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  1. Go figure. I am new to this whole Domme/me thing. I was reading something on LL bringing back "Your world. Your imagination" so yesterday I gave it a whirl - my imagination that is; I got me my very own Domme - I only have to share her with 6 other...ohmy, please excuse me as the whole Domme/me nomenclature escapes me...oh well, but like I was saying I am new to this lifestyle. She demanded Christmas presents; I only met her yesterday. Yes she did. Expensive ones too! Again, I am new at this stuff, what do I know about expensive gifts for a Domme. What does your Domme want for
  2. Randall Ahren wrote: Maya is just pointing out that price and demand are inversely related and that virtual goods are highly scalable. Once something is made, it can be copied an infinite numbers of times with no further cost input required. If you've put something up for sale that once sold well at that price, but sales have dropped off, trying lowering the price. It is better to have more sales at a lower price than no sales at a higher price. Ok. Then, are you free tonight? :matte-motes-bored:
  3. Mayalily wrote: It's a buyer's market right now and has been a buyer's market for years since the global recessions. Once an item is made, it's made. Sell your items for less, and you will see customer's. I go for the deals plus the quality. Charge less and your business will pick up. I skip thousands of items and creator's because they simply charge too much for a item that can be copied over and over. Also, with mesh and spulpties, that is far, far less than prims. Perhaps LL should make it .30 lindens to the sculpty or mesh instead of 1L per prim (If I have that info correct on
  4. Cato Badger wrote: I would just like to find a man that understands me. Where is that kudos button when it's really needed/earned. +10
  5. Why, because I just don't care! Anybody else?
  6. Derek Torvalar wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: /me waves to everyone and blows a sigh of relief ________________________________________________________________________________________ Looks around to see who sigh is. Sy Greenberg, he owns the deli on Delancy street. Great pastrami!
  7. There were no flame wars on the commerce forum? There are always flamers and trolls on any forum. It is part of the entertainment. I think we have the ability to moderate ourselves if it is a 'mature' rated forum.
  8. Cato Badger wrote: Now all we have to do is convince them that the Off Topic Forum should be allowed to be self-moderating. And accessible only to 'adults' who have been authorized. Why not, we use the same UID and password to get in-world. If they are not allowed on mature land, why be 'permitted' in a mature sub-forum.
  9. This thread sounds eeirly similar to what W.E. was 'demanding' of LL. Albeit, your methodology and writing is more comprehensible.
  10. Says hi to all! Cait, LiveReport, and Wilhiam good to see you guys.
  11. Yes, off topic is good, but can we talk about off topic issues?
  12. Hello Hippie. However, I don't see a warm fire do you think you can point me to one?
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