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  1. Someone at the server farm should pay the electric bill maybe?
  2. Maybe we should all get a months worth of teir and membership fees returned for this mesh mess. I also build mesh vehicals and it is impacting my bottom line drastically.
  3. Welcome indeed. It is refreshing to see a Linden actually on the ground and taking the time to interact as a part of the learning curve. The best way to experience what SL is about is from inworld interacting with residents and being a part of the community. We all understand you will not have as much time as many of us do to be inworld because of business needs. All we can ask is that you enjoy the work you do from this side as well as from your office making the day to day decissions. However being on the ground is what we experience as sl and to understand our wants and needs you should take a part in that experience as well. Good luck in your ventures.
  4. Find a bot'er and cut their little guy off. If a few get caught and get the treatment others will think twice. Just a thought.
  5. Check for Real Flight. Patrick Lawson builds several ultra light Helo's. They are also some of the best scripted birds in SL.
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