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  1. Second Life has some real donation groups that will use lindens for things like helping real life cancer groups. Or other in need so what ever your heart is set on just remember it is real money.
  2. Sorry to say but I had that build system but when some viewers have mesh import the need for the tool is no longer a needed tool. So the maker no longer has the server running any more.
  3. I like to know how many like to see some thing on 3D Printers and how they can be used with Second Life? It may be not every user may know what a 3D Printer is but I do think many content makers may understand what they are. And in what ways they may be used. After all not every content maker may have a 3D printer in real life and a number of people that are in help desk may not have seen one. Or understand why content makers may wish to use a 3D Printer in real life.
  4. If you are the land owner you may wish to turn off scrips befor returning the prims they have rezz on the land first. This can help in some cases.
  5. You may have gotten a freebie item that has a script animation in it that can be trigger by simple text or hidden commands. It is simple never take candy from some one you do not know.
  6. A number of things can make this happen in SL. 1 another program can be running in the background using the same memory point on your computer. 2 A firewall can make it choppy at time. 3 A region can make packet loss that will lag sound data so it seem slower then the animations. This is just some of the problems that can happen.
  7. To make this simple yes it can happen but a number of other problems must happen at the same time. But if you do not find your inventory file a ticket for the lost items.
  8. Simple steps can be taken with the second life viewer is to use viewer advanced and click on the basic default female shape. This may help.
  9. :catembarrassed: If you worry about profile rating and content you can file a Jira asking for new content.. This way you can ask that a setting be added to profiles to fall with in the TOS rules about profiles and profile content. If a profile filter is added it will help people with G rated settings not have to see porn or adult content in other peoples profiles. And its settings that are still in and active in the user profile system.
  10. And its not crashing just new users.. It will crash older users on the new Windows OS systems. It is a nice bug and I think its more then just a number of small ones. Have fun all.
  11. First please send in a jira about this memory leak so bug hunters can work on this. Plus having a large inventory about that size is not the true problem it only takes up about 800kb of data space. But assets calls over a internet with packet lost and poor ping can play a part.
  12. Kelly i see this as a Jira not a forum topic? why is Oz Linden trying to pull this off of the Jira system ? And a forum and Jira can be locked.....
  13. It seems that this is a Jira and not so much a forum item. I read and test Jira reports more then to bother with forums. Oz Linden asking for Jira's to be posted on Forums ? I read Jira first..
  14. Great looking work and the texture are starting to look real!
  15. Your not looking at this in a way thats not true. What you need to ask your self what if a viewer maker has a viewer that takes all your information and moves it off sl so other people can see it. such as your user name and password. Or lets say you attach a items in a place that may not be in a place that was ment to be. And your item becomes lost after you just paid for it. So then you blame Second life for the error or the viewer maker? The blame will be on the user.
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