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  1. Honestly, I thought it was just me as well! But it looks like there are quite a few of us having the same problem. I tried to upload how I would normally, and even went ahead and did a snapshot - neither worked!
  2. First off I think your a moron. Just to let you know As for everyone else wanting to know... The moron neighbor moved out of the neighbor hood, and I haven't had any problems since. Some people don't agree with how I think, and some people did. Either which - you should remember someone's feelings, and before judging on how upset I was, rather then being a ass hole you should remember someone has feelings behind that computer screen. Even if your a mindless idiot saying nothing bothers you. Other then that. Thanks for reading Meggie Seerose
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied.. good and bad replies. I've decided to delete this theard (wish there was a button) No matter how "silly" you think my topic was, or how stupid it was it happened to me, so respect what I say instead of judging me. Anyways. Thanks to all the supportive people. And to the morons go screw yourselfs.
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