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  1. Go with your own rules. I was trying to find some downsides other than being stuck in the grid.
  2. [14:22] srewrwe: are you an ai? [14:22] Charlemagne Allen: no a humean bean [14:22] Charlemagne Allen: actually a twliek [14:22] fdgdsfgsdfwewe: so you are a real user?? [14:22] Charlemagne Allen: yes [14:22] sdfwerwerwewe: oh I see [14:27] swerwerewrwe: is everyone ai here? [14:28] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to ssdfdffadfasdfadsfa [14:28] Charlemagne Allen: no [14:28] Charlemagne Allen: bots don't really talk [14:28] adkaldkfajdlfa: everyone is real?
  3. I was going by Tron rules. You die in the game, you die in real life.
  4. You can probably use web on a prim for stuff. For tier, that would be too depressing. So no.
  5. Imagine what happens if someone crashes a sim. Literal physics breaking down and then nothing. Orbitting would also be terrifying.
  6. Yes, you can fly in flight-enable sims. If you crash or get kicked, you enter non-existence for as long as the grid is around.
  7. Honestly, getting trapped in a teleport or a server crash would be much worst. You would literally be trapped for as long as the grid exists.
  8. I have a food replicator and toilet in my house, so I'm fine. Other people are probably not so lucky.
  9. 1. Yes, you need to eat. 2. Yes, you can be hurt and dying hurts. You just wake up at home after 24 hours. 3. You will temporarily not exist while teleporting. If you get stuck in a teleport, you are stuck. 4. RLV works like it does in SL. 5. You are trapped in the game and cannot leave. 6. You are your avatar, whatever you chose. You can access outfits and your inventory, since you operate based on the rules of the game. You will not age physically, since that is not in the game. I am going by the traditional rules that you are stuck in the virtual world with whatever rules the virtual world has. So it really depends on what your avatar is like.
  10. You can do anything the avatar can do, including teleporting and creating objects. You have access to entire inventory. You cannot add new things from outside SL. Your avatar is your physical body. You are physically vulnerable on all sims and damage will not heal normally. You can communicate via voice only or by text like a phone. That's basically it.
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