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  1. Unfortunately there is no easy fix to this issue. Skirts, especially long ones are a nightmare on their best day. The best you can do is add more edge loops right in the center, and meticulously, slowly and methodically work on fixing the weight paints to a smoother finish. It won't be perfect, especially if it is tight at all. Your best option is to loosen the skirt a bit. There are kits out there with weights for skirts, look up medhue's kits, if you simply don't have the time, or patience to go through the pain of working on the weights.
  2. The alpha glitching is happening because of the transparency, clearly as you stated. To remove the glitching, you have one of two options (that I know of). First is to reupload the texture in a flattened format, either using your image editing program, or by changing the save file to a jpg. The second option isn't easier, but more viable monetarily. Start by editing the object in your SL window, select faces, then change each face from alpha blending to alpha masking, and slide that ticker up to 1 ,or more if there are actual incidental transparencies you want to show up, like the lace described, until either the transparencies are gone or you get the look you are going for. Best of luck!
  3. I'm old school blender, like 2.49 type old school (though I've used many before that as well). I learned on it, grew up on it, and now I'm forced to leave the one thing I truely got used to behind. What I'm talking about is the "3" orientation. SL was in 3.. building was in 3. Everything was front facing and rigged on the 3 orientation. With avastar, not only have I not been able to rotate the rig (and thus be forced into the 'proper' orientation), but every attempt at trying to change it to something I'm more comfortable with has been foiled. Between applying rotation and scale to every part to scouring the internet for some sort of fix.. there has been none. If anyone knows how to get avastar to what I'm used to (without it borking the rigged mesh up in the process), that would be greatly appreciated. Alli
  4. Hey Pussycat! I just wanted to thank you for your review of the Tatas . They have currently been updated to v1.2, which includes a new hud and yes, the piercings. v1.3 is in the works now as I keep getting requests for tweaks and changes. There are two major changes. One is the scripts, or shall I say, the lack thereof. The current Tatas have about 6 scripts. The new Tatas will only have Two, one for the appliers and one for the HUD, which after testing, averaged around .008ms script time. The other major change is going to be the 'sag factor'. After a variety of people have noted the breasts sit lower than they are used to, I've raised them slightly. The slight change has made a major impact. I've got a before an after, the only 'touchups' are the star coverage and cropping. Informationally: The sliders are at 40 breast size, 0 gravity, 20 cleavage and the windlight setting is "Nam's Beach Scene." To the left: The new WIP Tatas. To the right: The current Tatas. I'd love to hear comments!
  5. This might sound like shameless self promotion here, maybe it is. I've recently put out some mesh breast, they are fitted, much like the v-string ones, but more proportionate to the actual body. Everyone that has seen them has had nothing but kind things to say about them, I've just infact, put them out for sale today. Just another option for you to look at.
  6. Unless it's a very simple project, it's likely that a custom mesh item will end up costing you much more than 1.5k
  7. Infact, they are built to the UV that Lola's use. Not exactly of course, but close. The tango appliers use the top left quarter of the SL UV map. That is why skin creators and clothing creators alike use it, as they simply have to do some offsets on their inworld textures to make the layer. And that is what I have done as well, built my fitted breasts to the top 1/4 of the SL avatar UV and aligned the seams so that clothes could be worn and skin would blend fairly seamlessly.
  8. After days of slaving away at making the absolute best breasts I can, I have run into a wall. I want these to be compatible with the Lola Tango appliers, however there doesn't seem to be any way for me to figure out how to do this. These breasts were modelled in such a way that they were made specifically to work with the appliers. They are fitted mesh, not simply an attachment. Rigged with jiggle and all the good stuff. If there is anyone out there that can assist me in this endeavor, it would be graciously appreciated. Compensation can be discussed when you contact me in-world or here on the forums.
  9. as the person above me just stated, rigged and unrigged, you'll come into problems. You can try to compensate by attaching it to the pelvis and moving the buttons in place manually, though I doubt you'll have much success as they appear to be linked in a straight line, the buttons that is. And the picture is there, the link seems to have added the parenthesis to the end of the address, which is what caused it to give an error.
  10. It's harder to describe the exact issue, so I thought I would show you. There is no sound, just a quick video showing the issue I was speaking about. The behavior I would say is more like a bug and less like a benefit.
