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  1. This house sounds alot like the parcel I have. Never counted boathouses but the view over water (on a hill) with view of the lighthouse sounds like home.
  2. I thought I dreamed of a houseboat... I could not be happier! I finally snagged my forever Linden home
  3. Agreed. What defines the main account or the alt? Just you or I, correct?
  4. Missed 4 yesterday too. I think I will just wait it out. I did find a rental just north of the new continent and I can sail over
  5. That would be neat! There are a bunch of other unoccupied houses in the area and they are the same as the existing ones so I doubt its new theme. But it is new houses!. Agreeds they do look like tools for placing the homes to me.
  6. I'm there now and they really don't!!!! I think it says no changing the outside of the house. There are houses under these blocks.
  7. You sure are!!! By a full year. I would have been there with you but they rejected my beta request so I forgot about SL for a while. OK you can be Blanche if you want :).
  8. I don't have a house or boat yet so that bus better be free! Also, I want to be Blanche. She has more fun.
  9. Looks like somebodies burning the midnight oil. I never noticed the sims above Bellisseria before this evening.
  10. Gatcha beat! Oct 22, 2004. Paid to create this account too . Who's here longer? Maybe Luna?
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