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  1. That looks awesome medhue! That's kinda what I been doing besides the eyes I parent the eyes to the eye bones. But the upper an lower jaws, tongue I parent to the neck bone. How are you able to create facial animations without jaw bones? Cause I always wondered how it's done with facial rigs. I know it's not exactly needing bones just something to manipulate the eye brows etc. But what about the mouth? Does your uppe ran lower jaws move to? This is actually my first model. I'm more of a 2D artist myself. Or even bones inside the tongue? I have found I can add bones but my biggest issue really
  2. Karl Reisman wrote: Thanks Karl! I'm going to try this blender has some work arounds thanks to Gaia and Masami. But it's extremely touchy as well. Plus my mesh get's really out of wack. This might work better. I noticed the skeleton so far is laying on it's side on the Z axis if I look at it from maya's side view. It's a jumbled up mess so I been changing the radius on the joints to 0.05 instead of moving it. I'm afraid to move it around incase that might mess it up. Is thow you're working off it? Side laying down? Okay This problem is that when you work in Maya specifically for Secon
  3. Hm.. seems I go in circles with this to no end. My parented eyes, jaws an tongue never stay parented to bones. And I kinda feel mesh is just flawed a bit to me. The old way everyone is doing most of their avatar in pieces seems much better. It just seems kinda looks better because the avatar holds up. With how flakey mesh is. I do mean extremely tedious no mistakes flakey, you're better off just building an avatar the way it's usually done. Another thing I've seen is I guess being that mesh is primarily one object. IF they ever get rigging working in SL. It could be very useful. High detail me
  4. I can confim the maya skeleton works, even added two bones for upper and lower mouth. I have same results though with blender. Can't see my eyes or teeth when it's rigged lol. Still looking into it.
  5. Gaia Clary wrote: JackRipper666 wrote: I'm going to try this blender has some work arounds thanks to Gaia and Masami. But it's extremely touchy as well. Plus my mesh get's really out of wack. Could you describe in which way the blender is touchy ? Maybe we can do something here to make it more robust ? I'm having trouble with parenting objects like eyes, upper jaws, bottom jaws and tongue staying parented to one bone. So as I move the head it stays with it in blender. But in SL it tends to throw my jaws tongue and eyes out behind me or on my shoulder or something lol. Also my ears te
  6. Karl Reisman wrote: Well I figured out the problem with my Maya files. I received a bad skeleton. So Maya users, if you do not get a export skin weights button, it's probably because the skeleton file is bad. The legends of the SL skeleton being finicky are indeed true. Once I used a clean skeleton from a source no longer available, the weighting was exportable, and thus began a day long task of painting skin weights. Then I discovered, and fixed a second problem. The initial skin bind looked bad around the knees, I was informed that one could "move" the joints, but never rotate t
  7. Gaia! You're a life saver! LOL Finally that's what my problem was! Thanks again! Your help is much appreciated!
  8. Ok here is a screen shot of all the suggestions made, Sl Collada, Roll set to 0 etc. I have got as far as Skin weights, joints but still can't wear it. With or without alpha mask on. I have tried just skin weights and no joints to see if I got a different result still no go lol! Here is a screen shot of my settings. Larger resolution of screen shot here. http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/7495/twearavatar.jpg
  9. Just going to start adding my findings here lol. I know now why those bones are in the joint position. Here is part of the reason why rigged meshes aren't working in Second Life. Your bones are acting as a joint in in a horizontal position. Here is a post by Masami Kuramoto. Here explains it more in detail. Now he actually got to wear his lol. I can't wear Gaia's mesh but does see her skin weights once I check it joints shows up as well. Either way that's a step forward this this confusion. There is a guy who sells on SL Market that I'm trying to ask how he gets fully rigged meshes to work in
  10. Karl Reisman wrote: From what i understand, for it to work the skeleton has to be exactly the skeleton used on SL, No more, No less. and the bones have to have the exact names as the bones in the SL Skeleton. SL does not allow for custom skeletons yet. it requires the same skeleton as is used in SL. --Karl I would say it's still possible. But, I have a used a SL skeleton in Maya and if anyone got it to work not sure what the trick is. So far I have tried the work bench from Gaia and her avatar definitely works but I'm not sure how to use it for my own character. I emailed her hopefully she
  11. Hey guys sorry I'm late getting back to this post. Nice to see all the help here. Gaia where can I find your tuts I have your blender SL collada installed. I made a quick rig, no restraints or anything. Just a quick parent to the mesh with automatic skin weights. I decided I'll try blender since I'm having no luck with Maya. I exported it but it's way over 21 bones. So you're saying I can't upload anything under 21 bones or it just needs to be 21 bones or more? Most of my bones are in the fingers. I hope it's not losing the joints, weights just by naming convention. That would annoy me lol. An
  12. I'm using Maya 2011, I have attempted to also use FBXconverterUI since the collada export doesn't work for Maya 2012 when you import it into SL. I figured maybe it's the same issue with 2011. Apparently it's only a 2012 issue either way exporting a mesh with a rig as FBX converted to .dae with FBXconverterUi or just straight collada export from maya as a .dae file doesn't work either. I have used over 21 bones so far. Really not sure just how touchy second life. Is it only blender compatible? I don't like blender at all. Feels very cumbersome with the movement and it's one of those things
  13. Hey guys, I've been trying forever to simply wear a rigged mesh. No matter where I upload it OSgrid or Second LIfe grid the upload on the latest viewer will not show joints or skin weights, the check boxes are always greyed out. I have tried just uploading and wearing it but all it does is attach to my hand. Also tried invisible alpha an wearing it. Other things I tried are using a skeleton I found here on the forums and one from second life wiki. Still won't upload a damn skeleton. Starting to drive me nuts. Anyone else having this problem lol?
