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  1. I will get in contact with Michael Linden next time I'm in world, It may be a couple of days till I can report back (Time Zone issues). After looking at the amount of track that has been laid on the old WARR line I would assume that the project will go ahead.
  2. SL Railroaders will be jumping out theirs pixels to see this. \0/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Burns/132/12/57 
  3. During the week I was told about some abandoned land that had been renamed to "Linden Right of Way". This land was once part of a privately owned railroad closed in 2013 named WARR (West Atoll Railroad). I would like to see a railroad built by the LDPWS on the western side of Heterocera Atoll. I would imagine that a railroad would open new opportunities for residents wanting to purchase land near a railroad and I'm sure that the Second Life rail community would love to see a west atoll rail branch again. So what is your thoughts about a railroad on
  4. @ Snoopencil, don't worry they cannot harm you or track you. You just happened to be in all the right places at the wrong time. The same thing happened to me 5 times in 3 hours by the same bot, The bots you speak of sound like the the bots from this thread: Anyone know what these bots do? These Bots tend to have alot of SL users posting on their feed about "Bot" "Banned". They are a bots. Most of them them rotate 720° take pictures then TP to other places to do the same thing.
  5. 16 wrote: Jacki Silverfall wrote: We get these all the time. Everytime we have a parcel for rent they come. I was lucky enough to get a decent profile off one and it said it was a grid survey bot. that one probably be Tyche Shepherds bot. since linden stop publishing much hard data about SL then pretty much everyone go to her site to find out stuff Tyche pretty good about how her bots work. she happy to stop her bots from going anywhere where they not wanted. like you not have to ban her bots. just tell her that you not want them to come your private sim and she will block them hers
  6. Anpe Rau wrote: They were sitting all along the linden roads of Heterocera. We tried to find their headquaters ... >>>>>and after we built it<<<<<<<< - we really found it! Unfortunatly it disappeared when the Harmless-Light-Legals started their invasion of Hetereocera. Our Harmless-Light-Legal named jacina Jefes started to sit around on abandoned land first. After my neighbour bought the land and banned her from it, jacina came back to sit on my land near to the spot she was sitting before. So i banned her too. Now she sits on protected land as c
  7. Alazarin Mondrian wrote: You sly old dog, you've cloned Brokli I noticed some of the objects names while inspecting brokli so I thought I would go out and do some shopping for research purposes. I've been tracking where brokli has been sitting latley and noticed she has moved positions 3 times. Once from her original site the second move I can understand but the third move makes me more Curious. There must be something on that parcel that brokli is scanning for, it would explain why the operator keeps moving brokli closer to her original position. This is the first time that
  8. Unfortunatly Marigold I think that this mystery is about to get more Curious. ★ Within the last 4 months I've noticed that when ever I post in a forum, someones feed or post in group chat that these spam groups go wild with random rubbish spam. Otherwise these groups are silent most of the time. ★ Did you know that they also run under a third Group Tag within a separate group owned sim? ★ I have this funny feeling that they have the ability to track avatars on the mainland aswell. Oh....... I was down at a this sim the other day to do some secret spy work........ Shhhhhh it's a s
  9. They may be looking for their other sisters of Perpetual Silence.
  10. Since my last post I have come across the same bot 3 times in three different area's. Twice on Heterocera Atoll (once on the eastern part of Heterocera and once on the north-western part of Heterocera). I just found the bot again in my radar and I was on a private sim away from the mainlands. This time the Bot didn't spin a full 720° rotating at 45° increments before it left, I managed to run to the bot and stand infront of it before it made 180° Then the bot took off some where else before it made it to 225° of it's rotation. After looking the picture I noticed this
  11. The "." is usually the bot starting or ending a spam message. I've noticed that only the *MovieStars*'s do this, I have seen this in many of advertising spam groups from bots that have the familiar *MovieStar* names. Be very carefull when opening any URL link that they or anyone else posts. Make sure that you read the link before clicking on it. I've noticed that there has been a few links getting around that look very similar to SL Marketplace URL. If you do fall for the URL link trap change your SL password and run a scan for Trojan Viruses.
  12. Congrates on your achievement, I noticed that you have had a party recently, would you like me ring HAZMAT?
  13. I seen my first rotating bot today at Bhaga station, the AV was an old man named Burno. I looked into his profile and found that alot of people have have posted in the feed section about the bot spamming group chat. So I guess these bots are just like the MovieStar spammers.
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