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  1. We will allow ooc tags! No guns after opening, though. Here's some more recent photos:
  2. Also posted in the other thread - but as the sim description of Thinis is literally what you are asking for: We don't open for another 11 days yet, but feel free to check out Thinis. We'll be a very dark, post-apoc environment - all human, low tech. The sim has a lot more buildings in it since this video was made, but the desolate, stark feel remains the same. http://www.thinisthesim.com
  3. Hey Donny, we don't open for another 11 days yet, but feel free to check out Thinis. We'll be a very dark, post-apoc environment - all human, low tech. http://www.thinisthesim.com
  4. Found this on youtube this morning. Thinis is still half-done, but its turning out to be a really intriguing visual experience. I hope people will come by for a peek before we open on May 26th.
  5. On May 26th, Thinis is opening with a post-apoc theme. However - unlike most of the other post-apoc builds on the grid, the roleplay on the sim will be extremely low-tech. It will make most modern clothing seem out of place due to the simple inability to produce goods that fine in the "world" that the sim takes place in. For ideas, think "Mad Max", "Book of Eli". The picture here: Do you believe in Zombies? A post-apocalypse fantasy, movies & video-games, and why I care. « Dr. Ottematic is another good example of the genre. We are hoping to encourage SL clothing makers to create some new, ragged-looking clothing sets with a contest. The rules are simply this: 1) Two prizes of 20kL will be awarded - one for best male outfit and one for best female outfit. 2) The outfits entered must be "new" and not currently offered for sale. 3) Anything that looks too well crafted and crisp is not likely to win. 4) All accepted entries will be given a free link on the Thinis website with a picture and a SLUR to their shop (or link to Marketplace if none exists). You are encouraged to sell your creations at the contest end. That's the point. :) 5) Contest officially ends May 25th. The sim opens May 26th. Send a notecard to Silua Mills in-world if you'd like to enter.
  6. Thanks for the compliments! The "bones" of the sim are finally finished and buildings are going in this week. Here's a few more photos and I'll add the buildings as they go up later if people are still interested. Again, these photos are "as is". No photoshop and no filters or windlight settings.
  7. Thinis is going to be a post-apocalyptic roleplay sim when on completion - but the builder (Djehan Kidd) is so talented and the build so interesting already, I thought I would make a little photo log of the evolution of the sim. Please remember these aren't the finished photos. What follows are screenshots taken with no windlight settings applied and no filters or photoshopping. What you see in the photos is how it looks if you TP in with nothing extra enabled, depending on the time of day. She's only just begun to add buildings - so the finished result will look vastly different. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Thinis/122/186/24 Welcome to Thinis
  8. The year is eighteen. That's all that matters now. What was before is gone at the bottom of the crater where the government used to be. This is Thinis. It was something else before, but now it is Thinis. There aren't that many of us. Once, these buildings probably housed thousands, tens of thousands. Now, we few huddle in shelter of their husks and do our best to survive on what we find, barter and take by force. The gangs control most everything now. The smart and the strong join them. The weak serve or perish. Still, it’s better than New Arizona - just a few hundred miles to the west- where the priests rule and human sacrifice is common, or the great canyon cities with their wasting disease for anyone who lingers for more than a year. Those who can, survive. This is Thinis, and though things are hard here, we persevere. Thinis - a dystopian, post-apocalyptic roleplay sim Opening May 26th, 2011 Contact Giselle Aeghin for details Thinis is in its final ramping up stages while the build is being placed. The city is set in the ruins of a future version of Vegas which is now reduced to mainly the burnt out hulls of the grandeur that once was. The feel will be eerie and hopefully hypnotic. Right now we are seeking people interested in joining our staff as admins or storytellers - but please take a look at http://www.thinisthesim.com/admin-rules before applying since we are following a traditional rpg set of rules rather than the usual "make some friends in charge and give them bells and whistles" SL tradition. We are also seeking those interested in starting or running gangs. The things to remember if you're interested: 1) We're in the ruins of Las Vegas (casino ruins, the burnt out shell of Madame Tusaad's, etc...) many, many years in the future. The land is dry and desolate. 2) There's no guns and combat is roleplay with or without dice. 3) Superstition is rampant. Cults are likely. 4) No one gets "protected" status. If you want to gain power - it can be yours. But, you also have to hold onto it. 5) Come into it with the idea that no one "wins" roleplay. This is a sim where struggle and conflict are more important than shiny trophies - though the shiny trophies are fun while you hold onto them. A few things we're doing "different": 1) There will be regularly held "events" to help new players assimilate directly into the sim without the usual awkward "PLEASE ROLEPLAY WITH ME" moments. 2) We will be starting from day one with story and plotline. The story will be published prior to opening so that when you first walk into the sim you can actually come in with a story that everyone is participating in. No more awkward "Hi, I'm new. Oh, you're new too?" 3) Our admin rules are very different from any other sim I'm aware of. Thinis will be run as fairly and neutrally as possible. This sim will -never- be "admins against the players". If you want a look at the admin rules so far, they're at: http://thinisthesim.com/admin-rules.
  9. Until a few months ago I had very little problem filling my residential rental sims with people. But, since the beginning of this year, I've struggled to even come close to making tier. Of my three sims - one is almost empty and I've been trying to decide whether to sell it or turn it into an RP venue. I've worked with in-world advertising, advertising on Marketplace and even buying a banner on the new mysecondlife homepage. But, even though I've stuck it out for several years now, its a losing proposition. I have a feeling that I'm not alone in my concerns. I had hoped to just come close to breaking even while the economy was still having trouble, but I suspect I'll be abandoning (or selling for cheap considering what people are paying these days) a sim or two within the next month.
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