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  1. the thing is he was not handing out LM's he was just asking what people thought of his work outfit, which a friend made for him, and he got banned, for asking what people thought of his outfit for his work, he never stated where he got a job at. We was standing there and next thing we know, he ims us stating hes been banned. We go to where he is and the sim owner that just banned him comes to where we are, and DEMANDS us to come back to his sim, and we are all asking him why, when our friend got banned for no reason, and were getting griefed all the time, and he mouthed off to another sim owner who ejected him. Yesterday while i was in this sim, who originally banned my friend, i saw a few people get banned from the sim, just cause they came in wearing something they didnt like, and asked a question to a manager and the manager ignored them, when they asked again they got banned, so what kind of sim is this?
  2. i heard the staff/owners are hacking people to see if they are any of the griefers etc they banned, more or less to see who your accounts are. thats what the rumor is
  3. i also heard another rumor, of the sim staff/owners ip hacking, but like i said its jsut a rumor
  4. Is it illegal for a sim owner to just go on a ban hammer craze, banning everyone they dont like, for example people wearing a certian skirt, saying hey all, to people there, asking people if they like their outfit, just to their friends only.
  5. not any help? i dont know what to exactly look for
  6. Hi, i just got recently into RLV features, and i am wondering if there is a object in SL that allows a person to transport another person on a hand cart, if they are stuck in a body cast, or any bondage item, and lets them be wheeled around on a cart or something
  7. I been getting this error message, Failed to log into simulator, its happening on all my accounts
  8. i jsut uploaded a test model to the beta and its missing pieces i used smooth shading and i have 980 verts 748 faces and 1774 tris, with no solidify on would solidfy be the problem?
  9. the bow has a flare to it it goes up flares out and mvoe up again is it best to make the wheel house, sleeping area etc all seperate or all one piece?
  10. sorry for so many questions but how do i make the boat engine? do i do it seperatly then put it in place ingame? or make it into the current model?
  11. heres a view of my hull in SL beta server
  12. so i can use my model still?
  13. now am trying to find a way to put a image in to try that way too
  14. cant fidn the backface culling mode....
  15. all i did with the model you seen was start with a cube was scale mirror modify then loop cuts etc
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