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  1. Hello All I made a killer texture, a round circle with inner circles going towards the center. Like a bullseye. I cannot get it to lay right on the actual half circle prim. I am trying to create a pretty fairy dome.... I have tried fiddling with the horozontal and vertical offsets etc.. I cannot get the texture to wrap around the half circle straight. Its all wavy and sux!! Is there a trick to this? I have been a builder and texture person for 7 years and never had to fight so gosh dang much!!
  2. I personally have always hated mesh. It doesnt look much different than the orginal clothing. The HAIR SUX.Sorry I like it when my hair moves just like normal hair does. As far as I am concerned..Mesh is a step back wards and looks like ruth or or big chunky clay animated charcters like toy story..... Ofc I have seen flexi mesh in other worlds such as blue mars and its a little bit better...LL wil not open up the flood gates and just give it to us. They know that by doing this at a snails pace they can seep those few precious lindens out of everyones pocket one slow step at a time.. Ultilization at its fullest....
  3. If you have a sim and dont want certian people on it, when you block them what kind of error message do they get?
  4. Mistah Moose, could you elaborate on what topoh is? Your using language that is way adavanced to those that have never used mesh programs. Please breakit down in laymans terms. It sounds as if the Marveouls designer program is not compatable with blender because of : A: skeleton joint points or attachment areas, B: some kind of top layer skinning issue? Could you please specify what the exact problem is?
  5. I have a friend who is wanting to know where all the singles and people are. He is asking for the best pick up spot. Hes too embarrased to ask here *Dork*
  6. Hello I thought I saw in the apperance menu or somewhere in the firestorm controls a way to get your hand position to relax a little.. My fingers are spread out like im about to hold my hand up and scream "STOP" how can I get my hands to relax a little?
  7. there is always going to be someone out there with a smart remark about how your system isnt good enough. Wish I could just delete this whole post.
  8. well consiering that I had a 530 before its a major upgrade.. I even got a new router..an asus to match my computer. it hasnt really helped the speed even though the speed test says its awesome. I am appering in Sl today with a grey face. No matter what I do it woulnt go away. I spent 4 phone calls with a 30 min hold time on each to my cable company TIME WARNER There is no other cable company for my City which is mindblowing and Awful since I am living in east LA calif. I called the asus router people who just jerked me around and sent me back to my internet people.. I am so fed up with the B*ll**bleep** of second life I might delete my account so that I CANT return no matter what. Its just to Gdang expenisive and hassle to seal with.. ALL FOR NOTHING. I AM SO ANGRy i am in tears. I have followed so many links on here that I am sure I have really screwed up my system with all the stupid "Suggestions" Forgive my typos cause I am broken at this point.. crying my eyes out so sick of it all well after calming down I got back on same crap.I went into apperance mode and started taking off everything.......... as soon as I got rid of the FIRESTORM BRIDGE. My face suddenly showed up. Get rid of the Bridge. Its the bridge to hell.. You would think that One of you guys out there would have known this......
  9. its like my rebake function is not not working : (
  10. Hello Everyone, I am creating a skin and it looks fantastic. There is a problem....When I relog in the face turns grey. when I switch to other skins then back to the one I created its ok again until I have to re log.... Suggestions? I loaded it up as a tga.
  11. I solved the issueL go to this link to see what I did. Guad this game is expensive http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/why-am-I-crashing-to-death/m-p/2439923/highlight/false#M13394
  12. I solved this issue look here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/why-am-I-crashing-to-death/m-p/2439923/highlight/false#M13394 when your graphics are tapped out your system just doesnt have enough resources ava to power anything that can include voice^^
  13. ok well so far so good How I solved this issue: I jumped from a 530 Graphics card to a 720 installed a big power supply to back it up installed an extra fan. I dont know why.. this suddenly solved the voice issue and I can actually see shadows and what everyone else is seeing when they model. It has made a major diffrence and when I teleport to somewhere the area loads almost instantaniously on high. Very strange that a graphics card made the diffrence for Voice not working. I do understand that when your resources are sucked dry there is nothing left over for operating anything.
