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  1. You mean you're using someone else's work, or you're trying to build your own flexi tails?
  2. From my perspective here, you don't have a transparent tail. I've been working on some flexi tails lately, and what they are is a bunch of flexi cones. So, you need a transparent fur texture in order for it to work. This is generally a small band of fur with a wide gape in transparency. Then, the texture is basically moved down gradually to create the soft flexi look. Can you show us the texture that you created? (Also, as a small note, a lot of furry creators provide links for UV's regardless, but, you should probably check the license, too.)
  3. Well, it's kind of hard to tell what you have and haven't seen. Could you give us a little more info? What kind of ring are you looking for? (Pictures would help!) If you really want that special something, though, I would suggest commissioning someone.
  4. So, you're making a pose out of the basic SL mesh, right? Additional info: Skin weighting/etc when uploading is for when you are making models that you will actually wear in-world. If you want to upload something you posed, that is static, you have to apply the skeleton first.
  5. Hello there! While I've been able to get fairly good at weight painting with most things, even dresses, for some reason, I struggle a lot with weight painting for shirts. It always seems when my arms are down, that, the mesh bugs out, and the collar weight makes part of the mesh go inside the breast. Naturally, I've been playing around, trying to practice. (I use avastar.) I can almost get shorts perfect, but when the rotation is wide on the legs, well, the leg just goes through. Now, I know that these are problems with any 3d model/rigging that can be encountered. What's the best method for creating a t-shirt so that the rigging is better? Should I adjust the pose so that I don't model it with the t-pose? Or is there something I am missing with the arm joints? I have made sure that my topology is adequate enough to deal with the deformations on different projects, so, I guess I'm still a little confused in general here. (I do realize, naturally, that there are plenty of limitations with SL.) Are there any tips anyone can give about weight painting? At this point, I can pretty much model anything I set my mind to, but, when it comes to rigging/weighting something beside a base model, I'm a little...well...lost clothes-wise. I all ready know that it takes plenty of practice, but, if anyone could point me in the general direction, I would be ever so grateful. Thank you.
  6. If I understand you correctly, you made a rig, and then made a statue? If so, you have to apply to modifier (the rig, whatev) before exporting it to keep the pose.
  7. How much is your budget? From what I understand, this wouldn't be too hard to do. And how much is the maximum land impact needed?
  8. I am making some furry avatars, and I need a script that will play an anim file while talking/voicing. The anim I have works, of course, when played, but I need to be able to put something in the mesh. Can someone please tell me how much you'd charge for this? Thank you.
  9. I made the head, lol! And hey, I'd be happy to hire someone. Um, is it good to post here or...?
  10. If you duplicated the rivets correctly, you should see them automatically. Did you use a mirror modifier, or did you shift d to duplicate? If you post the Blend file, it will be easier for us to help you.
  11. Um, so, I have a rigged mesh head with the talkjaw. When I play the anim file in-world, it works perfectly fine. I found a script here on the forums, but, for some reason, the head bobbles, but the mouth doesn't open. Is it because it's an anim file? I guess I'm a little confused about all of this. This is the base script: string Anim = "EXAMPLE"; // The Animation you want to use when you type! // You can use UUID or animation name.. If you choice do name make sure the animation in the object with same name. list anims = []; // Script of Animation they user has if any.. default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(.2); } timer() { anims = llGetAnimationList(llGetOwner()); if(llListFindList(anims,[(key)("c541c47f-e0c0-058b-ad1a-d6ae3a4584d9")]) != -1) // This is Second life UUID { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(),PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS | PERMISSION_ATTACH); llStartAnimation(Anim); } if(llListFindList(anims,[(key)("c541c47f-e0c0-058b-ad1a-d6ae3a4584d9")]) == -1) // This is Second life UUID { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(),PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS | PERMISSION_ATTACH); llStopAnimation(Anim); // Stops your typing Animation } } } I don't really now how I could change it to get it to work, or, if there's something in the marketplace that I could buy to get this working.
  12. It is the same avatar shape, actually. But you know, I didn't actually apply the LOCATION, so, let me try that and see if it works. Thank you.
