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  1. Trying since yesterday 2pm slt and no luck here since. And hellz no, I need all that stuff I recently uploaded to the beta! lol
  2. I finally found the time to make a list of things I'd like to see changed/added, in no specific order.. most of them have been covered by others already, but this is too important to just stay quiet and whine later - especially when more fees are planned for features, which - let's be honest here - come for free and are considered a standard from a lot of other services out there. Sooo, here it goes: Animations -> Posing Animations: Poses are essential for not only people who love to convey their moods/emotions, show the bonds to their loved ones and telling stories through pictures. And think of all the wedding pictures! Poses are also essential for presentation, marketing and selling strategies for stores, clubs and events, which reflects not only in their advertisements/vendor pictures but also in blogger's pictures. And let's not forget about all those professional photography studios! Therefore I'd love to see some love in form of some sub categories here: - Animations -> Posing Animations -> Single Posing Animations - Animations -> Posing Animations -> Couple Posing Animations - Animations -> Posing Animations -> Group Posing Animations We could also argue about a more descriptive category name, be it 'posing animations', 'poses', 'static poses' or 'static animations', of which the latter makes the most sense imo - in every language.. *shrugs* Buildings and Other Structures -> Backdrops: With the hype of blogging and photography, I feel backdrops have deserved their own little category in Buildings and Other Structures Wrong Category listings: - Add a 'Wrong Category' button or function within flagging to help make creators/resellers aware of where they put their items - including the possibility to select a better fitting category. Flagging: The function is great and I'm happy that it exists, but it's not well defined. If for example an item is being flagged for not being in the right maturity level, it should have a more specific choice and notification: was it the picture, the title, the description and/or the keywords? This should be conveyed properly to give creators a chance to correct their mistake before they not only lose their listing, but also all viewing and selling history on that listing. Favorites: - Using the SLMP categories for the favorites page would help a lot with sorting and finding. - And having the possibility to add entire stores as favorites. Demos and gachas: This is the most frustrating and time consuming part when using the MP nowadays to find something as a customer in my personal opinion. We need to have an easier way to find something without the search result pages being filled with demos or gachas. - Pin the demos to their corresponding full items or give us a filtering option that excludes all demos. Simply excluding by price doesn't serve the purpose, because then gifts and dollarbies would be excluded as well. - And please give gachas their own category/categories - no, wait.. for the love of linden gods, give them their own marketplace! Redelivery: - Implement a redelivery button for recipients (=buyers who bought for themselves, as well as people who received the item as a gift) for copy items. Order history: - Add search function. Inventory -> Manage listings: - Remember the settings how I viewed my listings the last time, so that I don't have to change item number per page or date every time. Orders -> Transaction History: - Make it possible to search for recipients as well, not only buyers (because of the gift option). Buyers and Recipients are shown on the Reports -> Orders page, so it should be possible. Reports -> Top selling products and Top searched products: - Give options for date ranges: today - last 24 hrs - last week - last month - all time. And remember that setting for the next time I log in. - Add a top views by clicks report. - Add a search function. - Add the choice of a diagram in each section for better visualization of the numbers. - Remove items that are no longer listed or move them to the end of the report. Store front page: - Give the option for creators to choose what is being shown first as an override to the general SLMP settings. - Choices could be: Custom selection of first 12 items (like a portfolio or showcase), Newest to oldest, Top sellers (sub-cat choice: last 24 hrs, last week, last month, all time) Listed item page and store policies: - Implement text spaces/boxes inside/above/under item description to incorporate store's policies. Add possibility to have that text in bold/underlined/in color. - For a merchant with multiple stores/items from different categories: make it possible to have multiple pre-defined policies (defined by the merchant) depending on the items. - For a full perm store: make a floater that pops up as soon a customer buys a full perm item (or when a full perm item is in their cart), making them aware of what they're buying and what policies are bound to that. - Remove Features tab. All relevant info is already in the description, features is just redundant and offers no benefit. Multiple store fronts for a single avatar: Yes! Store manager function: Absolutely! Bulk upload of images: For a lot of creators and listings a must! Add/edit related items: - A list of all listed items should be given to select multiple items at once, not one at a time. Sales and Discounts: - Add ability to set sale percentages on items. Ability needs to be easily set to: all items, specific items within a category or selected items. Percentages because not always do all items have the same selling price. - Add a time frame choice to that, too, if possible. Mesh body compatibility: Branding right now works only for one specific body. A lot of clothes and accessories nowadays are fitted to more than just one body and creators should be able to list all compatible bodies. This sort of branding should be implemented into the search as well, making it easier for customers to find items specific for their body within the category they're looking for. Feedback/Reviews: Reviews should be approved by the merchant first before becoming visible. That way the merchant can help the customer before a negative feedback would turn visible. And that also gives the merchant the chance to flag abusive behavior. Secondlife.com -> Account -> L$ Transaction History:- Item names instead of item numbers - or item names along with item numbers.
