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  1. Ploom has hair like that. so does Truth hair
  2. Hello All I am looking for a male bob style hair cut . I want shoulder length. I have have had some female hair that when I went to retexture it blonde or white it looked awful!!! you could totally see where the two prims attached and no..it was just.gross The closest thing that I can use as an example is Sephroth from final fantasy. The hair should have no bangs. like I sais I dont want long hair I want shoulder length Most that I have found have really stringy ends or strange patch like prims to bridge the gap between the scalp and flexi prims. I have triesd serena hair, aryashi, Towongwa (sp) cant find the shop called FNKY Cake anymore... here is a link http://academia-kokoro.foroactivos.net/t366-clase-de-habilidad-verbal-2-grado I like the way it is parted in the middle and hiked up in front. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Maximillion+Pegasus&qs=n&form=QBIR&pq=maximillion+pegasus&sc=8-19&sp=-1&sk= this style of hair is perfect... perfect length etc. better than sephroth. If anyone knows of any shops where I can get this in white id really appreciate it.
  3. Thank you all for the advice. I knew mid day wasnt so wise, however morning or sunset casts a nasty orange tone. I might open up the V3 viewer and try to find the photo and world setttings. I dont know why the shadows wasnt working yesterday. I had the drop box on the side checked for all three with my graphics on ultra. if anyone can make a nice modeling preset Id be willing to pay for it if it had instructions and exact numbers for the editor enviroment.
  4. Hello All, I have seen a lot of photo booths, modeling stands, etc. I have tried to read through the LOD, casting shadows, and other stuff, and it starts to get overwhelming like stereo directions. I use the phoenix and firestorm viewers. One of my firestorms got so messed up I had to download another copy. is there a simply way to get a slightly 3-d look and cast shadows? I dont know what I should do as far as camera controls and then there is the enviroment editor... Should that be on sunset? or mid day? I need clean clear photos to model my stuff for sale. Im totally lost. When i enable lighting and shadows put the graphics on Ultra I still am not getting those sexy shadows like a professional model shot! If there is a gadjet for sale that does it Ill buy it! I know this is something I have adjust manually. Please if there is someone out there that can give me exact numbers for the settings, please please I beg of you! Aluviel Nakamura
  5. Thank you all for your participation> I really appreciate the answers. Now that we have it established that only certian viewers can use this feature, could we all get some step by step onstructions where to find the offset and apply it to the shoe foot or is it avie etc?
  6. Hello creaters, I have seen many tall platform shoes and I wanted to know how they manage to keep them from sinking into the ground? I got some silly answers like reposition them on your leg etc. Some said there is a LOD setting you have to use. I am confused and couldnt get a straight answer. All I know, is that if I hike them up further on my leg it would would probably be half way up my calf. So that simply doesnt work.
  7. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm I already did this dear.. thats why I specified a rockstar look and specifically said a zipper ACROSS the chest. Ofc I already saw those stupid hoodies. Hoodies are not rockstar fashion.
  8. Hello I am looking for a rock star type of top that has a zipper across the chest. The zipper can be open to chest too. This is going to be for a male avie, Womens tops as long as there is no breast shading are fine for this too.
  9. Hello, I am having trouble lining up sleves on the shirt template. Someone turned me on to Multi Chan Hax . Unfortunatley I cannot find a download for it anywhere??!!I really need the sleeves lined up, so if anyone knows where I can download the files or is willing to do the job for me please contact Aluviel nakamura in world. I tried taking the texture and making it seamless and it ruined the texture.
  10. Hello all, I make specialized japanese harajuka outfits and misc. things. When I use search and type in Harajuka, I never see anyof my items. at the bottom where you type in your trigger words, I type in harajuka, japanese, asian, you know basically anything that relates to the category. I see a million peoples things comming up before mine that have Nothing to do with the Japanese street fashion. Am I doing something wrong where I cant get my things to come up on at least the 5th page of searching? Many thanks!! Luvi
  11. I saw those ont he market place under the search for wings
  12. Hello everyone, I am looking for some nice semi transparent animated angel wings. If you know who I can look up please let me know? I dont want to spend a fortune on them. TY^^
  13. hello All, Ihave a friend who tried to login and cant seem to get past the region login part. He has windows 8 and claims that many games are not compatable. Is there anything special he can do to fix this so he can get in?
