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  1. Well! That certainly answers my question thank you for taking the time to answer. Weirdly enough tho it was a copy mod so it would have still been in her inventory. Hmm... maybe a newbie?
  2. Ok, so I notice that the same patron had 3 of the same dresses delivered to her. I thought uh oh, delivery problem? I IM her and ask, did she have a problem with delivery?  She replied that she had received the boxes but the first two she rezzed disappeared! HUH? So I'm scratching my head but I do not want an unhappy customer so I refunded her money for two of the dresses. Anybody ever have this problem?
  3. Ok well, it seems from reading about the glitches SL has been experiencing maybe I'll wait until things have been resolved, otherwise I will contact support. Thanks for your answer Morgaine its been helpful. Galilee
  4. I've tried to upload textures today but I crash everytime, never has happened to me before..any thoughts?
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