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  1. Thanks, it's now open for business. you can find the link as Persephone suggested in my signature.
  2. A mixture of Substance Designer 5, Blender, Gimp and Instamat
  3. If you have substance designer there is a node for PBR to Specular conversion, simply plug in your metal and rough and use the Glossiness output to get your specular map from. But in all honesty I'm finding going back to the old workflow icky, Diffuse/normal/specular is just dank now.
  4. Still very much a WIP and nothing is up for sale yet, but those PBR textures worked very well.
  5. Since I've rolled out my new PBR range I've received a steady stream of people who have brought the items/materials without knowing what PBR is and not knowing it's SLviewer viewer only, which I've made sure to note in the descriptions and have updated it multiple times to try and loophole proof it. But it's still happening and my patience is beginning to fray...
  6. Free to people earning under 100k under the pioneer license if you want to be precise, not sure how many people here are earning 100k in sales but I wouldn't guess its a lot. Edit - you can find the Pioneer licensing option to the left of the Seat License option here - https://instamaterial.com/licensing/ The crate is what I made in Instamat, the tiles are mine as well but they were created using substance and are up on the marketplace.
  7. Happened to me as well, also suspect it's happened before as there seems to be noticeable gaps when people haven't been buying the last few days, with luck they'll fix it soon
  8. A little harsh, one can know how to use blender, photoshop etc - but as anyone knows the advance techniques can be hard to pick up or not even known about until shown, combining that knowledge to combine, rig and composite for SL can be even tougher. Personally I would download the SL avatar from the wiki, load it into blender, then import assets and have a look on what adjustments need to be made - You'll most likely need to read up on/or know the following topics. - Rigging - Map baking - Map Mixing/Compositing. I'd also look through the files for a .txt or an example model - most builders are usually kind enough to make a point of reference that you can dissect to understand their designs.
  9. I've had this happen to me, but everytime i've found polygons without UV assigment, maybe a UV went missing during the import?
  10. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: You should add the prim where the hinge would go on the door and put your door script in it. You can make it invisible or make it look like a hinge, your choice. Another means is to use the timeless door script - which can be found here - http://secondlife.mitsi.com/cgi/freescripts.plx?ID=893 It works very well and can be linked, however editing would be required to suit your needs
  11. As a mesh builder I tend to glaze over when I hear about argmuments about copyright, not because I don't believe that theft is wrong - but because many of the "enforcers" tend to have little if any restraint and many more often are willing to step over the line to try and get a model banned, resorting to lying, harrasment and false complaints in the process. In context a story that involved me and the first tank I created over a year ago was that I found myself under siege by people claiming it was ripped from WoT without making any effort to look and see if there was any diffrence between mine and the model that they claimed I was stealing, after I rebuffed them on the first go they fell silent only to start with posting reviews claiming theft and when I reported these to Linden and had them removed, I soon found myself targeted with paperthin arguments such as "well anything that looks nice must be stolen", "if you didn't steal from WoT, then you've stolen from somewhere else" to the amazing debating tactic of - "well your standing up for yourself - thats proof of guilt". Thankfully in my case I was able to catch two of them out resorting to lying and harrasment and as off such Linden was able to step in and deal with it, but since then I've been of the opinion that people trying to "self-enforce" are just as bad as the people trying to steal. Finally with regards to the argument about turbosquid as I plan to go into freelance wholesale myself someday (when work stop's treating me like slave labour and I can try for fortnightly builds - lol), I wouldn't care if people were to pay me and use my model in SL, the only issue for me would be overpricing.
  12. Lasher Oh wrote: "What should I do and what do you advise me to do?" Join the loud and growing lobby to have the whole useless gamed and cheated review and rating system dumped completely. ^L^ Pretty much this, its the system that enables it, I'm a fan of personal responiblity but with no real consquences there is no incentive for people doing bad/fake reviews to damage others businesses to stop. However what you can still do is report them under the "flag this review" link for flaming, under the lindens guidelines a customer -must- try and approch the content creator about possible issues before posting a bad review otherwise their in the wrong.
