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  1. Amethyst, I found the information from here http://gridsurvey.com/ where SorrowDragon has pointed out the information could be found. If you haven't checked that website out for your sim's information I'd highly suggest it.
  2. Sorrry I did not read the replies. It was a simple mixup of numbers, nothing more.
  3. Full Region with 15k Prims For Sale Region name is: Furry Yeah you heard me right! The perfect name for a Furry community sim, store, or club. You name it! The name brings steady traffic in searches PLUS typing Furry in the bar at the top of the viewer takes you directly to us (we got a lot of traffic that way). Furry is one of the original SL private sims and first came into existence ~2006. Furry is also a Class 7 Sim! (Most are class 5 or 6) Your choice whether you want it to come with a very unique custom built pre-existing club. [Furry] An Industrial Noir Club (Comes with base build of the club, all extras/decorations/club equipment must be yours) Asking 300 US Transfer Fee Paid by Seller Contact: Obsidian Crystal with questions In World
  4. We have opened half our sim for rent at Furry. We currently have two waterfront corner 1/4s for only 4599L per week (limited time price.. but once you rent you keep it). Site is beautifully custom landscaped for easy quick move-in or you may terraform. Ban lines are OK, adult OK, stores are OK. Come check us out: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furry/234/23/22 AND http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furry/219/225/22
  5. JUST OPEN! [Furry] Mall - Has spots available for stores as well as spots for avatar vendors (av vendors right next to landing point). Don't miss out on this opportunity, the region name is Furry! Yeah that's right. The region has had steady visitors based on the name alone from day one! From veteran furries and nekos, to newcomers looking to get outfitted in their very first furry avatar, we get them all! We appear first when searching for Furry and hope to become a repository for quality Furry and Neko goods. Shop parcels vary from 1024sqm to 4096sqm. Can be cut smaller or combined for a larger store. Region is home to my [Stinky Kitty] Mainstore, a popular mesh clothing store catering to Furries, Nekos, & Humans that brings even more exposure. Come check it out and if you have any questions about the shop parcels drop Obsidian Crystal a notecard. Visit Furry Now!
  6. I also have this Blurry Rigged Mesh problem. The texture loads blurry and will only clear up if I put the texture on a regular prim or open it in my inventory. Is the only way to solve this by re-uploading it with the textures? I'm a little confused. Hopefully someone else has had this problem since this was first posted so we can figure out why its doing it? :-/
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