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  1. congratulation! new mommy, i think your mother can give you most experience you need.
  2. i want to know too, thanks the second floor who give the answer.
  3. there are many in china, but i do not know if you can come to china.
  4. Kenya?! that is far far away from me. i love traveling though i still work hard to gain money. but when i have enough money, i think i will not go the the place that is too far away. Australia, New Zealand will be the best.
  5. my friend. i am talking about the basketball.
  6. just and avater, it does not matter, i think.
  7. Babydolls Hair? sorry that i can not help you, i only know the website sell the sexy babydolls.
  8. i do not have a real shop, but if your shop is beautiful and attracted, that will help you.
  9. 20K prize, that sounds great, attracted, but i know nothing about clothing design.
  10. LA have Lost, 4-0. that is incredible. any one know what is going on with LA, they are supposed to win the champion this season. Kobe is really getting old, can not dominate the game anymore. i feel so upset.
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