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  1. Well I do need transparency cause i was using planes and drawing out the hair strains not trying to shape them. But if transparency seems to have too much of a sorting issue I'll have to try more shaping the hair with geometry instead.
  2. Hey guys, I was messing with mesh hair today and working on some hair pieces so far I have some mesh hair planes overlapping each other. I'm using targa files for the hair to have alpha's. I figured out I have to duplicate these planes otherwise my faces only show on one side. So I just make two planes side by side and reverse normals on one side so it appears to have two sides instead of just one. That works fine. But I don't know where to find some kind of layering z sorting option in SL? I'm using Maya so is there away I can tell SL what layers of hair I want on top and ones I want shown un
  3. Ah ok I'll try this as well. Thanks! =)
  4. I'm definitely amateur when it comes to scripts/programming lol. My only understanding to turn off an on phyics or even make mesh objects like an avatars mouth move to a different position/expression is to use chat listener. I like using touch start default scripts and change them to commands I use to talk to the scripts in a mouth etc. I do get lag here an there which can break my illusions. Is there a better way then to do this? I'm not sure what you mean by touch activated with a hud button. I usually touch a button I make on a hud that has the touch start script in there and the listener s
  5. How high of a number Rolig? I started using /4 lol
  6. Yea you were right Innula some how my numbers got messed up and it was turning off with max age. An to fix my problem where once I turned it off it stop listening to me as I type commands I just added llResetScript(); to it and now I can keep going in a loop to turn it off an on lol! Thanks again!
  7. Ah ok thanks guys I'm going to try this. And I see I made this more complicated then it has to be some how lol! Thanks again for the tweaks!
  8. Hi guys I'm kinda puzzled by some code I been working on. I created some state entries that turn off an on physics that are to resemble cold breath on a cold night. So I type the commands /0 ColdBreath On and it turns it on then /0 ColdBreath Off and it turns it off. The problems I am having is it tends to turn it on only for a brief moment I see some breath and then its as if it turns its self off lol. But then I am curious if I wrote it right so I try the off command which is /0 ColdBreath Off. After I do this it does turn it off and it should go back to Default state but when I try to turn
  9. Ah ok, sounds cool! Thanks guys, I'll have to give this a shot for fun with Maya. I'm curious if I can get similar results. So far I know assigning just lambert materials to each uv works and even works if I assign them to a single face on the mesh. It works with overlapping UV's to so I guess if I had to I could paint them not overlapped and then maybe go through the effort of moving my maps and textures all into one 0-1 uv plane. That's if it don't work like blender lol.
  10. Thank you for the relpy! Yea I figured that part out but when I go to paint on these maps. Do they all have to be on top of each other overlapping? Or can I do it how you're suppose to in 3D editor like Maya where you layout each UV map on it's own 0-1 space plane. I'm not sure if Second life would see those maps if I don't lay them all out in one UV plane.
  11. Hey guys, I was just curious does Mesh in SL support anything like Multi Tile uv map textures? I was just curious cause with the possiblity of going as high as 65536 vertices. It could really be useful to have more 0-1 UV maps available. Lots of programs like Maya, Mari and Zbrush support this as well. I Don't know about blender. Anyway was just a thought.
  12. Hey guys I was just curious if anyone knows where I can get a color gradient scale/chart script I can use in a HUD. Like something with a llListen to it so I can make it talk to another prim and change it's color by clicking and dragging around or maybe selecting colors at the bottom as well like the color picker if possible. Not really sure what to look into to try an write my own. Anyway thanks for reading any help you can offer I'd really appreciate it!
  13. Thanks guys! I'll have to look at that Avatar 2.0 information just for fun then. So far the only way I do it which is very difficult to hide seams but I cut the face up into parts script them. It's tough though the mesh pieces don't always turn on when using alpha maps or transparency under texture tab while using a 2048 map for your texture. I try to make it real high quality on paint since I am using xnormal for baking out maps seems I'll have to try lowering the polygons of mesh and hopefully a 1024 map will be more efficient. I was thinking of trying some work arounds I seen on youtube for
  14. Hello guys, I was just curious about the Second LIfe default avatar. What makes the face smile, frown etc just all the facial expressions how is this done on default avatar for SL? Are these blend shapes or just a rig with more bones inside default avatar. I'd love to be able to use the same setup for mesh avatars. But not sure if that's possible currently. Anyway thanks for reading!
