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  1. This Sunday at 7pm GWT (France ) which is Sunday 10:00 am SLT at the Bakamatsu stage, The J-pop Idol Group Kawaii Idols will be making their first public apperance! If you want pretty girls, bright lights, good music, and never before seen dance moves then make plans to attend now!! KWD (or KaWaiiDolls) a Second life based pop Band, in the model of the Japaneses Idols bands like Morning Musume, Hello Project, Perfume or Akb 48 in Real life... We are very excited to make our debut and we hope that you will join us this weekend!!
  2. Thank you everyone!! I will if anything looks diffrent in the firestorm browser.^^ Love your hair Sassy!!
  3. Hello All, I used to sell items on the sl exchange and I see now that im ready to do it again the market place is a bit different. I am trying to put Folders of outfits I want to sell in the merchant outbox. According to the directions it says to: " Organize items into folders in the Merchant outbox if they are meant to be sold together. You do not need to box items in order to sell more than one item in a single listing on the Marketplace.Click the Send to Marketplace button to upload all items from your Merchant outbox to the Marketplace website."Umm ok so where is this famous Send to market place button? I don't see it. I tried right clicking on the folder on the actual items in the folder..I am just lost here... There isn't a send to button on the merchant page either... Is this just a screwed up phoenix thing?
  4. Thank you again Rolig. I looked at the site you gave me. I wish I had a key word to use for serching about importing an object or 3- model into the program. Maybe Chosen Few knows what the technical terminology is called so I can help myself.
  5. Wow thank you Rolig. I do have the adobe photoshop cs5. I have no idea how import a shape or anything into it. if you know how or can explain a bit further I can look up some videos on you tube for it. If there is some terminology for doing this I can search it up better.:matte-motes-little-laugh: I also belong to the photoshop group in world. I will look up some of those other programs. Thank you again for replying to this.:heart:
  6. Hello all, I have an sl previer program. I wanted to know if there is a way to put a custom shape on the model so I can create a better skin for it? Is there a special program out there that can do this? Thank you
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how to layer your tattoo makeup layers in the phoneix client. I know in the wiki for the regular sl client it says something about an "Add to" opition in the edit apperance mode. Is there a way to enable this for phoenix users? Many thanks!! Aluviel Nakamura
  8. A new artist has emerged on the SL Scene. Her name is Mikati Slade and I garuntee she is something you havent quite experinced yet. Her art comprises of actual 3-D walk through gamming components. If you loved the movie TRON and are a huge ANIME fan and a Harajuku Loli fashion enthusiast, youll be blown away by this interactive exhibit. The bright colors and awesome sound effects are just a small part of what makes this place so special. When first entering youll be warmly greeted by a darling icon named "Mimi". Mimi will keep track of all the treasure you collect while roaming around this awesome maze of glitter glitz and fantasy. If you ever wanted a digimon version of falling down the rabbit hole then this place is the one for you!! This is a low lag sim that even an old dell from 2003 can handle with ease. So don't let the description of dazzelment keep you from this never seen before interactive experince!! All visitors get an awesome free gift made by the creator herself Mikati Slade. Photos by Aluviel Nakamura
  9. I went to so many places then re visited those places to try to find it.... so my history is whacked plus it gets cleaned on a regular basis
  10. The Visual Hunt is an Asian culture and fashion hunt, anything 'Visual' whether it be fashion, accessories, builds, skins, etc. Items inspired by the art of Visual or Oshare kei, Lolita and Kadona fashion, Korean B-boy style or even Bollywood! (And everything in between!) Anything popular culture, traditional, or a new exciting mix of both! We are hoping to bring a new crowd to the stores we invite and spread the love of Asian popular and Visual culture to more of SL. The hunt will take place in March, from the 1st to the 31st. You will be looking for a box like the one on the sign you touched to get this Notecard. This hunt is NOT a freebie hunt. Each hunt box will cost 10L$ and it will be well worth the time and lindens! Any hints will be shared in the hunt blog, though they are not required from the stores. Pics of items will also be posted on the hunt blog by February 29th! We hope you enjoy the Visual Hunt! To join the hunt group, please join the Nihon Ongaku Publishers Update group. secondlife:///app/group/6577b6b1-0d9c-b2df-873e-9d96cc2c0707/about (Copy and paste this URL into chat and then click it) Blog: http://visualhuntsl.blogspot.com/ Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/slvisualhunt/ Thank You ~ [NOP~Nihon Ongaku Publishing] & [Actuate Eden] Visual Hunt Coordinators
  11. Hello everyone, Yesterday I was surfing the net looking for open source clothing templates and I came across a free men's button down sweater. I can't find the site today. I have a nice button down sweater that I shade in world that I got from a freebie place however I want to make my own for a girl with some shading in the right areas. If anyone knows where I can get this template or has seen one please please let me know? I will be very grateful.
  12. Does anyone know whatv shop this is? I cannot believe I forgot to make a LM for it. Is there a way to go back when you look at the map to see where you have been on a certian day? I need to get this outfit Thx^^
  13. Just the type your looking for hrmmm??:womanlol:
  14. Hello, :cathappy: As most of you know as years pass by people come and go in SL. I am looking for fun new friends who enjoy the Asian scene. I love going to cute sims and shopping and clubs. I love goofing off and finding hilarious places to visit. Places like haunted houses, fun parks, and bright colors! I miss the tunnel of Light. that place was too cool. :matte-motes-inlove: I used to rp a lot and now I just enjoy socializing. I love making textuers and designing clothes. Sometimes you just need some silly goof off time. :womantongue:
  15. Heyas Hit me up inworld Aluviel Nakamura
  16. YAy Asian I love you already!! Aluviel Nakamura
  17. well I found an even better one after the one I got at Momo. Thank you for the care you took to try to find out for e. You is very sweet^^. I am aluviel nakamura in world. please friend me^^
  18. ohh yes I have found some good templates One I paid for andnever got delivered. I never thought about free ones duh! thx^^
  19. Yay I got to meet Julie and she is so kawaii and pretty! Very sweet natured too. we had so much funtoday! Thank you Julie!!
  20. It would help when replying to this thread to leave your in world name rther than letting people assume that your forum name is the same as the inworld name.
  21. If your into Asian stuffs or Harajuku I can show you some cool new spots. Aluviel Nakamura
  22. ahh ok maybe they moved them however that might be with the newer accounts. Yes I looked inthe clothing tutorials
  23. All I can say is Thank God there are some older folks out there. I thought maybe I was going to have to just put up with the obnoxiousness from some of the younger crowd forever or find a new past time. I just turned the big 40 this year and it sux man!! Well it did until I saw this post. So please please Hit me up In-World. May the young cougars unite Aluviel Nakamura
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