  11. I've been working with rigging for a long while now.. fitted mesh went from a perfect dream to my worst nightmare. It took awhile, but I've finally come to understand the rigging, weight paints etc.. or at least the concept behind them in any case. After twiddling with fitted mesh, brought to us humble blender users by Gaia, I have hit a wall. I've managed to tweak an outfit to deform the breasts (without bleedthru) to 80%.. the lovehandles to about 60%.. but the butt.. no. So the issue lies here, and it was an unexpected behavior, on that has been documented before and does not seem to plague every user. As the avatar butt slider goes higher, the butt indeed does get bigger front to back.. but it gets thinner too, like you're puckered up about to get hit by a belt or some such thing. When the rump gets smaller, it shrinks front to back as expected, but it gets wider and wider, much more so than the actual avatar's hips. My initial response was exasperation, then I decided to make it into a treasure hunt. My findings are as follows: When using Avastar 1.1, I've found removal of butt weights actually helps with this issue. It still doesn't deform quite properly width wise, and i'd be willing to show Gaia if she wished to see, but the deformations are closer to expectation than the pucker/pancake reaction I was getting before. I'm not particularly code saavy, but to me it would seem that the deformations were swapped somehow, bigger-> thinner, smaller -> wider.
  12. Yes, that was the starting point, but as you can see, I've tormented the poor script greatly to try to acheive what I want.
  13. So, I've managed to hobble together a few codes from various scripts and gotten what I want.. almost. This is a dancer and sound player (A single song with animations that cycle sequentially according to a list). But I've somewhere failed, as the sound cycle is linked to the animation cycle. I kinda need the sound timer event and the animation timer event to be two seperate things so I can have the animation cycle at increments longer than 10 seconds. Any help would be superbly appreciated. I've determined the line of scripting that needs help (directly below) but I'm not exactly sure how to have 2 timer events triggered at the same time. timer() { ++gDance; if(ON == 1){llSetTimerEvent(SoundLength); ON = 2;} llStopAnimation(Allison); integer i = gDance %llGetListLength(dances); Allison = llList2String(dances,i); llStartAnimation(Allison); llPlaySound((string)(++SoundClipNumber),1.0); if(SoundClipNumber == MaxSoundClips){llSetTimerEvent(LastSoundLength); ON = 1; SoundClipNumber = 0;} llPreloadSound((string)(SoundClipNumber+1)); } integer ON = 0; //STATE OF SCRIPT integer MaxSoundClips = 18; //AMOUNT OF SONG CLIPS, NAME THEM 1,2,3,4,ETC integer SoundLength = 10; //FIRST SERIES OF SOUND LENGTHS integer LastSoundLength = 2; //INCASE LAST SOUND CLIP IS SHORTER integer SoundClipNumber = 0; //FOR SOUND LOOP integer gDance; list dances = [ "dance1", "dance2", "dance3" ]; //LIST DANCES HERE, "Name of Dance", (no comma after last dance string Allison; ResetToDefault() { llStopSound(); llSetTimerEvent(0.00); llStopAnimation(Allison); ON = 0; SoundClipNumber = 0; } default { state_entry() { llListen(0, "", "", ""); } attach(key id) { if(id) { llOwnerSay(" Commands 'on' or 'off'"); llRequestPermissions(id, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } else ResetToDefault(); } timer() { ++gDance; if(ON == 1){llSetTimerEvent(SoundLength); ON = 2;} llStopAnimation(Allison); integer i = gDance %llGetListLength(dances); Allison = llList2String(dances,i); llStartAnimation(Allison); llPlaySound((string)(++SoundClipNumber),1.0); if(SoundClipNumber == MaxSoundClips){llSetTimerEvent(LastSoundLength); ON = 1; SoundClipNumber = 0;} llPreloadSound((string)(SoundClipNumber+1)); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { message = llToLower(message); if (ON == 0 && message == "on") { ON = 1; Allison = "sit"; //DEFAULT STARTING ANIM, CHANGE IF YOU LIKE llStartAnimation(Allison); llSetTimerEvent(0.5); //THIS SETS TIME BEFORE THE DANCER KICKS IN } else if(message == "off"){ResetToDefault();} } }
  14. I find this all remarkably interesting as a mesh clothing creator. However, I SCOURED the net for any help on how to accomplish this task. I create my meshes using blender, and I have avastar as well, though I still prefer using my method versus the avastar setup. That said, I find it awesome that Gaia has provided the skeleton and collisions and everything else, but disappointing that there isn't really any explaination on how to use this updated skeleton (The rotation alone throws me for a loop considering my 'front' view is really a side view, getting used to a forward facing avatar on the 'correct' axis is hard enough). I found some things that sort of suggest how to accomplish this task, but every explaination leads me to ask more questions as each attempt at a simple recreation has failed miserably. Any guidance on how to implement this in blender 2.69 would be a godsend!!!
  15. Be sure to check your normals for the phantom to make sure all the pieces are facing the right way. Since SSB has been introduced, this problem has lowered greatly. The unlinked builds (coming in as a clump instead of linked) could be caused by the centers being off. If it is multiple pieces with centers over 10m away from each other, then you might have this issue. Make the center of each piece within 10m of each other OR make all the centers at the same point.
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