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  1. im so sorry Bree, these options just dont work for Vive.. even when I take my wireles keyboard into the play area. and try to hit tab, its like the keyboard is no longer communitcating. so thats issue 1. issue 2. I get in game same thing i cant hit alt even when I pull up the virtual keyboard or my real one. Im pounding on the tab, then cntrl alt tab. just as you said, Im about to scream and cry at the same time. Hast anyone got this work for Vive????what a aste of money I paid double for vive and I feel like dying
  2. Wow Bree!! TY for such a nice detailed message with photo visuals. It makes way more sense now. I will try this tonight. My vive cosmos has little joy sticks in the hand controllers. I am hoping I can just use them like a joy pad to walk about. other wise I will have re draw boundary lines for every single different game I play. That can be tedious. I hope to virtually met you in game sometime^^ My current look is attached
  3. Hello All! I have been doing some digging into blogs and creator content read me for the Firestorm VR. I have a vive Cosmos , just a plain cosmos, and I have 2 issues: 1. I get to that split screen part and trying to find the smoothing mentioned in the blog this is supposed to joint he two eye balls or screens together. .. I read if you hit f5 that a menu comes up. I got a small menu to come up it just had 0.000000 next to the smoothing line. it wasnt really avatar- preference menu option. Just white words on your hud ( when I hit f5 I accidentally play a gesture so Ill have to disable that ha ha..) 2.I cant seem to use my hands or vive controllers to walk. They have a joystick built in. Im telling ya.. it looks and feels soo awesome so far. I have high hopes for this. Any help would be appreciated. The links that got me up and running are from : This original thread that not many are responding to... and here: https://gsgrid.de/firestorm-vr-mod/
  4. Ok I use a vive cosmos.. I launched steam vr, then opened up Firestorm VR and followed onscreen instructions and hot Cntrl +Tab key. Had to do that a couple of times. The interface finally got to that split screen thing. Mine was like 2 screens in one. Or on top of each other.. For the life of me.. I couldnt find "There is a setting in Firestorm VR called 'texture shift'" Not under Avatar preferences and any of those tabs esp graphics.. One other thing, my screen was minimized to a smaller big screen within my paly area, and I couldnt walk.
  5. Totally agree with Crim, I get so frustrated when I go there. I had the opportunity to perform there and guess what? cant script an instrument because it sucks all the bandwith.. none of the houses work except Maybe if your lucky a door might swing open. No inventory.. you go from having 100K items to not even be allowed to change your hairstyle!! and it will drive you nuts. I just paid over 100 bucks for a custom avatar, and someone copy botted it right in front of me within 20 minutes. They then started to attack and ram me with my own avatar....bang and bump me while screaming like the exorcist. I had to take it down from the main server.. If I could pull everyone away from Vr chat with all the 3 year old acting trolls and rip off a-holes I would. Vr chat can burn for all I care.. I only go on there maybe once a week.
  6. Omg!! Ty Yeah it was SAM.. so they took the free version away huh? thats too bad. I wonder if I can use Sam in Vr chat? kinda in a dilema.. I have to be able to speak and Braodcast music file for when I play an instrument as a Geisha. This program called Voice meeter is making feedback and crap. Thought maybe Sam might be better. Thank you for the input^^ You really saved me!
  7. Hello, Not sure where to place this question. I was a dj way back in 2010 and 2012. I forgot the name of the dj software i used. It was like the better version of Virtual Dj. I think there was another one called Jungle something. I dont see a download for it anywhere that even looks or sounds familiar. Are there any dj's out there that still use older programs from 2012- 2014? If so could you share the name? TY
  8. OMG!! Yes I just got a Vive Cosmos!! I want to try this out!! THANK you
  9. dont waste your time with Avastar. This made it sound like you could import your avatar into blender and all you get is an ugly metal looking silicone avatar that not even close to the real you. Even tho its your xml file...I know that isnt her.. They made it look like in a few short clicks all skin hair etc etc are imported.. Not the case.. They are great people who didnt hesitate to refund me. I just wish they had a bigger disclaimer so people dont get the wrong idea.
