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  1. Thank you for the suggestions I've gone through and checked Firewall and antivirus as well as trying to get the IP to cycle but status remains the same. Thanks for trying though.
  2. Unfortunatly no, no USB drive. As for connection at home I have DSL I'm plugged directly into our modem. It has...five ethernet ports, and also doubles as a wireless modem. How would I check for the Dynamic IP? As far as Im aware Ive had the same IP for the last two years .
  3. I created an account to try out Second life with  a friend. Went through the whole process , downloaded client  etc.  Went to log in for the first time and.. got a message stating that I can not log on from the computer I was using.  Thats..odd.  My friend is perfectly capable of running Secondlife on her computer with out difficulty and she does not even have an updated graphics card.. My system meets or surpasses all the requirements. I have tried contacting support but have gotten no further on the problem. In the mean time I can log from my friends computer or she
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