  14. Drongle McMahon wrote: "Ok so are you saying you think a high poly count model would work?" No. That most definately is not what I meant to say*! I am saying that meshes should not cause more gpu-stress-related lag than prims or sculpties with the same number of triangles. They will still cause this kind of lag if they have too many triangles. Yes. The internal mesh format deals only with triangles. All other polys are converted into triangles before they are uploaded. * that is to say it would work, but badly. I see, well....for now I'm just gonna finish it and upload to OSgrid,
  15. Ok so are you saying you think a high poly count model would work? Because it uploads just find in SL grid. I just have a lot of work to do to tackle a rig. it's gone through changes in the mesh from what I originally had to make it useable in OSgrid but using SL viewer. It is quads though. Just not as neat as it once was. Either way when it gets uploaded I see how in wireframe mode on OSgrid it shows up being converted to triangles. This makes me think it's gonna get converted no matter what you use to triangles and also a format that is more suitable for SL.
  16. Thanks Amethyst! I see what you mean with the viewers though. Some are more taxing than others. SL viewer is really nice but it does pull more resources and only way I use it testing is if I only do two viewers open. If I need 3 or more testing mesh etc. I tend to use phoenix or cool viewer. Plus yes definitely times are still very hard with economy. I tend to be someone who builds my own computers so I have a little more power than most being that I upgrade the parts here and there. It's still very much a midrange system and maybe not even that with the new LGA 2011 socket processors out th
  17. Thanks for help guys! Yea that makes sense Choosen, I figured that's why I really didn't see fur till I rendered it. I just wasn't sure if it's havoc? I think it's called that SL uses would some how render that in world. It really is no big deal there it kinda looks cool as I paint it without fur. I could always try to paint some in. Yea it's definitely up there in polygons around 40k lol. I might be able to decimate it and rework in zbrush. Hopefuly it doesn't become terribly ugly LOL. It's really hard to get the details I'd like though if I make it 6k. Is there advantages to making the bod
  18. Hey guys, me again lol. I'm getting closer to finishing this model and have tested it in OS grid just to see if it uploads and it does. It's high poly count so I'll pay some cash to upload it I don't mind. I ran the upload part again in SL just to see it would take my model and it said I need more funds error. So should work once I add enough lindens. I still need to rig it fully though. But I'm wondering if I try to ad fur descriptions to it will SL be able to see that? Seems as if Mesh in second life doesn't show on many viewers so I feel like I'm trying to take this a step further now with
  19. Good Idea, I'll ask around see what they think lol. Thanks again for the help!
  20. Sorry replying late, yes I did but had no luck. I am on osgrid with secondlife viewer, is there any problems trying to wear rigged meshes there?
  21. Thanks I'm half way there now. ok so I have alpha mask now and I am invisible. But when I wear the simple bot mesh it does not act like a avatar. It has a rig to it an all so I figured how do I get it so it becomes an avatar I am wearing. All I am able to do is attach it like a body part or center it on me. That's where I'm stuck now lol!
  22. Hey guys, I'm trying to wear the simple bot rigged mesh found here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Uploading_and_wearing_a_rigged_mesh I tried to follow the instructions but my Inventory, Library > Body Parts > Alpha Masks folder.doesn't exist for me. When I attached the bot to my avatar, I looked for library folder and all there is since I am using SL viewer latest vesion on OSGrid is a bunch of opensim library folders folders example one is named bodyparts library. I thought maybe that's what the tutorial was talking about so I went htere and still nothing in there and I rig
  23. Wow thanks! So far I been trying my best to keep the model as low as possible. I am aware that you need to try to keep the models low in order for it not to suck up performance. But I guess I was thinking maybe I could add some real 3D detail to the face. If this is not a good idea I'll try to maybe change that smooth it down or relax it or something. I have noticed a lot of models give off the illusion of wrinkles with the texture. I guess this is why they do that in order ot make sure it's not to high on polycount. I know about retopology from youtube tutorials and creating 3-4 polycount mod
  24. Thanks man! I plan on doing eyes separate and ears. I built the inside of the mouth but it has no teeth or gums yet. So I need to build that and put it in. I have a long road ahead of me cause I do intend to make it with a few of it's own animation overrides. Some facial expressions to. This is really hard though LOL! I have done basic animations with qanimator I think it was called. So I know the T-pose so far lol. I'll probably go with your idea though sounds like that would be much easier to trying rigging my first mesh. What do you prefer to use for rigging and animations? I was thinking
  25. I'll continue to model it then as all one mesh. Cause I do think it looks better as one mesh as if it was a real body or as close to it as possible. What do you mean by weighted? Like adding more polygons or some how using something in maya to keep those area's more weighed down from moving so that it stretches correctly? Here is a picture of what I have so far. It's gonna be a gorilla mesh. Not sure if I'll go the route of bipedal but I might incase I Can't seem to get it as a gorilla should walk on all fours. Plus not sure how complicated to make it more quadrepdal and scripting an AO wi
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