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  1. Hey thanks guys! What I meant to be more clear since yea I sometimes forget when I say sculpt I sound like I am saying sculpty lol. Anyway though I meant to say If I sculpted some different states of hands with mesh, example one open and one closed. I am looking to do just that Qie maybe alpha channel out the mesh pieces or texture as it plays through giving off that illusion it's using an animation. One state only being visible at a time though but if you were to right click it you'd see there are two pieces linked together. So I suppose alphaing out the mesh would be the right idea. Cause I'
  2. Hello, I have an idea to script a hand where it appears as if it's animating. My idea is making two states of a hand turn off an on like a light switch using textures. So the way it would work is state one is at first visable then when the script runs say after first 10 seconds of being worn it will play through. The code would start out hiding state 1 mesh hand for 1-2 seconds then quickly show state two some how like alpha channeling out the first state to pull this off. Second state would then be visable coming out of a alpha channel/transparent texture state to now be the visble state. Bot
  3. Thanks guys! I'm starting to understand it a bit. Medhue if you're using movable prims though wouldn't that show noticable seams around the mouth? I'm going to experiment with this either way just to see how noticable a mesh head cut around the lower jaw would look. I know a 90 percent mesh avatar you could say wouldn't be most desirable idea for mesh. But most seem to want those extra's and don't care about seams. Either way it's technically still with seams 100 percent mesh I think being more based on geometry it's built with. My understanding of mesh is really just polygon geometry vs
  4. Hello guys, I'm curious since I'm still fairly new to how the old way of avatars are built in second life. I'm building only mesh avatars and wondering how facial expressions work in second life. I know there is a bunch of animations built into second life but how are the vertices of the default avatars being moved? Is this done by something called blend shapes or is it skin weights? I never looked into it much but I'm trying to discover work around to create facial expressions on mesh characters I build. Blend Shapes looks pretty cool and I'm guessing these shapes create a gradual animation a
  5. Yea I didn't mention I'm going to attempt uploading and seeing if my objects rez where I can take them into my inventory. If not I'll send back the lindens I don't use and then reset. lol
  6. Hey thanks man! Really appreciate that. I'm gonna try another password reset then, hopefully I think of something good and don't forget it lol.:matte-motes-grin:
  7. Well my uploads are showing now but yet again if I rez an upload then take it into inventory it fails to rez the object. So I can't build or put mesh objects together and then link them all together and take a copy of it that will rez or be wearable. I'm gonna have to waste lindens eventually I guess in regular grid. This isn't working or is too flawed for me lately on beta grid.
  8. Thanks Drongle! Seems to be working for me now. I'll have to try more uploads when Oskar gives me some lindens lol!
  9. Ok well, what happens if you upload, have your character in and don't do a password reset. Logout and log in to find the inventory item you just uploaded disappeared? The beta grid is just working weird for me ever since I did one password reset awhile ago just to update my inventory which I knew would make my inventory items on beta grid get deleted in order to update it. But my problem recently is I haven't done any password resets lately and someone helped me out and gave me 2k lindens. Still though after I upload and log out to log back in my inventory keeps getting deleted of the latest u
  10. I got my character in only problem I'm having now is when I log out my inventory of that character get's deleted. Should I do a password reset for this? Not sure why but beta grid is much different on these past viewer updates. I always log into different locations plus my inventory issue.
