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  1. Your friend would be correct, that is the sort of price you'd look to pay for a VERY full functioned script, not just one to change a prims colours and/or appearance. Firstly, open the LIBRARY folder in your inventory - there are some sample scripts in there that are full permission. Secondly, check out http://www.xstreetsl.com - the XStreetSL marketplace. There are TONS of scripts ranging from free to a couple of hundred Lindens that do a lot, and if you're willing to spend a few thousand you can get some extremely powerful building, posing and script-making tools. I myself use the U-Pose system for making custom animations ( https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=276563 ) - it also features a perfect sitter to sit in poses it's made on furniture you're creating - and the Beadrez system for making jewellery ( https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=922903 ) Certainly for ten thousand Linden you should be able to get the scripted technology to do much, much more than just change a single prim. Check out XstreetSL - you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  2. If you are fourteen years old, you are NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY SECOND LIFE. Provided you were honest, Linden Labs would allow you to play Teen Second Life, but you were not. Let me put this as simply as I can. You're asking for your account back, but you're still under the minimum age to hold an account. It's simply not going to happen. You've admitted you're under 18 and Linden Labs - quite rightly - have taken the attitude 'come back in four years'. Sorry, but they aren't going to change that. The legally required age is 18. You're 14. You aren't getting your account back until you're 18, if then.
  3. It's interesting you should ask this. I was in dispute with paypal at the beginning of last month, and during a chat with support, was told: Piotr: If you sell your Lindens, your account will be ccredited with US dollars. When it comes to payment our Billing Processor will charge this balance, instead of your Payment Method, Untameable. That seems to answer your question. Without a doubt, if you DO either credit your account with US Dollars or sell L$ to get US$, it would appear the billing processor WILL charge this balance as a preference. Just as long as there is enough US$ balance to cover any owed payments in full.
  4. Yes. Yes there would. On your account page as a matter of fact. When you choose to cancel the account it doesn't actually cancel until the next billing period, so unless you cancelled on the day you're normally billed you have until that day to reverse it. I understand that raising a ticket within 60 days of the account being cancelled or contacting Linden Labs support line during that period could also resurrect a deleted account. Only missing BOTH these deadlines would result in the account being deleted beyond recovery. Get ye hence to your control panel page, where you'll find an option to stop the cancellation, or if you can't find it, raise a ticket. All is not yet lost
  5. If you're using a cable modem, normally unless there's a major crash the IP address will renew the same each time. You can find it out by going to a commercial website such as whatsmyip.org but that won't tell you if it's in the SL banned range, you'd have to contact LL directly for that.
  6. This may sound very weird, but - has that computer got a Sony USB Pen Drive attached? The reason I ask this is that early Sony USB pen drives of a particular series came with a compression/decompression utility that for some reason triggered the machine hash error in Second Life. I had a desktop where if the USB pen drive was in a USB port and I ran Second Life I got the error "You cannot sign on to Second Life from this machine". Remove the USB drive and it worked fine. I still have no idea why, but it's something to check if that machine and indeed that household has NEVER played Second Life before, because we were able to replicate the error using the pen drive in other machines, so it was definitely that to blame.
  7. I would say if it was copy/mod that it may well have suffered the "flying into the distance and falling off the world" problem, but yes, if it was copy/mod the original should not have been removed from her inventory. The other possibility that comes to mind if the person was relatively new, was that they were hoping to get a transferrable one, thinking that copy meant it could be copied to alts, but gave up when it was obvious that wasn't going to happen; but essentially yes, you're right, it is a puzzle, and I'm glad it only affected you and your customer temporarily.
  8. Good to speak to you in-world. There doesn't appear to be any problem with the stream from what I can tell, so good luck with your future broadcasting.
  9. It sounds like an asset server problem. Particularly when region restarts are rolling out, sometimes the UUID of an item in your inventory doesn't get properly retrieved when you rez it in life. If this happens to be a NoCopy item, then the item (which owing to being nocopy has to be removed from your inventory before appearing in the game world) or if the item has inherited the NoCopy flag from being a container to another NoCopy item then sometimes the asset server removes the UUID from your inventory but doesn't correctly hand it over to the sim that you're in. So when it comes to rezzing it, the UUID is invalid, and the item doesn't appear. There are also some issues that crop up in SL where an item flies off the sim for some reason (I've had it happen to vehicles and to homes so there appears to be some correlation with size, the larger the size the more likely it is to happen). If this happens, the item generally appears in your Lost and Found folder but not necessarily immediately. On occasion it can take several minutes because the item continues to travel in one axis until it "falls off the grid" and is then returned. This may also explain why it appeared in-world briefly rather than refuse to rez at all. It's likely that the sim your customer was in was experiencing problems, and the third time happened to occur after the problems had passed, but it's not something I'd be particularly concerned about unless it happens several times.
  10. It's also possible to set your excite bits so that they use an access list, and if an avatar's name is not on the access list, nothing happens when they touch. No menu, no posing, no nothing. It just ignores them. Check the documentation to find out how that works. Edit: In fact, it's probably better to create a "white list" - that is, a list of people ALLOWED to touch, if there's only a few people on it, rather than using the "black list" and having to ban everyone by name.
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