  14. I think your ankles look fine^^
  15. Ohayo^^, I am looking for a photo realitic skin that has the asian curve on the eye. I have seen some amazing skins from Santos, however they are all male. I have a dr. life skin thats very pretty however it has that airbrushed look and is not a real skin. If anyone knows a place that has photo realistics skins for an asian femal please let me know. Im curious in comparsion how does Dr. Life stack up agaisnt Tuty's and tokyo girls?
  16. Hi Suggah! Just search up Aluviel Nakamura and I will send you some landmarks and show you around^^. May I ask if you are male or female? Is Tissue Papaer your in world name? maybe we can all find you?
  17. Hello Horse lovers. I have a couple of breedable horses. I am looking for a male all teal or at least the coat a bright teal thats ready to breed. I was at a sim yesterday that had one for 450L and today the whole corral is gone. : ( The people who own the sim will not tell tell me who she was so I can tontact her. I have seen females for 350 I really need a cheap male.
  18. ❀✦❀Do you like Cute Japanese girls who sing and Dance?❀✦❀ If yes then come to the new Kawaii Dolls show! The Kawaii Dolls is celebrating a back to school special this Saturday the 15th at 9 pm SLT, French time 6 am Sunday and Japan 1:00 pm Sunday. Kawaii Dolls is a Japanese Pop Dance group that dances and performs for your pleasure. Help us celebrate the opening of our land that can now hold 50 people!! No more worrying about not being able to get in. Any Questions see Neka Kimono In world or Aluviel Nakamura Adomo Arrigatto!!! XOx ❀✦❀
  19. Hello, I am manager of a new J-pop Idol group in Sl and we are seeking someone to fill the position of Choreographer in our group. The details of the position are: Someone who can convert mmr dances to bvh mio-1 ( such as vocaloid dances) These dances must coordinate with the song we are dancing to. Also be able to chain 30secd parts without hard cutting so thee transaction from one segment is smooth to the next without jerking movements. This person should be familiar with the following software programs: BVHacker MMDBVHTOSLBVH Note: Te reason these programs are used is because many of the Japanese mo cap dances have a more complex skeleton that the one Sl uses so we get error messages in python when trying to convert. Below is a couple of sites that can explain the process better. http://www6.atwiki.jp/vpvpwiki/pages/218.html the global explain is here http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fsnumaw.blogspot.fr%2F2010%2F04%2Fmmd-mio.html&ie=UTF8&sl=auto&tl=en If you think you can help us and want to be the next big star in Sl please contact Aiko Torii or Aluviel Nakamura in world.
  20. my friend had her skin turn yello after wearing a mesh clothing fom curious kitties. She rebaked, reloged, switched skins and changed viewers...Now the skin is black. how can she get her skin back? note: her skin is ok when she is nakked..when she tries to put clothes on she turns black again...
  21. Elizabeth Message me in world and I can set you up with several Links. I am the manager for the KawaiiDolls a Japanese J-pop performance group and I specialise in helping get that kawaii look. Aluviel Nakamura In world
  22. This Sunday at 7pm GWT (France ) which is Sunday 10:00 am SLT at the Bakamatsu stage, The J-pop Idol Group Kawaii Idols will be making their first public apperance! If you want pretty girls, bright lights, good music, and never before seen dance moves then make plans to attend now!! KWD (or KaWaiiDolls) a Second life based pop Band, in the model of the Japaneses Idols bands like Morning Musume, He llo Project, Perfume or Akb 48 in Real life... We are very excited to make our debut and we hope that you will join us this weekend!! this little show is composed by a short choice of two songs (we offer you more soon...) it's the first shoot for KWD, it's especially made to thanks our sponsor Jun Jeter from *~UMI USAGI~* the famous SL adorables clothes "made in Japan" design http://secondlife-umiusagi.blogspot.fr/ ............... or in SL .............. http://slurl.com/secondlife/UmiUsagi/46/128/828 (don't miss the 2012 collection) and our adorable akita mascot Ryouma san (don't hesitate to get a look at the KYOTO Bakumatsu in SL).... it really deserve it and it's the place we made the show sunday ^^ HERE ---> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kyoto%20Sanjo/231/18/24 we wait you this sunday !!! and your friends !!! and the friends of your friends !!! this little show give us envy to push forward the rise of *~KWD-Kawaiidolls~* band.... and we are proud to count you in ENORMOUS kisses to our beloved friends/fans
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