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  1. Aside from the forum I've seen many people put "we are hiring for XYZ position" in there store description also there's a few job agency's you can try posting at if you search "job agency"in world.
  2. Maybe you could take a gif using gyazo showing the issue and add that to your support ticket so they can see your issue?
  3. For the bald base to hide hair you'll want to have everything in the "style" tab when editing the hair base set to 0. This will make the hair small enough to be receded inside your avatars head. Additionally you can wear a alpha that hides your hair. Make sure to have the bald hair base created and worn first before wearing the alpha though or you'll end up with a "halo" effect around your head where the alphaed out hair is.
  4. Shania Adder wrote: The worst for me is that it seem that those ''unscheduled'' maintenance seem to happen more frequently. Maybe it's a false impression, of course. And maybe LL ought to think about doing something when there is a majot goof up. I know they're a serious big bussiness but if you gonna inconvenience your patronsat least give a sort of apology and don't act as if you're their drug dealer and don't care. I know.. some will say they care cause they're actually working on the issue. But how many hours after the trouble was found did they start working on it? If power go out in rl, the electric companies don't wait 8 hours to start working on it, they do it right away. The electric company won't try and mention it until they have to though. On top of that depending on where you live electric can be so far go it takes hours, days, or WEEKS for it to come back. I've had power go out in my house (rural pennsyvania) for a week before. Depends on the issue. LL usually fixes it in a relatively short time as far as these things go so this issue must be rather large. As far as there being more mainence then usual. I haven't noticed it. Seems the same as always really.Once or twice a week.
  5. SL down right now. No one can get on. No one has gotten on for at least 4 or 5 hours from what I gather. My suggestion is to try to entertain yourself elswhere for a while. If you have some unplayed steam games now is the time to play them basically.
  6. phat azz take appliers and work similar to tangos. So the question here is what do you want to do. Be nude or wear a new outfit? If you want to be nude wear the hud included. Click on either the pant or underpant layer to hide or show that layer. Keep in mind when the layer is hidden any new applier added to it will not appear until you choose to show that layer again. If you want to wear a new outfit you will need an applier. This applier will be either for the underpant or pant layer. click the applier. If nothing shows then you may need to wear the hud and click show for that layer. If the old pants are still on then the new ones are on the opposite layer of it (IE that one is on pants and the new pant is on underwear layer). Just hide the layer currently showing and show the layer that is hidden. I find sometimes applying to a hidden layer wont work so you may need to reapply when that layer is shown Hope that helps and good luck.
  7. how much doy ou already know? Do you know photoshop? Do you know what a UV is (or template)? What kind of clothinga re you looking to make? Mesh, Layer only, both? I can almost garuntee that no one is going to teach you something as complex as mesh without assurance of paymenet (as no one can know if your clothing will sell at all) and I'd be hard pressed to find someone who would even teach your photoshop/gimp for free or with the possiblity of no payment. I'm sorry but that's the realistic view. I say this because I do know photoshop/illustrator and how to model (not UV though) and I personally wouldn't do it without knowing i was going to be paid (unless we were close friends of course). These programs are complex and take a lot of time to learn. Meaning they take a lot of time to teach. What I suggest, since you can't afford to outright pay and likely no one will risk teaching you something on the hopes you MIGHT make enough money to pay, is to look for online tutorials. There's a lot of tutorials on how to make clothing for second life online. And there's a lot of tutorials on how to use photoshop and gimp (gimp being the free alternative here). If you don't know mesh I would start with making layer clothing or buying premade mesh models (templates) and just using photoshop to design/recolor the outfits. Buy clothing templates from places like {YLH} and look out how they made there layers. Also practice pratcie practice. Your first few things won't be amazing. once you master photoshop/gimp move on to modelling and UVing in 3d modelling programs like BLender. I suggest starting with photoshop/gimp as this is FAR easier to master then 3d modelling for most people. I hope this helps.
  8. http://livhoof.blogspot.com/2013/10/mons-savage-cosmetic-fair.html#more looking at that I'm fairly certian it's the same skin just diffrent makeup choices. The skin listed I believe is glam affair's cleo -europa-clean The owner ofthis blog does post what skins she's using so you may want to take a look. Since this is the original blog it was posted in.
  9. RLV is used for more then just BDSM though. For instance people use it to change there avatars clothing for "live" model displays in stores.
  10. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Madeline Blackbart wrote: All and all I'm saying that gay hating isn't a view shared by all Christians/conservatives. Rather it's a seemingly vocal minority group of fanatics who decided to interpret things as they wish because they find it "icky". Personally I wish they'd just admit there real issue (that they find it icky) instead of hiding behind the bible with "facts" that are shaky at best. What scares me are the ones that really and truly follow blindly what they are taught. Do these people never develop any sort of instinctual common sense? It's wrong to preach peace and love for your fellow man and then turn around and tear down a group for one thing or another. Yes I question these people as well. However you do have to account for the fact they come from a family/town/society setup that enables and demands this behavior. It's very hard to go against what your family/church/town wants you to believe. I'mnot saying it's right but I am saying it's hard to be the few to stand up for whats right.
  11. Dresden Ceriano wrote: People will continue using selective lines from the Bible to prop up their own small-minded beliefs... this only becomes valid when you give them and their agenda validity. Otherwise, it's completely meaningless and should remain so. ...Dres I wish kudos were allowed here.
  12. Hey I just calls 'em like I see's 'em. What you describe sounded that way. Take it or leave it.
  13. You should probably post this in the RP section at the top as this is not an adult service....I hope. Or IS IT!? You do know that if it is it's against TOS..... I'm going to assume this is just misplaced.
  14. Summer Tison wrote: lord4571 wrote: LOL I'm roleplaying as a 14 year old and I do have a second life mom me and her have had a "discussion" about this and she 'says' its ok (discussion means argument and says means she lost the argument) I think you need a stricter parent!! :smileywink: I know right? My mother has NEVER lost an argument with me....though she's usually right. Also isn't 18 over the age of consent making 18x14 relationships...statory rape? Or am I wrong here?
  15. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Pussycat Catnap wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: Because Its like a big getting unfair advantage of all those women who cant make a child. Wait....what? Its unfair to have a virtual avatar shaped and dressed like a child because some female stranger on the internet MIGTH have reproduction problems?! :smileyfrustrated: Are you serious on that? Isn't that basically the ENTIRE rationale behind conservative objections to gays? I don't think anyone has quite figured out a way to blame issues women might have with their plumbing on teh gays just yet. More often it's because "Jah" said so. More or less. Well actually it's not jesus who said that. It's located in the old testament. It's also a interpritation thing. ESPECIALLY the sodom and gomorrah readings. There basically interpritations that don't take into consideration the time and events leading to said rules and stories. Really weither old testiment laws even apply is debatable. New testament gives conflicting views on it.For instance this qoute says ignore them http://biblia.com/bible/niv/Hebrews%208.13 This one says follow them http://biblia.com/bible/niv/Matthew%205.17-19 A lot of this has to do with the fact it's translations of translations of stories people recalled. IMO it's safest to just take the bible as more like a guidence tool to give ideas instead of leter of the law following. Unless of course you really have a thing against polyester mix...in which case all for it. All and all I'm saying that gay hating isn't a view shared by all Christians/conservates. Rather it's a seemingly vocal minority group of fanatics who decided to interperate things as they wish because they find it "icky". Personally I wish they'd just admit there real issue (that they find it icky) instead of hiding behind the bible with "facts" that are shaky at best.
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