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  1. THIS LAND has been sold as no interest in renting occurred after all these months. ss
  2. Fall of Man would like to present THREE ADULT LAND options for your needs: 1) Two Corner Parcels for rent ● 3808m², 1250 prims, L$1750/wk 2) Thirteen Parcels for rent ● 1232m2, 500 prims, L$700/wk 3) Rent a store and be allowed rezzbox/ skybox / personal space between 2000-3000m at the additional cost rate per prim for additional combined prims you will need. Mention this ADVERT and get 1 week FREE with your 3 Week rental! ================================================================================== Features: This is Adult land ● No premium account needed BUT MUST
  3. Please take a moment to review the Covenant, as this will be the latest Terms of Service (TOS). 1> I want to rent a parcel, what do I do? First you would want to join the group Fall Of Man . Second find a parcel and simply pay the rental box nearest the water's edge for how long you wish to rent for. Third send a NoteCard (NC) to Syren or Nerogoth Nightfire. When we have a moment we will add the ParcelRenter tag to your account. Only then will you be able to rezz. If there is Alts or others that needs the tag as well, please tell us their SL name so we can add
  4. Well to toss in some stuff as a content creaor. TMP is the only fitted mesh body to hit all the 'customer demand' marks I seen. Where you can be a lean 'non-muscular' sort to adding some bulk to look muscular with nice SMOOTHNESS not found on the main competitor I would believe. That said, the problems are as follows ; 1) TMP has to 'approve' each content creator individually, takes alot of time 2) TMP is NOT compatible with any other applier system, most notablly Omega which would 'open the flood gates' (see a nice tat a woman wore but you as a guy would, has Omega appliers, too bad
  5. LAUGHS! Yes this is SO out of date, not only for fitted Mesh breast (which no longer matter) but now the 'standard' has shifted to the Mesh Fitted bodies. So now you don't need seperate ass, **bleep**, etc. you get a nice body that you can increase SOME measurements on, but yes no Fetish specific. The big issue is getting a Mesh body with a LARGE variety of Alpha HUD based ways to turn off parts of the mesh body to wear with mesh clothing better, OR if you do want Fetishy breasts (thinking about the multi titted 'cow like' set of **bleep** for example) you can wear them without it being confli
  6. DSD makes Tango appliers. Maehem is a skin modder and always has tango applier for any of the mod kits (find them in the Madcatcreations store on Sensual Tails, at Yiff, Furry Fashion and few other spots). That is all I know of ANY Furry related making skin match up, because normally the skins weren't 'intricate' so if you just colored to the same coloring (white belly, black skin, etc.) that was enough on the Furs to get away with it. Only if you know someone that might make it by hand or happen to have the UUID for some reason would be able to get you around it. Personally for myself and my
  7. Actually there is more then those two and many options, choices, pay ranges, as well as features that can help influence your decision, the least of which is just how you like how they look. http://www.bigboobiebabes.com/p/what-boobs-do-i-get.html A quick bit to help people about these 'implants' there is a MAJOR difference between what many knew about the breasts and what has come out these past 24 months since Mesh has taken hold. I was hired on to manage a maker of Furry clothing apparell, but we were a bit chaffed by all the Furs having this large breast, and that large breast, as a ma
  8. LAWL.. Of Course YOU would buy it ! LOL. Still amazed that it was up and for that price.
  9. 1171 Prims, 5120m2 (80mx64m Plot!) ONLY $10000L !!!!! (that is 2.0L per m2!!!) Mainland: Once you buy the land it is YOURS - No per week rent! Mainland: As a Premium User (in order to buy land) you get total Linden Staff support on your land Mainland: No worries of your Landlord kicking you off - EVEN IF YOU PAID! Mainland: No worries if your Landlord DOESN'T pay LL for the SIM (they don't pay LL that month, YOUR rented land and EVERYTHING ON IT can be lost permanently) ONLY $10000L !!!!! (that is 2.0L per m2!!!) OMG! Don't Let this pass UP!
  10. FYI: Covered in the MESH debate threads, what you import in is what the baseline of the MESH is, not the outcome. So if you import a chair and appears like a MICROobject, so you resize it, the prims required expand expotentially. It is estimated that a MESH object can be anywhewre from 2x to as much as 1000x as many prims as a regular object. Case in point, the Renamon MESH build Avatar is 2250Prims!!! But is ONE object to wear.
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