  11. Thanks guys! I'll try oskar and if he is busy maybe just reset my password again.
  12. Hey guys, I don't know where to ask this question maybe I miss where beta grid forum is but I'm on aditi and my lindens went from like 50-60k to around 5k when I did a password reset to try and update my inventory. I already went through that as I am working on an AVI trying to get aditi to correctly load my skin weights. So far I'm unsuccessful but I need more lindens. Do you have to purchase this or can I some how get more free lindens? Also my preview of skinweights keeps crashing usually I just upload to see what it gives me, not sure why it's crashing though. My other issues are once mesh
  13. Yea keep at it, I usually stare at sometimes for hours and finally get an answer LOL! Sorry I couldn't help. =/
  14. Yea wow, can be a headache at times that's for sure. I'm using SL Beta viewer and SL Viewer myself just to help with any mesh/bug issues I might have. Firestorm is really impressive though with what they have achieved staying what seems very current to the SL Viewer even thoughI know everyone hates it lol. I use to hate it to but then I got a Nvidia video card and that solved my extreme lag issues. So lesson learned there no more AMD radeon cards for SL LOL. But yea best bet is to contact them I'd agree with ya there. I'm also not much of a programmer just some scripting that I have been lea
  15. Yea hope it helps, my understaind is finding usually the least buggy approach that works for SL. The workflow seems to be very important for best results. I tend to be stubborn myself and really like Maya even though Blender is probably better option from my own testing and numerous posts/video tutorials suggesting to use it lol. Not to discourage Maya users though it can be done once you kinda tackle what versions an plugins work best etc. About the mapping though yea I recommend how you're doing it this way you'll find what works and doesn't before you maybe do high polygon count mappin
  16. It's possible there is some type of extra step or workaround. I can't say since I haven't attempted what you're doing but Maya's export data doesn't work as well as blenders. Maya 2011 though with open collada plugin export data should work as good as blender being that as far as I know they are using open collada from the programmers who created that format. Autodesk has FBX converters for collada as well but I don't believe it's the same collada we all know and use most of the time because it says right on their site only up to Maya 2011 is supported by them. So when I use my exports with th
  17. Not sure if you tried this Betty but I always adjust my z offset in the upload options of SL viewer when exporting my rigged characters out of maya. picture below but not sure if it will help what you're trying.
  18. I would like to suggest using your mesh in Maya 2011 if you have that version, download the open collada plugin since the last version of Maya it supports is 2011. The FBX converter from Autodesk does not work very well for SL. Version 2011 Converter works when going from Maya FBX to Maya .dae. But I believe this just tries to mimic the open collada you find in google. It's much slower waiting for the files to load in SL and tends to be a larger file size for some reason. I have reverted back to 2011 for this reason and it has solved many of my problems. Also using Maya I'd switch it from cent
  19. What version of Maya are you using? And how do you export it for SL? Are you using FBX converter to dae from Autodesk? I have only gotten correct results using FBX converter UI 2011. What I used was Maya 2012 for painting the weights then exported out as FBX then went to FBX converter ap and had that turn it into a .dae file. It's not as good though as Maya 2011 since collada dae is supported for Maya 2011. So if you're using Maya 2011 and the collada export plugin I'd assume it should work but I have not tested this yet. I'm working on a model myself and have to see if it does. But I can say
  20. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it! code is my biggest weakness I think lol.
  21. Hello guys, I found some code that could be useful to me on what I'd like to do. Simply just move a tail up or down by using rotation degrees. My only problem is I want to script it in a way where I don't put this code here below just in the tail its self and click the tail so that it moves up. Plus it's only able to move up since it's an example on lslwiki. So I wanted to make it more simple since I don't understand much on putting all the fuctions together to have it all in one script. Example of what I think would be cool is if I could drop this code into the tail call this tail_script_Move
  22. Hello guys, I am working on a AVI and want to add a little more life you could say to it. Do to the fact Mesh rigs don't have lower jaw bones I'm wondering what would be a good way to make some lower jaw movement. But I think I need some help on understanding how to do that. Basically I was thinking cut out the lower jaw on my AVI, build out a joint to the back of the lower jaw similar to how I suppose prim AVI's are done I think. Then just rigging the eyes, body, head to the skeleton. Once uploaded into SL. Upload the lower jaw separate. Then rez my mesh AVI, place the lower jaw under the u
  23. Sorry late on reply, Thanks Chosen, I see ok well just wasn't sure if it needed something done at all to the skeleton from LL. I'll have to give this a try to see if it works out of Maya, thanks again!
  24. Hello guys, not that I'm looking to build anything yet with quadrupedal skeletons but I am curious does a skeleton exist for this now? I see quite a few models already done in mesh with quadrupedal characters.
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