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  1. Absolutely stunning! The wallpaper and decor are perfect for fall and your beautiful Victorian home. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  2. The current machines are not gachas, you see what is up to purchase next and the following ones....fully allowed by LL.
  3. #SecondlifeChallenge #DanceChallenge
  4. Really enjoying seeing everyone's photos. Have not yet taken any of my Traditional but I love it.
  5. I turn it on when needed but like the idea of being able to "see" that there are people around. If I want to change I can always do that and then put it back off when I am done. I have a visitor tracker, not a security orb. Just me, but enjoying people around and chatting in the group. More community like than the older homes.
  6. My biggest concern has always been privacy, even though there is the setting are people seriously just that bored that they feel they need to "cam" to see what I may be doing in my home? I would hope that we can all live together in this new community without all the judgment on what this one or that might be doing on their parcel behind closed doors. That being said, I would file the AR if needed for a rule violation but only as a last resort. Turning off "allow others to see" is always my first option.
  7. trying to see if this graphics card is best for SL. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
  8. I have somehow dislodged the combined local chat window from my friends and groups and forgotten how to put them back together. Any help that can be sent would be appreciated. I am on FS
  9. Anyone know if you can have your region's maturity rating changed after purchase?
  10. You have received a message from Second Life: Can't move object 'Bertie' to { 86.1845, 158.982, 20.587 } in region Baylee Estates 2 because your objects are not allowed on this parcel. Notifications from this region are temporarily deactivated.  Can anyone explain this, got no where with Live Chat, 6 tries, and I keep getting the messages, The objects are Ozimal bunnies, I own the sim they are on so what did LL do to my sim? Ideas? Anyone??
  11. Anyone have issue of a main sim and homestead, right next to each other, same owner, being on 2 different servers?
  12. Welcome Rod, I hope you bring some great things into our virtual world of SL.
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