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  1. Thanks! I always forget how to manage the land since I don't do it often. Your posting Phil reminded me of steps I was missing... Stela!
  2. Hi, Once again I have an issue with Deeding Land to my Group. It's been many years since I've purchased more land, so maybe something has changed. 1. To start - I have the max land for the $75 Tier plus the 10% because it's deeded to a group. 2. 1024 sqm became available next to me, so I abandoned 1024 sqm of land I was not using. 3. I purchased the 1024 sqm and assigned it to my group  4. When I click on Owner Makes Contribution with Deed, the following error appears: [13:41] Second Life: Deeding parcel failed because the group does not have enough land credits. 5. So I look at the
  3. How do I logout with 500 prims available one day and login the next day with zero prims available. We are talking about mainland that is 17,984 and 3500 of the prims are mine, this is a nightmare! I can only wish that I had screenshots of the prim counts from the day before... Something is fishy here as I checked a prim counter and it matches the about land.
  4. Hi, I've just sold part of my mainland land (6000sqm). Normally, when I sell land the money for the land is divided by all the owners in the land group and distributed to our accounts. However, this time, each of us did not see a credit to our accounts. So I started to look around and when I went into the Land & $L tab on the group, I see 6000 credits there. I'm sure I must have set something wrong in the sale... so how do I get these lindens split to the owners in the group? Thank you Stela
  5. The nevermind was to my post, not yours.. I figured out what I was doing wrong.... As far as your detailed post, I did reply and thanked you for the information... however, upon looking at this thread, I do not see the reply. Which doesn't surprise me, since this thread started out the same way. I posted, it never appeared and I had to post again. Anyway, Thank you Phil for the information you provided on this thread.
  6. Nevermind, you must click on Contribute land with deed in order to make this work. resolved.
  7. WOW! I really thought I had a handle on this.... and today I'm screwed up again. Ok, so 816 sqm became available next to my land so I purchased it and tried to deed it to the land group. It said I didn't have enough land credits to deed it. So I looked at the land tab on the Group and found this: Total Contributions: 17669 Total Land In Use: 17600 Land Available: 69 Your Contribution 7812 (7888 max) Then I looked at My Land and I see: Allowed land holdings at current payment plan: 8704 Current Land holdings
  8. Hi, Thank you for the explanation... I'm not as lost as I was... but still confused. Ok, this is what I did.... Group>Land Tab - changed my contribution and subtracted 1000 sqm. and clicked apply Now the numbers are: Total Contribution - 17551sqm Total Land in Use - 17088sqm Land Available - 473 sqm Your Contribution - 8704sqm (9704 max) <----why is this still 8704 if I subtracted 1000???? My Land Allowed Land - 8704 sqm Current holdings - 7704sqm Available for land purchase - 1000 sqm Ok so my available for purchase and current holdings dropped by 1000sqm But
  9. Hi, I've read both your replies several times and I'm lost... thank you for your replies BTW... Here are the details of the land and group: Group Info - Land Tab Contribution - 18,651 sqm Land in Use - 17,088 sqm Land Available - 1563 sqm My contribution to the group 8704 sqm There are 2 contributors to the group, Tbone - 8251 sqm listed in group Stela - 8704 sqm listed in group Total listed in group - 16,955 This number does not match any of the above numbers. Looks like there is land available in the group, but what happened to the land I sold? Thank you Stela
  10. Hi, I posted this earlier, and I'm not sure what happened cause I can't find it so I'm posting this again. My husband and I own 16,064 sqm of land on the mainland. We each own about half of it. Recently, I sold about 1000 sqm of land in order to purchase other land and not have my tier go up. I had 8704 sqm of land prior to the sale, and today, I still have 8704 sqm of land after the sale. I've been waiting for the amount to come back to my allowance for a while now. The remaining land is in a group, so it's hard to know exactly what land is mine and his anymore as it's been almost 3 ye
  11. Hi, My husband and I both own about half the land in a 1/8 Region on mainland. The land is in a group with the total being: 16,064 sqm. I sold off a small section(about 1000sqm) of the land that I owned on my own originally before I had added it to the group. Before the sale of this section of land, I had 8704 sqm of land. After the sale of this section of land, I have 8704 sqm of land. How is this possible? I thought that I would get the 1000sqm back and be able to purchase a different section of land. I waited several weeks hoping that if this was a system update thing it would corre
  12. Hi, Restarting the region did not resolve the issue....however, the issue is resolved. What happened is that my husband had rezzed a MESH object on the land earlier that I didn't know about. I saw it in my search today, but it was just a big blob that was 1 prim, so I ignored it. He just came online and was showing it to me.. but I noticed as he made it bigger and smaller the available prim count on the land changed dynamically. When he took it away, my 250 prims came back.... He will investigate why it's taking so many prims.... but at least I know where the prims are now. Thank
  13. I'm going to request a restart now... Here is the version info... You are at 286598.2, 265804.7, 4091.2 in Zugspitze located at sim9230.agni.lindenlab.com ( Life RC LeTigre Thank you Stela
  14. Hi I have an odd situation with my mainland land at the moment. Last night I removed most of my prims from a section of the land and re-terre-formed. Then I put back 80% of the prims and had a free count of about 250. Today I login and I find I have 1 free prim. So I start searching for the next several hours for the possibility that I dropped hair or something that could possibly be 200+ prims. I have a gadget that helps me find objects on the land and still cannot find anything. Then I start to notice... sometimes About Land at the top of the window tells me I have 2901 prims on the
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