  15. Ok so I figured out what my problem was lol. I thought I'd just post again and explain show a screen shot of Poser. When I first loaded poser I did not get the window I needed to change FPS rate which is hot key ctrl + shift + v to bring up animation pallet show in my screen shot. Before all I seen was Animation Controls and that restricted me to 30 Frames @ 30 seconds. So if I increase my FPS how many frames you're seeing per second to 10 I can now do 300 frames under 30 seconds shown in picture. If you want more frames as I was wondering how to get in poser at least you have to increase your
  16. Thanks guys! I'll check the videos MedHue. @ Freston, Yea I thought that was very possible to string them along with a script in 30s/30FPS chunks. I'll have to see if I can figure that one out lol! Oh an yea I know a lot factors in on actual performance in world. I was just giving my genereal FPS I get with my current rig and connection which is about 25mbps/10mbps. Which isn't bad at all considering the quality I'm seeing all over SL some of the sims are insanely detailed. Anyway again thanks for the help!
  17. Hey guys just reviewing what everyone wrote lol! But so far to Freston the cap I was looking at was Poser specific I suppose but when I tried to do a 60 second animation with only 60 frames in the animation it was rejected by second life which I know why because of 30 seconds max. As for exploring and being inside the world of Second Life that all depends on your hardware. I effectively get on ultra settings with SL viewer and Exodus any where from 30-60FPS max. I don't know if there is actual limit for SL I don't think there is should just be dependent on your hardware the way it would work w
  18. I am talking about the number of frames you get to have per animation. The limit is 30 Frames but that's what puzzles me. I'm guessing others are creating animations by stringing them together in order to get a large animation with lots of frames. Otherwise I'm not sure how you get smooth animations similar to mocaps but just working off default avatar in Poser. Hopefully that's more clear lol?
  19. Hey guys just was curious, I been messing around with poser building some small animatoins. But I'm kinda disappointed with this 30fps limit. Seems that most fluid animations or mocap animations even are much longer then this. I tend to only be able to pack in about some decent looking stands for animations. Are animations usuall done by scripting 30FPs parts together? I'm just curious to anyone who activately builds AO's if you wouldn't mind sharing a good way to get started with very animated animations and workarounds to make that possible in SL. Anyway thanks for reading guys!
  20. Hi, So you're saying you tried upload options and they were greyed out? Were able to see a preview of your mesh rigged with the preview check boxes? If you're losing data some where you could always try export all in Maya. Are you using 2011? What I use is export all I keep a very clean scene, no parts or extra's in the rigging scene for Maya. because maya exports tend to add or create errors for you. One way to check if your scene is a little messy is do a export all and export to FBX format. Then download FBXConverterUI from Autodesk. Don't download 2012 or 2013!!! Too many bugs with it. E
  21. Thanks for posting this guys! Helped me figure out a lnk message texture script I was kind a stuck on! =)
  22. Hey guys I'm having a wierd problem with Mesh, I am doing some script animations and at times when I use the pieces like a on/off switch to create the animation out of mesh parts the parts simply pop off an on. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  23. Hey guys! I'm puzzled again by some code I'm trying to modify. I'm basing my idea of how I wrote this off an animation script. So I'll probably look like a fool showing you this lol. Hopefully you can help me understand what I'm doing wrong if you get a chance. I have this code here I found that I like below. What I want to do with it is just add a link_message to disable it's touch_start. I'll bring it back in a trigger script I like to name it. Since it will trigger it from there. But here is original code first. I highlighted the touch_start I have taken out below. list MENU1 = []; list MEN
  24. Hey no problem man! You're stuff is genius! lol I had to buy it and the facial expressions/hands/eyebrows are something else. But I have realized you created lots of pieces to script them with script animation. So that's what they call it! I can see all the work there and I could careless about those seams even if they existed in the new AVI you're working on. It really adds much more life to AVI's! Thanks for sharing man, I'll have to keep looking into some of it. I don't know if I want to go to crazy yet cause I can't digest it all just yet lol!. I'm looking forward to seeing your next AVI
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