  10. Thank you Maitimo!, I was luck to stumble across my old Omega hud nd something just told me to put it on my hud and click it. so I lucked out there I have a genus head, this was the omega applier for that head, so like you said it conditions things or sets it up first. I always include a note card in my things with step by step instructions and give customer support. I dont expect people to "Just know" and then keep their money like some shops do. Soo when I do get it working I will do that for the customers. wooo I just tried to operate that hud and um Nope... it went into attack mode and put markings on my face!! If there is anyone who can put this hud together for me or teach me how to do it, lets talk shop. I want to put this with my tattoos in my shop for sale like everyone else. Please directly IM me and let me know how much you charge^^
  11. Wow thank you all for the links and the education on it. When I do make a tattoo and it looks good and im ready to sell it, I will make mention that they need a base Omega hud first then the hud I provide after. If this is incorrect please let me know^^
  12. Ok I found a set of catwa kitsune tattoos , since it was mentioned that they place nice with Genus, I decided to take a risk and it turned out beautiful!! Instead of the catwa hud I was able to use the Omega hud included.. There was a trick.. you have to buy a special genus Omega hud for That head. Once you do that it "Enables" your head to receive makeups from Omega makeup huds. So the hud I bought for the makeup came with a special catwa and a general universal hud. Since I dont think anyone is following this thread, I made a new one asking where I can buy a plain old universal omega hud for makeup. Only because this is off topic now. Incase anyone is still following and would like to answer I can always take the other post off.
  13. Hello all, I want to make my own body and face tattoos. I was looking for the Omega hud that I can use to put the tattoos in. when I search the market place the hud is already owned by someone else and ha\s makeup already in it. When I try to go to properties to see who created it.. it gives the makeup persons name instead of the orginal Omega hud. Question, If I have a genus or catwa or TSG head, do I have to have a special omega hud customized for each? if so.... Who can I buy it from? Thank you all.
  14. Very Beautiful^^ TY for the friendship! You have been so sweet and nice. Yes I have made skins... this was old school.. these mesh heads are a little scary.. I am not sure I could do it ha! You did a great job on yours. I have done asian skin minimally. its super hard to get the shape to work with the skin. I had to basically scrunch the eyes down rally horribly for the skin to lay right. That was on the easy head. I dont think any skin creator is going to give me the template to the Asian ones so I can draw my tattoo^^
  15. My deepest apologies. TY for the link back to that thread. I have read it and have a better understanding why.... what I did, didnt work. Yes it was obvious one layer was overriding the other appliers. I also wanted to talk about something that was a separate issue. Im still shocked why the skins are not automatically baked on the mesh heads when you put them on. I m sure if I go back and read through those two posts you made one more time very carefully, that will be explained too. I am a caregiver full time 24/7 I am always being interrupted. I apologize if I had to jump up and never quite finished reading your very detailed explanation. Sometimes when you work all the time you need the most quickest answer because your real life superceeds SL. Thank you thank you thank you a million times over Hun. I appreciate what you did there. You are welcome to friend me if you dont hate my guts over this.
  16. I am so sorry about losing this thread.. ty for the link in on the other post. I really appreciate your time and efforts. Even when I follow things step by step I still get that double face image or my face turns an unholy bright white like Geisha makeup. Something is wrong.. Its the stupid tattoo's fault.. you simply cannot use a bom tattoo on a skin that isnt bom. I had an old skin that I got a redelivery of now that it is Bom.. because she is so tan it didnt look that great. Which means forking out another 800 or so for a new skin. I have gone through 4 heads trying to make the tattoo work. Unfortunate that these tattoos dont have a demo version. Thank you all again. I so appreciate the time you spent. I will find a solution^^
