology with zbrush, or use the decimation z plugin. Or also I have 3D coat could use that to. But I'm kinda lost
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