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  1. I am having trouble buying lindens through the dashboard.  I read somewhere that there are alternative exchange sites that are LL approved, but I can't recall any of them.  Can anyone tell me what are some LL approved alternative L$ exchange websites?
  2. Baloo Uriza wrote: First off, thanks for Googling first to ensure this hasn't been beaten like a dead horse already. Second, Imprudence. First off, bite me. Second, bite me.
  3. Thanks to those who were helpful. Looks like Phoenix is the way to go for an Emerald user.
  4. I'm returning to Second Life after months away.  I had no idea Emerald had been banned until I tried to log in this morning via version 2270.  I figured, at worst, I'd have to download an update.  But nooooo, I couldn't get on at all. So, because I've never been a fan of the standard LL viewers, I'd like to know what the current third party viewer favorite is?
  5. Yeah, I REALLY thought that price sounded outrageous. But again, what do I know? lol
  6. You're quite fantastic! I'll pass this all on to her and have her get in touch with you. Thank you so much!
  7. Um...I believe if you read my entire post, you'll notice that I clearly state that I'm not aware of the level of difficulty that goes into scripting or how much the standard price is for a custom script. Which is why I asked. But thanks for your sarcastic douchebaggery that wasn't helpful. P.S. As a pose maker who's just starting out (as I also stated in my OP), there's no telling how long it would take her to become successful in selling her poses, if she ever did become successful. And if she didn't, I suppose it really wouldn't be worth the 50 USD for that script.
  8. So a friend of mine has started making poses, and she's looking for someone to write a script that can change colors on an object and change poses on that same object (as in letters with poses in them).  She spoke to someone and he wanted 15 THOUSAND LINDEN for a full perm script.  I don't know anything about scripting, how much work goes into it or what the usual cost is...but that seemed insanely high to me. So my question is, what is a decent price for something like this?  Is there anyone that you all can recommend for what she's wanting done?  Thank you for your answers in advance.
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