  3. To get back to the subject of this thread: Thank you Charlotte for starting it. I agree to everybody's suggestions and see them ALL as essential and beneficial features to be implemented on the MP. So a survey would be MORE than welcome! I would even go that far to make it a community wide survey to get as much input as possible from both, creators and customers! Especially also to give those a voice, who aren't that much into chiming in on the forums (like me *coughs*) but who would love to see some changes. While quickly browsing through the Jira, I found some other reports that relate to some suggestions here: SL Marketplace: Redeliver button for copy items https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2120 Marketplace Listing Improvement 02: Allow multiple selections for image uploads https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-7723 I also have the feeling that search results have gotten worse over time, making the MP experience highly frustrating. [SLM Beta Search] Marketplace Beta includes unrelated listings to the search results https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10694 I'm sure there's more, would really be worth hitting that search button some more times... About the fee increase: it really depends on the amount. And then I think we basically have only 3 options: either increase our prices and basically make our customers pay for it, or simply not using the MP as a selling platform anymore. Option number 3 would be for stores which make over 90% of their income from the MP to simply ditch the inworld store and cut down on customer support... *shrugs*
  4. As a customer I honestly expect that lol. Back in the day when I started, merchants had not only signs in their stores but also included detailed notecards describing how to use the inventory and how to wear system clothes and prim attachments. This sort of service continued when the 'add' function was implemented, making sure that everybody understood the benefit of that new feature. So I got spoiled, I guess haha I was on a SL break when mesh and mesh bodies hit the market, and when I came back it was the whole 'newbie experience' all over again. Putting on clothes would lead to lose the body or hands. Using appliers and then wondering for the next 30 minutes, why something wouldn't go off my hands or why it wouldn't show lol. There was no such thing as detailed store signs or notecards explaining to me how to use things properly or what to expect. It was simply assumed, that I would know or find out the hard way. If that wasn't easy for me, how must it be for someone who really just started? All the experience I have gained as a customer has taught me as a creator to see it from the view of a customer - and yes, a newbie, too! - and expect that there will be problems and weird questions. Those couple of minutes - or let it be 2 hours! - I invest in proper setup of my item to make it as noob secure as possible and a detailed description - OR in talking to the customer to solve the issue - WILL not only cause less frustration on the customers' side, but also to less headaches on my side, leading to satisfied loyal customers, good reviews and some to none weird questions. And customer service never had, and never will be bound to rental or fee prices, because a customer doesn't care what your expenses are, all they care is that they paid for your product and expect their problem to be fixed or question to be answered. It's as simple as that
  5. This is different than the usual login issues. The login process hasn't even started when I get that "Login failed" message after about 2-3 seconds that I clicked the Login button, the text doesn't even change to "waiting for region handshake". Everything was fine yesterday. No, my internet/router/firewall are working fine. Yes, I'm using Firestorm. No, I haven't changed my password. No, I actually login to Aditi on a regular basis since 2007. Yes, I have tried other destinations than Last Location or Home (Murray, Morris, Oatmeal, etc) I guess we simply gotta be patient and wait till Aditi is accessible again..
  6. The same is happening here. No specific error message, just "Login failed."
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