  14. wow thats good to kniow bad memory I will have them check the rams in there. i have 16 gigs of ram. I need to update the graphic card anyways because like they all said before I dont have enough pixel rate thingies on the card I have thats why whole stores refuse to rezz. I thought I had my voice problem fixed and tried it last night and NOPE. I still cant hear. There are others reporting this issue. Back inthe day it was my security program blocking it. Iturn everything off inmy norton and the problem is still there.
  15. i have had the exact same issue. I can chat i cant hear anyone. I am takingmy computer in today to see whats wrong. Sometimes I know its the security software blocking stuff. I turned all that off and it didnt help.
  16. hrm connection related as inn internet connection? I just uped my connection rate with my cable company last week. I will take the bandwidth down see if that helps. I got the voice thing taken care of. its just strange last week I was at a club where there was so many particles you almost couldnt see the person next to you and I was able to see everything very clearly not a single crash.
  17. Thank you so much for the feedback. I was looking at that G card and a bit higher just to keep from the hassle of updating again. I was looking at this one http://www.frys.com/product/7133952?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG its a 670. Do you think thats too high and I will fry my machine? I have a home^^ I will def keep your information^^ I appreciate you sharing.
  18. yeah i kind of figured it was time to update. It just burns my arse that every 2 years I have to go out and litterally spend 1K just to stay in sl..How can they expect anyone to be a paid member for a measly crappy 300 lindens and a stupid house when you have to buy whoke new systems every 2 years : ( Now that my rant is over im going to upgrade. The guys at Fry's electronics said that if I get a super duper suped up graphics card and a power supply, I dont have to worry about the processor or mother board being burned out. he said that was back in the old days and that no longer applies....For some reason I cant shake the feeling hes full of it...Can I trust what he says? if so ill take my pc down tomorow and have it upgraded to the maxium I can push it.
  19. Wow your not alone.Ihave the graphics card just below yours a nvida530 and suddenly my inventoruy isnt loading for shizz and im crashing like a mo fo!! Im about ready to put a fist through my machine,,,,,,
  20. hello everyone. These last two weeks have been absolute fist through screen very angry agonizing bad ones... I keep crashing a million times. sometimes just doing nothing....the whole thing freezes up and sl crashes. its esp bad when i teleport. can rezz anything worth a crap and now my inventory doesnt want to load. I saw a post about tp crashing that said increase your bandwidth. I can basically stand there all day thing simply will not rezz even on LOW........... I know my card is a little out of date a nivida 530.Its more than enough to handle sl. I have everything turned down on Low graphic wise which really sux. I have a pretty good high powered Asus i just bought for gaming. Is there any other internal controls in sl I can use to make everything run more efficiently?
  21. Hello all, I sudenlt have an issue with not being able to hear anyone talk in Sl. I have enabled voice over and over rebooted restarted the viewer etc. nothing seems to work. I am using firedtorm and both the regular sl viewer. People can hear me...I cant hear them. I can hear: music, gestures, sound efects, background noise on sim. There is something about voice being blocked. Way back inthe day when I had mcafee security I found out that was blocking my voice. I have norton and as far as I know nothing is being blocked. I am not sure what to look for. Its been way too long. I even checked the ports in the back. I know this isint a head set issue cause I can hear everything else. Any suggestions?
  22. Hello, I am from the Amatsu heavenly Island and we have a resident that is 300 prims over her limit. These prims are showing up over the property line outside her parcel. Now when we select her parcel the total is ok.. for some odd reason it says she owns 300 more outside the property line. If I remember right, the actual owner can see these prims highlighted from a resident drop down list. I think she is using firestorm viewer. Im wondering if this is maybe an island fluke that happens from time to time?
  23. Hello everyone, I know its a Sunday, the busiest day for SL. I usually try to avoid any building scripting anything in sl on that day. When I logged in and say my eyeballs were sticking out through the sockets, I thought maybe I better ask about this. Its been a long time since I have seen this. No these are not prim or sculpted eyeballs, my shape is not messed up. I tried teleporting, relogging etc.. What causes these ruthed out type of messups? Yes I rebaked a million times checked myself in edit appearance mode etc.. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  24. I say No. Eyelashes are one of the hardest thing to fit right on your body. I have never been able to grab anything mesh and reposition it to make it fit better.
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