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  1. Same as Jana. German resident, usually fast internet, but not a chance to log in. DNS errors. If I make it online i lag like hell. Mostly everything dooesnt load. And losing connection frequently. World not loading.
  2. Basically I am with Sassy on that. And 60k sounds ridic for me and yes I agree I had such offers or even more before too. Though with the level of details on the top plus its a pregnant dress needs some details to keep your eye on. Pretty sure you will find somebody who does that for much less than 60k
  3. Thank you Gaia and all others! As of August 2013 the problem still exists for me on some more complex meshes. And the workaround "Always ensure that your model does not contain duplicate vertices." doesnt work for me, as sometimes I just need double vertices (e.g. rigged barbwire looks odd if either smooth or plain. What workaround for me always works is: Add a simple box as physics shape. Of course this isnt really helpful if you need the physics on your build but for rigged meshes it works sorta good for me. See you inworld Sarah
  4. I tested normal maps and specular maps in the Second Life 3.6.0 (276475) May 24 2013 17:23:26 (Second Life Project Materials) environment and it works like a charme in a nVidia graphics port setup. I did not experience viewer slow-downs or additional lag under massive use of normal maps and specular map. As two wishes (improvements in my eyes)... #1 I would prefer buttons for switching between the different maps instead of a drop down box. #2 add a copy&paste feature for the offsets/repeats/rotations between the maps would be helpful.
  5. Awesome worK SL 2.x / 3.x isn't that easy for "new users". So each and every step to get ppl inworld is great!
  6. Oh, that's easy LAQ formerly know as Laqroki.... Uncomparable good. Fullstop
  7. Not too much drama please Compare those numbers to world economy, and in the end the SecondLife community is just a small mirror of that. Is it? Well it could be but it is performing much better Yes of course, there are other grids, that's a fact in digital age and of course there will be shifts in users/online time/aso. Anyways, SL is a sinking ship because of malls going down? Mmh, I think not! I have a little mainstore myself and I do not like that drama-acting about "dead malls".... As a fact "working malls" changed a lot in the last 3 years (I have been told, my experience is not so long) : It was "rezz something nice and it'll work" which turned to "be special" if you want to drive a mall. So although I see no "alarm" in those numbers I'd like to share my 2 cents: - The first 4 weeks is the "stay" or "go" situation for new users. I think that this is a 100% user-experience thing: "Do I get it? Or is it just too much for my personal learning curve?" From my honest point of view Viewer 2.x does not make that user-experience better. I tried it a lot and I am forced to switch over from 1.5x base viewer to 2.x base viewer due to mesh implementation, but I had my very first four weeks a year ago. Micros. lost a lot of users with Vista, how did they get them back? Getting the users in the developement process of Win7. That'd be an option I think - Marketplace as a growing profit-place is a good thing. Why not? I like inworld trade a lot and even when I had 200 products on the marketplace it was ~ 30% of inworld sales. So there is a very good reason to hold an inworld place to reach the ~ 70% other profits (that is related to womens clothes, I cant judge about other categories). - Oh once back to the "first experience".... Guidance..... Better starting spots... Video and text tuutorials in 5 (or more) main languages?
  8. Heya Steph There are no reliable *official* stats on viewer-uses I think Yeah, I think some functionality of the 1.x Viewers might be turned off later this year or in 2012, like the "old" (recent) search and maybe even the "old" profiles, which could quite obviously be a great move to catch up with html-online profiles like e.g. facebook (although I have to admit I am very much with the old profiles). I do not think, that the ability to log in with v1.23 will be affected though (would be a shot to the head for all SL-companies using a bot). From my personal point of view for 2011 the viewer-series 1.x and 2.x should be on focus for each designer. Mesh might be the future of SL-clothing, for myself I am developing extremely hard on mesh-clothes. For some clothes-parts I am very sure it will be the future (like shoes, heels, boots, maybe jewelry and other needful attachments) in SL (replacing sculpts with mesh, yeah). Other clothes-parts will have a huge advantage by using mesh, like e.g. coats, jackets, skirts beacuse of the flex-structure. By saying that, we will have to wait and see how good the mesh-system works. Some people working with mesh said, there will be a need for alpha-masks, others said there will be no alpha-masks needed because it depends on quality rigging. Others said, that they will provide their customers with a set of different versions for their meshed clothes to fit a wide range of avatars. Other-clothes-parts (lingerie, tops & pants) might see a short mesh-aera but to be honest it is quite not necessary and there are not too many benefits about that. The most important thing creating "whatever" in SL is the user experience. We both and others too have seen that so often: Hundreds of 1,000 days and older people who do not really know how to "edit" things or who wear 3 tops at the same time or even 2 shoe-version (although you drop notecards in the vendor and rename the products to VIEWER1.x ONLY and VIEWER 2.x ONLY) at the same time. So hugs & have a nice day... Sarah
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