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  1. Hi I am looking for some hunts to do that have awesome clothing (I wear anything from grunge to prep to punk to goth to vamp to really anything and everything but zombie) I am Neko in general but with my work requires I be human. So I wear everything. I am also preggers so I am looking for cute maternity clothing key word here CUTE. Also any awesome low prim furnature hunts. I am looking for decor for my home. But really looking for a mix of things in some hunts I don't mind doing 2 or 3 hunts at once gives me something to do before work or before the kids get on. Also if you know of any parent and kid hunts going on with some items for kid stuff like pose balls and stuff. Also if you know of any hunts with poses and stuff. Really I am just looking for some great hunts that are going on right now. I have no idea where to find hunts.
  2. Hi I am looking for affordable walking pose balls for child avi and adult avi. I have a set of twins and soon one more. im looking for the pose balls to carry them around and for pictures. Me and my hubby r wanting to do family pics as well as carrying them around. Can anyone give us some help?
  3. WOOT WOOT hell yea. I say be proud to be single and have your fun. WOOT WOOT to singles
  4. I myself am single in sl. I have partnered once before but I personaly made the mistake of taking it rl. I think SL is a balancing act. Balancing the game and the intamacy of relationship. I love my sl friends and I consider my sl "children" both adult and child avi alike. I enjoy being single. It makes being a dancer easier when you do not have somone hanging around your pole getting angry that you are flirting with all the men and women around you. Plus sl is more fun when you are single. Think of all the fun you have when everyone can flirt and spoil you. Not to mention the spoils my kids get from the admirers.
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions. I will look into them all and discuss it with my twins. =)
  6. Hi I am looking for an elementary school for my elf twins. I am looking for something that will go along with their race as well as expand in some SL skills. Like building scripting and so on. Does anyone know where I can find this. Worse case I can just place them in a school that would go along with them being elven. Thanks!!
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