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  1. so I can rest easy if someone is wearing one of my skins then? Its watermarked ^^
  2. Hello designers, I was wondering if there is a way to protect your textures from being copied? Makeups and the like? is there a certian type of format it neds to saved as and uploaded as? Many thanks
  3. ok Ill try to figure it out still gettingused to firestorm such a pain
  4. man that sux.... So what if we are working on a skin? How can we temp upload that?
  5. Wow thank you Madeline^^:cathappy: There are those cosplay wigs I see all over facebook and this link is somewhat right int he middle of cosplay and lolita^^ so this might just work. This is a link to some of the hair styles that I had in mind. kind of lolita in a messy gothy obscure exagerated way. Its a new trend going around tokyo^^ Hard to explain because its like a gothic blend of all the streetwear fashion with an edo twist. So the hair is just a small part of it. You sound cute Madline^^ ill have to look you up^^ http://cosplaywigsusa.com/tokyo-crush-wigs-curly/
  6. I am looking for some new wild harajuka gothic lolita hair. I have just about all of BC32's hair, miuimin, hinako, halhina, lo momo.. I am looking for obscure and really diffrent..
  7. depends on what you want when it comes to asian skin. You can a realistic avatar like SANTO or you can have J-rocker which I suggest Zanzo. then there is unique mega store.
  8. spoke to the creator of snow rabbit and she flat out refuses to do an all 100% asian avatar. So that cancels her out. sux the japanese want to look white in sl and no one can make a good Japanese avatar without a stupid eyelid on it or get the curve right because of the way the basic sl avatar is shaped. Why cant sl find a better mesh body thats more customizeable like other MMorpgs?
  9. yeah it is really awesome.. warning.. the head color does not match any of the skins it comes with at all.
  10. I was thinking about going there today and or sending her a card. I know her mesh doesnt move or nothing which is why I was saving it as a last resort considering the price
  11. hello I am loooking for an asain mesh avatar. I have the demo by Shirousagi Noel Snow Rabbit store.. and It has a eyelid which makes the avatar look american. This mesh avatar is nice because the mouth moves as well as the eyes blink. I am looking for one that looks truly Asian. Just because the creator is Japanese or whatever doesnt mean the avatar or the skin is going to look that way. 9 times out of ten they want a cutsey American girl avie. I am looking for the most authentic Asian avatar. Sorry Dr. life skins just isnt cutting it anymore. I wish Santo who does excellent real life male asian skins would make asian skins for women, he will not make one for me no matter what I offered to pay him. if anyone knows anyone who does the mesh head and bodies please let me know.. Doesnt have to move like Snow Rabbit does. Arrigatto
  12. hrm ok it seems to be fine now. Ty for the reply^^
  13. Hello everyone, I got on this morning to list another item and the manage listings drop down menu isnt working. I have tried IE and Chrome. Neither of them help. Did something change? Is anyone else experinceing this?
  14. On my secondlife profile through the main web page someone who is not a friend saw something I said. I want to make sure that only people who are on my friends list can see things I post about. Yes sure I have blocked and reported each alt that continues to harrase me, however it is just getting ridiculously old. When I look up their name and try the drop down menu to block them, there is no option for that. Seriously, they need to quit stalking my profile. How can I set my profile on the web page to totally private?
  15. I appreciate the link to the tutorial. It doesnt cover anything about depth of field. : (
  16. Hello all, I dont know where to place this question except in the technical dep. of the forums. I need a really good step by step tutorial on how to get that 3-d look using DOF when taking photos. I get bits here and there about seting the enviroment and playing with graphics etc. If there is a step by step tutorial out there could someone give a link or paste in the propper settings? Many thanks Luvi
  17. konbanwa, I am Geisha from Amatsu Shima and our website www.geishagold.com has some great starter phrases for conversational Japanese. Good Luck^^
  18. LOl ok good to know.. I will be very careful what I list and make sure that the sign and everything is 100% correct so i woulnt have to fix mistakes later.
  19. Hello All, I have a question^^ When posting an item on the mp and listing related items to it, why do I see items that I have deleted or removed still there? How can I get rid of them so I know which ones are the real ones?
  20. Since you do art stuff all day at school why not try something different? You might make a cute bishounen host boy for a club that is opening soon. Are you good at rp and flirtying with the ladies? If so contact Rockettship resident and she can interview you^^
  21. ok so this person completly ripped you off and your worried about putting their name on here after all you went through to try to track them down? I personaly would like to know who they are so I can avoid them. Would it be too much to ask the name of the item?
  22. ahh tyvm. I tried to dl these files.. when I click on them to open them it opens photoshop instead and then I wait..........and wait some more.................... Nothing.......no files pop up I cant seem to by pass photoshop so I can just hand place the files where they should go.. seems like a very painful uphill climb and Im so tired of it........
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