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  1. Full Estate region sim (15,000 prims), tier is paid until JULY 3. You own it, $450 includes the closing cost. Please reply here and/or to Lorraine Jupiter in game. Normal price from Linden store is $1000, that's why there's a market here for the already-set-up sims.
  2. Hi, I'd like to get a full sim. Please contact me? Lorraine Jupiter
  3. Hi, I would like to buy it. Can you contact me in-game or here? Lorraine Jupiter
  4. Please message me in game, maybe here too so I don't miss it. Thanks.
  5. If you still have one I want it please. Please message me in game.
  6. Thank you SO much for writing this up for me. What about the price being charged to the buyer other than the monthly tier? How does that get handled? Isn't that a resident to resident transaction?
  7. How does the ownership transfer when you buy a full sim? Is there a way to be screwed by an unscrupulous resident by paying but not receiving the sim? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I want this for long term rental; want to pay monthly preferably through paypal. Please send a notecard or PM in game. Lorraine Jupiter. Thanks.
  9. If I lose my giant inventory, or I'm stuck with a poorly designed, unintuitive and badly supported viewer like the current official SL viewer, my SL days will be over. Emerald/Phoenix/Firestorm kept SL alive for me.
  10. Firestorm has free classes that explain how to load the AO, and the instructors are patient and will answer questions and help.
  11. I've never seen an AO that has talking in every stand (or sits?) but there are some with decent single talking animations. You might have to string together your own with all the good talking anims.
  12. "What is on a website is the sole business of the owner(s), and nobody ele's business at all - not yours and not mine." The content sold on that site is made by the people who post their wares there. They have an interest in the site. The site would have no reason to exist without user content.
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