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  1. I'm not asking for help solving "my crashing issues." The issues are well known, they are thoroughly documented elsewhere. What I haven't been able to find anywhere, though, is information about why certain things are done the way they are. Why is so much information loaded into memory. What purpose does it serve. Why is it not able to be offloaded onto the hard drive cache when it's not being used (which is 99% percent of the time). Tu savais?
  2. There is an ongoing set of issues about the memory leaks in jira, yes. Most of them have been there, been serious, and been unresolved for a year or more. But I am trying to find out about something that doesn't necessarily qualify as a bug, which is to find out why exactly my inventory consumes over half a gigabyte of memory within a minute of logging into the world. The presense or absence of a loaded inventory is the number one factor in whether the memory leaks take 20 minutes or several hours to get me an out-of-memory crash. @ Madeleine, Dora - yes the cache holds your inventory files. Once you have downloaded them they'll be rapidly available - it's one of the purposes of the cache. In my case after a cache clear, the inventory will take about 15 minutes to reload.
  3. Yep, currently I'm still using a 32-bit OS, so I'm out of luck. Apparently the inventory load does average about 7-8 kilobytes per item, which just boggles the mind. So what happens is, the memory leaks will balloon things out over the course of a few hours, but there's only so much room to play with. Without the inventory load, I've got something like 900 megabytes to spare, but once it loads there's only 250 megabytes left, and the memory leaks just chew through that way too fast.
  4. Interesting. I haven't actually tested it out with a low-inventory account. In that case what would be nice to find out is what exactly *is* SL loading into memory during those initial minutes that clog things up so badly. It has something to do with inventory loading, because what I find is that I will consistently crash every 20-30 minutes if it is loaded, but if for some reason my inventory fails to load again after a cache clear, it will run fine for hours. I kind of need that memory space back and it is clearly nonessential to actually running the program, so it would be nice to find out how to get it. It'd be nice to have a better understanding of what is going on *before* I embark on an epic inventory reduction project. I'm not sure I have it in me just to continue using SL once or twice a week. The cache size makes for another question: if the inventory is this large (larger than 512mb) would things improve if I increased rather than decreased the cache size? Or would it not matter. Mine is also currently at 512mb.
  5. I've been experiencing out-of-memory related crashes with viewers ever since the advent of the mesh versions. Eventually I got around to discovering something odd - by far the largest chunk of my computer's memory is being used up by the Inventory when I first load up a viewer. If I clear cache first, it typically uses about 350,000 K of memory. But if my whole inventory has loaded, it will start off with 950,000 K. Now, having been around for 8 years, my inventory has grown to be a huge mess, I "only" have 77,000 items in it. But what I can't understand is why SL feels the need to keep over half a Gigabyte of something-or-other in active memory, just so I can do an inventory search now and then! Who's got an explanation for what's going on here?
  6. Ah, thank you, yes. I quite naturally and sensibly disabled the SL viewer from accepting javascript and cookies, and redirect to my usual browser anyways. So naturally I never picked up on the fact that Search and now Web Profiles are ignoring my suggestions. And it looks like you answered the question on why they force-downloaded this program on me, apparently they snuck this in as an "option" in preferences and left it on automatic by default. There's a lot of bad and untrustworthy behavior floating around here. I might have to reevaluate my "no-second chances" stance on the third party viewers. In the meantime LL, could you at least give me another ninja-Preference button so I can view and use the old profiles? See, I kinda liked being able to look someone up, offer inventory, see their whole list of Picks, select a Pick and teleport to their store, etc. You have disabled a tremendous amount of functionality by going with these insecure web-based setups.
  7. Can you address a number of things? 1. Why is this out of beta? Moreover, why, as a 2.4 user, was this just FORCE installed on my system? 2. The web profiles are not functional. They don't contain Picks, they don't let me edit anything, and since there are no Picks, I can no longer use this as a workaround for the broken Search function. 3. Why is the authorization token on search still permanently broken? Meh, I guess it's back to the third party viewers if I want to actuall do anything in SL.
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