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  1. are you able to move from one linden home to another that would be bigger then the one you already have? I am a premium member and would like to have a bigger linden home where the rooms are seperated with walls and doors my loft is nice but would like my bedroom to be a seperate room from the rest of the rooms in the house so its more private. if it is possible please let me know how to do it?
  2. does the premium account auto pay from my card i am asking cause i need to make sure before i use it to by my lindens
  3. i was just wondering if i can move to a bigger home on my premium account?
  4. my bed wont rezz in my linden home and i know i have the prim it is telling me the owner wont allow it and it was rezzed there before and i htought i was considered teh owner of the land
  5. I have a sula and a clover both the hard to get ones can get them both for one price 15000L
  6. can anyone tell me how to contact linden labs
  7. I would like to know if you can take someone out of owner that did not creat the group and should not be and owner? I made someone and owner but dont know how cause i am its original owner.
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