  13. Honestly, my first bit of advice here is to study skin tones. On Deviantart, you can actually find several, several guides on the types of highlights and such with different tones, hues, and saturation. The most important thing here will be to blend a wide variety of colors and use multiple layers. Also, make sure you have a reference, and I mean exact reference, of the kind of skin you want to create. Drag colors from those skin tones, use overaly, multiple, and also, after flattening layers, try doing some soft light layers. Colors aren't always easy to create, but try starting with a neutral, lighter tone and build the darks, or, start with dark, and build up to light. The best thing you can do is to practice, and maybe even check out Youtube for videos on changing skin color in Photoshop. But, it's best to have real life references before you do anything else.
  14. Second Life materials aren't the same thing as in Blender. When you bake a texture, you have to do certain things to make reflections to bake them on the map. What program are you using? In order to add a shine to your object, you have to give it shiny in-world. There are three settings which depend on the strength. If you just want the material to look shiny without these settings, you will have to make the correct settings in your 3d program and bake them. I suggest searching for how to bake shiny materials via Google so that you can get a better understanding of how to bake textures to make a material.
  15. So, after failing at making eyes way too many times, I finally decided to try rigging some mesh eyes. (It's a furry head I'm making.) In Blender, it's all rigged, works like a charm, no problems...but when I import to SL, the eyes get sucked into the human sockets and while they look great...they...are...far too back. Is there a way to make the translation of the eyes fixed? Like, is there something I can click on export, etc? I really want to use the eyes I made..Do I have to adjust the shape or something? Anyway, any help would be appreciated. This whole eyeball thing is driving me right out of my head.
  16. Awesome! I'm going to go ahead and give it my best go once I'm finished with this new mesh. Thank you.
  17. I don't know if this is the right forum to ask, but I figured I might as well. You see, I have a lantern here that animates on attach...but......well...the whole body just stays stiff, and my AO doesn't, well, work. It's probably a question that gets asked a lot, but I wouldn't know, since I've never tried. Do I have to use a different kind of script for this? Or, do I only animate certain bones and make sure that I only keyframe the appropriate ones?
  18. Your normals are probably messed up. What program are you using? Depending on what you're using, I can probably help you. It's more than likely you could also have double vertices, so, it's always good to clean up your mesh before importing. Do you have any pictures of what's going on? At any rate, my advice is to check for double vertices, and, to check that your normals are facing the right way. If those are good, I would suggest checking your UV mapping, possibly.
  19. I've actually had that happen to me a few times...but it's not like there wasn't a copy in my inventory. Just always make sure that you have it backed up somewhere; maybe even have a dedicated folder to it or something.
  20. I have been trying to figure this out all day! Well, the past two days, actually. But now that you said that extra bone, it makes more sense. I was trying to rig it to different parts, and it was going OK....until the head roatated or something. I'm still a little confused, though. How do we animate those bones, then? You mentioned you have AO. Quite frankly, I don't know how to have the animation only animate certain parts of you. Do you just put the animation in the typing script? I heard that you could do it gesture-based, but I'm not sure which is easier. I bet you get asked this question a lot! Which kind of makes me think it would be a good tutorial for me to make for Youtube or something once I figure it out. So, well, that goes back to the whole thing...how do you do the animation part if you can't, well...select it? Unless I'm doing something wrong. - Sigh- I wish I understood this better!
  21. Here are some samples. Some of them are older, but you can get the general idea here: (All textures and models made by me) http://www.deviantart.com/download/273943810/little_town_by_hoegoeshinseki-d4j3kea.jpg These are older, and while I'd love to show you more online, I lost my hard drive a few months ago, so I've had to rebuild my inventory. http://www.deviantart.com/download/204709898/old_books_by_hoegoeshinseki-d3dvn62.png http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/103/1/3/manor_sunset_by_hoegoeshinseki-d3dvnef.png http://www.deviantart.com/download/204709645/rocking_chair_by_hoegoeshinseki-d3dvmz1.png I think these samples should show you easily enough that I'm capable. Honestly, I'm just looking for a moderate place, making enough to just pay the rent, and possibly more, depending on how I feel.
  22. I am an avid photographer, and I really enjoy selling high-quality seamless textures. I'm looking for a small shop; it doesn't have to be too big. (Something around 100 prims would be great.) I wanted to find someplace that isn't mainland, and some place that doesn't have a lot of rotating, full-bright textures with floating, lime green text. I want a place with fairly steady traffic, on a sim that doesn't look half bad. Does anyone know any place like this that is fairly reasonable? Please let me know.
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