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  1. Thanks a lot Dargo! But don't think its all that simple When I go to my SL premium land and do what you suggest that abandon land button is GREYED OUT! So its not my land to abandon still I must do it to downgrade my account. This appears to be a moment 22 to me...
  2. IndraAllian

    releasing land

    I'm trying to downgrade my membership but I cant find the page where I release my land. The help say: Choose World > About Land and click the General tab. Click Abandon Land. Sounds simple yes? Well not so simple cause its impossible (at least for me ) to find that WORLD! Where is it? Help Please!
  3. My friend and I had a debate about the possability to unsubscribe a Premium membership. Is it possible, and what are the terms of doing so?
  4. If I make a search for persons I can see that there are maturity ratings on every profile/account. If I would like to change my rating how do I do that?
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