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  1. versteht hier nur noch bahnhof :matte-motes-confused:
  2. ok well , i got just my answer of the ticket on the morning they want that i uninstall every viewer and reinstall *only* the official sl viewer , unplug my modem and router etc, yes LL all fine but for what? 1. i had never problems with firestorm , 2. i dont think THAT fix our Problem and 3. Why ? it takes me over 30 minutes alone to open the SL Homepage or Marketplace , if there is only a problem with the viewer ? im over 8 years in SL and it was never so bad like the last 24 hours and honestly it`s not funny anymore now because they let us fly in the uncertain or why is still no word about our problems in the grid status? *so langsam mächtig sauer * <--- :matte-motes-not-even:
  3. yes i think its still the problem with the Connect DNS Thingy because a friend ( also german ) has the sl viewer and the same problem and for myself i had never problems with firestorm i dont know what to do ,think we can only waiting and hope that they fix the problem
  4. ok yday me and many more ( mostly germans i saw ) had problems to log-in , now i was online but everything was still slow and after i crash i have the same problem again -- > http://gyazo.com/6b5b5e6abe414e574a274ffd0e294578 <--- since 1 hour nothing work i realy dont know whats wrong because my internet runs fine :(
  5. many of us are sitting here with the same problem since 8-12 hours we cant do anything , just wait until LL has fix the problem
  6. same here since over 10 hours now and the only answer of y ticket was , i should restart my router :matte-motes-dont-cry:
  7. Hallo Pete , so geht es mir auch und das schon seit heute mittag meine freundin hat das selbe problem... ich hatte auch ein ticket geschrieben und auchnantwort bekommen, allerdings schrieben sie auch nur das ich den router neu starten soll, das hab ich nun sicher schon 4 x getan....also auch keine wirkliche hilfe , es geht immer noch nichts! ich denk die haben nach der heutigen rolling maintenance von den servern kräftig mist gebaut Gruss Luna
  8. i try it since 3 hours and nothing works *sighs
  9. Lady Leonard

    Log In

    i try since 30 minutes to log in but stuck the whole time in " regions connection",im the only one?
  10. ohmy and i thought im the only one who try since 4 hours to log in -.- still nothing works for me :matte-motes-crying:
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