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  1. Fishing, no fish caught. Then afternoon nap. Wearing: Maitreya Lara body, mesh clothes, flexi hair, system head.
  2. Snapshot in photo studio. All mesh, except for the head and hair.
  3. Last night (2 June 2017), preparing coffee at midnight near one beach.
  4. My avatar escaped to real life! Help...!
  5. Thank you Marianne for the information. About flexi prims: When looking at my old flexi hairs I have noticed that many of them have very high ARC. However there are some hairs where the ARC is very reasonable. The ARC seems to depend on how much the prims have been tortured. Curly hairs are the worst, straight hairs have a lot lower ARC. I love the hair what I have in my profile picture, straight one. Most of the hair prims go to back of the head and thus the disturbing "cuts through the body issue" is almost non existent. And I love its movement when dancing, it looks quite natural. Pretty
  6. Looking for Gowns for Maitreya mesh body. I've been searching inworld and Marketplace but haven't found quite what I'm looking for. Maybe you beautiful ladies have some ideas? Requirements: • Either fitted mesh gown for Maitreya with additional flexi parts (mesh gowns without any flexies look a bit odd when moving) • Or plain flexi gown with Maitreya or Omega appliers • Well done without huge render cost • Preferably modifiable/copy • Must have demos Thank you for your assistance.
  7. First post in SL forum. Starting with my avatar selfie. Greetings to all nice people. Avatar's rez day is 12 November 2010, the looks recently upgraded with mesh. The head is still system head.
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