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  1. And while I'm all 8 bit music mode, this song from a retro game that came out last year. Obv in this case it's a 64 bit computer making 8 bit notes.
  2. 'That song' from DuckTales that's featured in a few vines / webms over the years, mostly because the intro is so good.
  3. I started using Black Dragon because of the photography stuff, but I also immediately took to the controls - used to do WoW, CounterStrike, and the like. Tried using the default viewer last week and it was hopeless - once you get used to one control system re-learning another is such a pain!
  4. This might seem a bit like a solid MIDI, which I guess in a way it is because the composer did the whole thing in Reason, but I found A Night in the Woods to be a really touching game. That's probably why I love its soundtrack - hard to choose one song tbh.
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