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  1. UPDATE i exported as obj, then reimported it into blender to then export as dae and it worked!!! not sure if i have to do that everytime but im glad it does it for now :womanvery-happy:
  2. i use firestorm 4.6.9 blender 2.73 http://gyazo.com/d597335ece2e7b7b55ea182d382dfbe3 <<< screenshot of what comes up after i attempt to upload
  3. i've recently come back to sl. i used to be a creator and have uploaded meshes before, but now for some reason it says Dae parsing issue- see log 1. i looked for log and see nothing 2. i've read forums about this, i have no invalid characters in the name. 3. i've tried uploading from other viewers and on other alts. what am i missing? im on windows 8 and using blender.
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