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  1. Why do things keep blurring?

    Nalates! Thank you so much for this, sorry I missed it at the time. I will definitely check out your blog
  2. Northern camisks for maitreya bod

    Thanks for your reply. I was able to find some really excellent outfits at moon elixir. Meva had some good things too, and senzafine. Not always exactly kirtle, but workable
  3. Where did she go?? My 25L Tuesday Huntress

    nvm, I found her. yay chat logs! duh
  4. I thought we'd friended each other, but I can't find you anywheres! Hope you see this <3 Lexi
  5. Northern camisks for maitreya bod

    Hello! I'm looking for high quality camisks for the northern Gorean bond. Needs to be either omega applier and/or maitreya fitmesh. I've found some that are LOVELY... but unfortunately don't fit.
  6. I'm Bored Now on SL because "I Can't Spend My Own 'US' Money!

    Yes! Go give newbs the toys you don't want! Giving random small amounts to newbs is a GREAT feeling. Making a big difference to them with a small investment from you is really sweet. It sucks that you're feeling this way and haven't figured out how to spend USD in marketplace instead of Lindens as someone has suggested. For some, being patient isn't an option. The need for speed takes over rational thought. That said, nothing's stopping you from going to play in Amazon and then coming back here when your limit has increased, right?
  7. Looking for a potential partner

    Well, no. He's having trouble finding someone because he's shy. If you read the thread, you'll see he's active in escort groups. I was just saying it's not a bad thing to want a girlfriend experience rather than searching endlessly for that one perfect match, especially if you have the disadvantage of being shy. Saying that "often shy guys prefer x" doesn't mean "all shy guys should x".
  8. Looking for a Mentor/Friend

    Feel free to look me up too I may not always be a redhead, but I do like to hang out and have fun
  9. Recruiter/Manager

    For the curious: it's 200L per hour 2hrs per day 5 days a week and the job is finding people who will click ads. Spammy type work.
  10. Looking for a potential partner

    Sounds like he's looking for a "girlfriend experience". Shy guys often prefer escorts and that's cool beans. Maybe encourage him to go that route. If he's not able to talk to women directly, looking for a professional might help ease the burden.
  11. Gowns for Maitreya body. Where to find?

    Blueberry has this one that I adore: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blueberry-Breeanya-Dress-Maitreya-Belleza-All-Slink-Physique-Hourglass-Mesh-Yxtra5/11409930 It's full fitted mesh.
  12. Why do things keep blurring?

    oh wow... how easy is it to change one's graphics card? edit: I looked up the top graphics card in that infograpic there. seems it's for notebooks. what should I get for a desktop PC? edit 2: eep! expensivo. would be willing to spend around $150. here are the rest of my computer's specs: https://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c01896260 If anyone can help, I'd be super grateful.
  13. Why do things keep blurring?

    @Whirly Fizzle If I'm interpreting the directx diagnostics correctly... I have ATI Radeon HD 4650 vid card with total memory of 4081 MB could that be my problem? boourns. SL used to work well on this machine. 4 years ago.
  14. Why do things keep blurring?

    I'm having this problem now I'm using Firestorm-Releasex64 on Windows 7. The Fix that was working for you guys doesn't give me that option. My Viewer Texture Memory Buffer only goes up to 768. Any ideas on how I can increase that number?