  13. Right click the hud in your inventory, then go to Attach>Hud, or simply "wear" (but only if they creator has set it up already). Keep in mind that if once attached its not showing there should be a option on the rmb menu (on the selected item in your inv) that should allow you to select edit it to make adjustments in your viewer
  14. I'm a mesh wholesale producer that 6 months ago entered into the tank making market, everything was ok for the first 3 months then I suddenly began reciving accusations from a number of diffrent people claiming first that I ripped from world of tanks (not true and easily proven as I have all the files, renders and part projects), without any evidence to back up their claims - finally leading to 2 reviews agaist my product claiming they were "ripped" and if not from world of tanks then they "have to be from somewhere else" While I'm more than happy to work out the kinks in a product that someone might not be happy about, I would like to find out if its within reason to have the parts of the reviews that make the false claims to be removed?
  15. Drongle McMahon wrote: I don't understand this. You do have to switch the shape type to "Prim". Leaving it as "Convex hull" tells the server to use the default convex hull of the whole physics shap, which would fill in the depression of the road. But the physics shape pictures you showed did have the depression - meaning they must have been type "Prim". No? Maybe the shape display isn't working properly. Here it is for my simple thing - using physics shape for visible too... Top is the visual mesh, then the default convex hull you get when it's set to shape type "Convex hull". (Note that this doesn't quite fill the bounding box. I reported that as a bug, but I guess it's intended for some unknown reason.) The convex hull fills up the road space, as expected. So you don't sink into the roadway depression. Both the models below have the same default convex hull when the shape type is "Prim". Next is the physics shape uploaded using "Analyze", and set to shape type "Prim". It's a set of six convex hulls corresponding to the six separated parts. The roadway depression is now clear, and you can walk on it. At the bottom is the same model, but not using "Analyze". That results in is a triangle-based shape, as shown by the appearance of the triangles. This also lets you sink into the roadway depression. (The triangle-based shape isn't recommended for this model because the small triangles along the kerbs and the edges of the roadway cause a high physics weight.) Notes - pictures taken with water, surface patch and sky turned off (Advanced->Render types menu) fot clarity. No, I skipped part of the sentence in a "lack of caffeine" haze, What I wanted to say was that it added 15 LI to the model when I did so from a fresh upload. So I've gone back and done the mesh from scratch from a cube instead of a extruded plane, on re-upload the hull checked out correctly with a 3 LI. Conclusion? I still don't know what the problem with the original model is, but I suspect the problem was the base polygon.
  16. but to add to this and its just happend now, I switched the shape to prim and it switched to the shell it was meant to be, which should be impossible
  17. Drongle McMahon wrote: I cant see anything wrong with those. They look like they are "Analysed". One possible problem - the avatar doesn't actually touch the surface of a prim it walks on. Mine hovers about 0.075m above it. So if that is your kerb height, then maybe that's what's giving the impression that the shape is not concave. They way to get round that is to make the surface of your physics shape a bit lower than the visible road surface to compensate. Then when you stand hovering above the physics shape you appear to be touching the road. The bounding boxes still have to match up, so the visible mesh has to extend down to the bottom of the physics shape, (e.g. with an extra triangle). Here is a physics shape I tried to check there wasn't a new bug. It's six simple boxes, shown by colours. They are all in the same mesh and are just not overlapping. Uploaded with the LOD mesh in the physics tab after clicking "Analyze". I could walk on the depressd road surface as expected. Since it is not triangle-based, it works even if the mesh (visible+physics) is less than 0.5m thick. Since you describe connection problems, I wonder bif your connection could be flaky. The physics is all done on the server - so a poor connection could lead to all sorts of physics errors, which might include not setting the av height correctly. ETA - I here because the page-blanking problem went away, at least for a while. Thats not it either, if you this pic where I adjusted the middle lower, I still get the same result, which is that I'm standing about .5m above the ground, also this is a new poly cube I've put together instead of the plane I used last time and the results are still the same - its filling in that middle area for some reason and there seems to be no reason for it. Anyway, this is becoming a real waste of time and a money sink - I just don't get what the problem is
  18. Domsson Lean wrote: Wow, you're giving up fast on this one. Why don't you try and supply Drongle with a bit more info? He's like a mesh physics magician so chances are he might be able to help with more input. Not really, its been 4 days since I've tried to get the model on to SL only to be hit with the normal 6 veiwer crashes + 8 mesh upload premission bugs a day until I've just about thrown my keyboard in frustration through my screen and thats even before I even get to deal with the mesh - I just don't have the time in the real world to go through drama -every- -single- -time- on what should be very basic minor projects. (to give you a example, I've tried to get on just before work now as I'm writing this to get you the screens but SL beta has crashed twice, SL normal is refusing to render mesh at all and firestorm might make it - but I've only got 10 minutes before I need to go - and it only even seems to happen whenever I need to try and do something). Anyway I've managed to get on with firestorm - this is what they look like.
