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  1. Sorry to be so late to this subject, but I am so very happy that you, Hippie, and so many others on this forum are safe in the wake of this dreadful hurricane. I wish you all the very best.
  2. Thank you very much, Dillon. God, how scary to get a mandatory evacuation notice! I can only hope that everyone gets out of this terrible storm safely.
  3. Thank you LittleMe, he doesn't know me, nor I him, but it is surprising how one can become fond of someone after reading their posts over a period of years. Again, I wish everyone the very best for getting through all of this.
  4. My heart goes out to all of you people who have been, and are still threatened by what seems to be at least 4 major storms. I can only hope that aid arrives quickly for you and that the storms abate sooner than we think. Try to keep strong everyone, the rest of the world is thinking of you and sends love your way(it would be wonderful if we could send practical help, but we hope that our governments are working on that!). I know that one of our Forumites lives in Florida - Hippie. Does anyone know if he and his family are ok.? My thanks to anyone who may reply.........
  5. I live in an area of South-West England called The Cotwolds. It is very pretty here, rural, with rolling hills and honey-coloured stone cottages. I feel completely at peace when I sit in my garden. It is really nice to know where people live and I am enjoying this thread - thankyou!
  6. Oh, Rhonda - what a smashing lady you are! Just as I am thinking that there is no reason to look at the boring, slugish(and frankly, snipey) forum anymore, along you come with a little flash of humour! Thank you so very much........... By the way, is it just me who is missing P-p?
  7. I am already looking forward to the next resurrection!
  8. Good morning all! Maddie, thank you so much for reminding of that wonderful poem.......................I AM old, and wearing purple and orange! Life is wonderful.
  9. It is just another character in his repertoire. He even managed to get kudos for replying to himself.......quite brilliant, but please don't tell anyone that I said so, especially not in this forum. Returning to lurkdom now, thank you (sincerely) all of you forum people for your wonderful patience and advice through the years, even in the face of this (the above) sort of onslaught. You are an interesting group of people.................
  10. Please don't fight amongst yourselves because a VERY old troll has re-appeared in the forum! He must be having a really good laugh......
  11. What a lovely dress Saraya, a beautiful style and the most gorgeous colour!
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