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  1. Looking to hire someone in SL and not sure where to begin. Wondering if anyone has any ideas for getting host and hostesses to my spot.
  2. We run events every week in Embrace Aphrodite Island and I'm doing most the work myself. It's a lot of work. So I would like to hire someone to be a host/hostess at many of the events. I'd also like to hire people who can send everyone in the group a TP and get more people to the events. Even is 5-10 people. We have fairly big events nothing huge. 20-40 so a few new people coming in would be great. The goal is to get more people into the group and have people come to all the events vs. just the live singers. If you want to work a few hours a week and feel this is a job you can do please messag
  3. We have Ricky Live Music is coming to sing on Aphrodite Island. He sings in 80's music and more modern music over the past 10 years in Spanish and English. Ricky takes request from songs he has on his notecard. Talented and it's always a nice size party. We welcome you to join us and stay for the next event with DJ Feather and Moondance as we get rave music and a particle show! Our guest will get a wonderful first-time event on the sim! Join the raffle too - Jan 24, 2019 today at 2:30-4pm and the particle show is 4-6pm! Hope to see you there! - MissAislen
  4. I am looking for those who can instruct for Nude Yoga, meditation classes, tantric teacher... and many other spiritual events. We have DJ's and I need to find a live singers for some events during the week. If there is a promoter I would love to talk with you as well.
  5. Is there a place to find people to hire for events in SL? I'm looking for Yoga instructors, meditation instructors, tantric etc... but I have no idea where to begin. We just opened up our new land had a great grand opening and now I'm stumped lol Help! Thanks!
  6. I was in one of the Destinations a main destination and I walked up to someone dancing and said "Hi" she said "Hi" back and instantly they gross picture started bouncing around and then you saw it everywhere. It says I was banned from the parcel. I went somewhere and everyone saw what was going on and they told me I had been hacked or someone gave me something. I had to get completely naked and then it stopped and they said I didn't have to throw the clothes out just put them back on. But I was banned from one place and the other says there is no parcel there anymore when it is the main destin
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