  17. I sincerely apologize about that other thread, not many were responding to it and I lost it. I went back to try to keep up on it and it looks like it got moved or just burred. I apologize for that. Im so sorry for the ones who time out thier busy lives to try and help me. Please forgive me... I took a 6 year hiatus from SL too.. I am looking for a classic NO eyelid skin. I have tried several demos.. if it is not made for the baby face head of genus I have not had any luck in getting it to change. Maybe bad lag in the sand box? Who knows.. I have a catwa head a TSG head and Genus.. I really dont want to buy a 4th head. I bought them as they came out and while I didnt mind a mixed look with an eyelid before or an all natural no makeup look, This time I want to create the human Kitsune look. Not a furry. not a hybrid either. So last night I went out shopping, tried to get the RYN skin it was made for the strong Genus head. I have baby face....so when I put it on, it totally wacked my face shape and my mesh eyes got all messed up..Yes I put on the shape that came with it. It just was wonky... You know how you get comfortable with something and everything else just looks wacked on you and nothing like the photo? Kinda like that.. Even tho a skin says its supposedly ok for several types of heads.. 9 times out of ten thats simply isnt true. If it looked really good.. I might be tempted to just start completely over and buy Another head...... I was hoping there was a simple way I could create my own tattoo like I usually do and get it on that head by adding it to the Genus hud or something? Here is another MAJOR issue:: If you want a clear Japanese, Korean or Chinese non hybrid look from the Original Edo period or Han dynasty that was not mixed with any others, there will be no eyelid. Genus makeup hud all eyeshadows put a dang crease on my eye and gives me an eyelid and it drives me nuts.. You might beg to differ thats fine.. I got this info from my Chinese teacher at the unified school district from my Zhong Wen class. so argue or make smart remarks to her not me thx. I am going to send another notecard to the creator of pumec skin and ask her to please BOM it. Curious how did anyone ever get any tattoos on their face when the skin wasnt a Bom? I read a few posts back that someone said they found a catwa tattoo that wasnt Bom and it worked for a genus head. so maybe I will try that again. I have asked for a develoiper kit from Genus and gave the llink to my small humble marketplace. I have made skins in the past and I pretty sure with my GD degree I can figure out how to do it for mesh. 'WOW how times have changed.. Wo you tai tong!
  18. I have a catwa head and I dont like it because the animations hud is hard to work. Genus hud looks more normal and natural. Plus the eyeliner on catwa doesnt really have eyeshadows just liner.
  19. the big Diff, is that I want kitsune tattoos on my face my mesh head. if you have a regular mesh head without a BOM skin on it, the tattoos will not work. So im looking o get a better skin. TY all for the suggestions. I will go shopping tonight! I am a big Asian collector of 20 years now. The cultural diff between them is that some have a higher bridge to their nose and lighter skinned, some have a very flat bridge. For some reason the ones with a flatter looking bridge just dont look quite as pretty with the genuis makeup on the hud. They look more beautiful just plain and natural.
  20. Sorry this is an old photo graph. Here is what the genus head looks like. I have a pumec skin. I tried contacting the creator to ask her to make a Bom version of it. I like the skin I am wearinng. I just dont care for many others out there. Heck I just bought this and now I have to pay another 6- 800 L for a whole new skin. I do have a bom skin, Its more of an Islander type nose and yes its a darker skin. I am looking for of a light Chinese or Japanese or Korean skin. so this skin with the white hair is good, I cant use the tattoo on it and its the only one out there... If someone else made kitsune marking tattoos for non BOM skins I would just buy it or Pay someone to do it for me The second one is really beautiful.. its pretty with no makeup. When I put the makeup on it, just dont look right. Im open to suggestions. Is it possible to have a facial tattoo for a Genus head withut the skin being a bom or baked on mesh?
  21. ok so I got a BOM skin, with Genus head and finally got these tattoos to work. Unfortunately I really dont like the skin. Is there any way to create my own facial tattoo like neko stripes, kitsune etc without the skin on the mesh head having to be a bom and go through all the hassle? Did sl ever fix the appearance generator so you can create a more ethnic look? If I could ditch this mesh head bs to have an asian avatar I would.
  22. did you check Pumec or the skinnery?
  23. baked on mesh skin and non baked on mesh skin.. just isnt working and using the special Genus BOM hud too. Im over 10 years old in Sl.... ofc I read notecards. In fact I had an argument the with tattoo creator over her lack of "how to note cards" and she smarted off to me that it wasnt her fault I didnt know what I was doing. I asked nicely if she could help me get it sorted out with a notecard.. ok well I got a demo skin thats Bom and after a few clicks and god I forget what else with genus.. I got the tattoo to work so I dropped a note care to the creator of My skin asking her to create a bom version.. Why cant we just "Add" the tattoo layer if its meant for a mesh head? why does it have to be on a special skin?
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