  19. Unfortuantly neither of the above seem to be solutions, I've tried to increase the thickness of the box but regardless of all options I try, the shape constantly set itself to a box and all normals are correct. It appears I'll have to abandon the project and write it up as another loss to the SL shocking mesh upload system
  20. So I've put together some modular normal mapped streets, however when I go to upload a shape for the physics all I seem to get is a closed hole across the top of the mesh even though the shape shows ok when I go to upload, (interestingly enough the physics on the underside appear to conform to the shape of the model) anyone have a clue what might be causing this?
  21. Jenni Darkwatch wrote: Just rotate the texture until it works as intended... it's IMO the easy fix. Not quite as its a unwraped mesh item, looks like im going to have to change the map again
  22. This is a script that I've come across for a tank tread, thing is that the animation should be sliding on the X axis but is clearly sliding on the Y float speed; default { state_entry() { } link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) { if(str == "WHEEL_DRIVING") { state driving; } } } state driving { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(0.5); } timer() { vector vel = llGetVel(); speed = llVecMag(vel); if(speed < 0.5) { llStopSound(); llSetTextureAnim(1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); } else { llLoopSound("fe04e8a4-28a2-1870-7889-27b2d964c669",1.0); } } link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) { if(str == "WHEEL_DEFAULT") { state default; } if(str == "WHEEL_FORWARD") { llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON|LOOP|SMOOTH,ALL_SIDES,1,0,0,0,speed / 2); } if(str == "WHEEL_REVERSE") { llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON|LOOP|SMOOTH|REVERSE,ALL_SIDES,1,0,0,0,speed / 2); } if(str == "WHEEL_RIGHT") { llSetTextureAnim(1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); } if(str == "WHEEL_LEFT") { llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON|LOOP|SMOOTH,ALL_SIDES,1,0,0,0,speed / 2); } } state_exit() { llSetTextureAnim(0,ALL_SIDES,1,0,0,0,0); llStopSound(); } } Any help would be appreciated.
  23. So today I went to upload another mesh model, only for the millionth time to have the SLmesh upload scream at me "UNABLE TO SET MESH PREMISSIONS", so I went to where the file was, reset all the premissions only to have it happen another 5 times before it uploaded. Then when I rezzed it and clicked on the damn thing - my SL view froze then crashed to the desktop for like the 10000 time. Then I had to login in a diffrent area - because hey everytime it happens I can't access the area I was in Then when I managed to log back in and rezz the item and get it ready for sale, my viewer crashed when I went to create a new folder Then when I logged back in again - no texture would load and its been like that for the last 2 !@#!@#!@#!@#!@$! hours Thing is that this happens every !@#! week to me and it only seems to happen when I have something of importance to do. I've tried deleting and re-installing, ive updated my card ive tried using diffrent views and all thats happened is that I now have a fist full of pulled out hair and a desire to never come back to SL
  24. I ran into the same problem, however after very closely looking at everything I was able to figure out that the problem was that my catagories weren't selected. It seems that Linden removed the warnings (or may not included) from if you didn't fill in all the fields when editing a listing. Double check everything is completed then give it try again.
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