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  1. Hi. This is still happening. I have the latest Chrome browser on Windows 10 PC (also fully updated). Chrome always worked fine for all SL pages. Now it seems that in order to load the marketplace, I must clear my cookies for that site every time. However, if I use Firefox (the other browser I tried when this started), it works fine. I have noticed one thing: If I click on a marketplace link to a store or item that someone posted, it opens the site with no issues. But if I manually type in the marketplace address, I cannot load the page. Does this information help in some way? Has any other research been done on this issue? Thanks.
  2. How strange. This issue continues, even after following the steps provided to clear cookies for marketplace websites. But, my issue is in Chrome (my default browser). It just refuses to load the pages. I have to load up Firefox to get to marketplace. And you seem to have the issue with Firefox. How weird. I wonder if this is not our cookies causing this?
  3. I've been having this issue with Chrome for some time now, and I decided to put some work into finding the answer. I could load the market fine in Firefox, but Chrome kept presenting the same white screen error : Too Many Redirects. It was being caused by Ad Block. To fix it, follow these steps for a SPECIFIC SITE: Go to the market and when the white screen error appears (with too many redirects) Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner (where all of your Chrome settings are), click Settings Click Privacy and security on the left, and go to Site Settings on the right and click it In the very first section, find "View permissions and data stored across sites" and click that. At the very top of that next page there is a search box. In there, type market. This will bring up results showing secondlife.com (click this one). Any site on this domain will be listed below now and you can click on the marketplace.secondlife.com link to expand it. Look for Pop-ups and redirects (about 8 down from the top of the list) and change that setting to Allow. Now go back to your market page with the error and refresh the page. You should now be able to load the market. Please note the steps above are for a specific site - not all sites. There is a setting that allows Pop-ups and redirects for ALL sites, but I do not recommend you do that since AdBlock will then become mostly pointless. This same process can be done for ANY page that is doing this to you suddenly. I was able to pinpoint it to happening when I did a Chrome update. That setting had been switched after I refreshed the browser. I hope this helps.
  4. You are required to wait 7 days between changes. I'm assuming the reason is that it takes time for name changes to propagate throughout the SL servers fully, so they decided 7 days would be a good threshold. Also, it could be to thwart any possible griefing from such abilities. Lord knows what other reasons. You simply must wait until the date and time shown. I hope this helps
  5. wow this worked so fast... i got hit by a sim restart while sleeping... and yup, cudn't get on... flushing dns worked!
  6. Unfortunately this video is not currently available in your country or region. We apologize for the inconvenience. Read more: http://www.oprah.com/own-doc-club/Life-20-Trailer#ixzz1Vu0X85Jn Great, just great. FYI: I'm in Canada. What gives?
  7. I realize this was answered, but I'm curious... I'm using: Second Life 2.7.2 (233432) Jun 21 2011 14:15:06 (Second Life Release), and /me works perfectly fine. In fact, it has not stopped working in any of the releases so far. Perhaps you have yourself muted. This is an ongoing issue, with all sorts of bizarre fallout. Anyway, good luck in getting this fixed. Best Wishes.
  8. Nah, it was some silly thing I had on that caused the flight feather to bork out LOL... thanks though! *SMILES*
  9. Thank you! It was another interfering attachment Some days, I feel like a newbie
  10. My current flight feather is not working correctly anymore.  It let's me fly above the standard limit, but it is very unreponsive.  I keep flying long after I stop pressing the page up key.  Also, when I press the HOME key to fall to the ground, my AV flips upside down and I just hang in the air.  Clicking 'Stop Flying' does the same.  I don't fall anymore. I'm using 2.4 release, non beta. Any ideas?  Suggestions for a working flight feather?  Has there been changes to how these work?
  11. Sorry, by the time I replied, others have answered this. Glad it's fixed. Best wishes.
  12. It's possible you may have accidentally muted (blocked) yourself. Strange, I know, but it does happen. If you did this, you won't see your own chat in local. Bring up the blocked list and see if your name appears there. As for the clickable links on huds, sorry, you got me there. No clue.
  13. I agree with Ophelia. This person is a sicko. Furry or not, a child AV being engaged with an adult for sexual RP is against LL TOS. In fact, I would AR both the adult and the other 'girl' that he got. It's terrible. Just terrible.
  14. Ok, I'm no less confused. In fact, I'm probably more confused. All sorts of fighting, people calling others 'misinformed', and yet, it's all gobbledygook - you may as well speak in Klingon! Can't someone just give some plain and simple instructions to improve the performance without arguing? How is someone like me ever going to understand all the geek speak here? I log on, I have preferences and settings I can play with. I want to know what settings will make SL work a little better. That's all. Anyone care to tackle this with a little bit of civility?
  15. You know, I totally agree at this point! LOL /me waits for my two minute penalty to pass.... /me flicks tail, licks paw, grooms self, sneezes...
  16. Well, since moving to Firefox, the errors have gone away completely, and everything works great! I've disabled IE as much as I dare to, and made Firefox my default browser. I'm moving on. LOL Ty for your reply tho PS: I think maybe I was just being impatient. I marked your reply as 'Correct'. TY
  17. That's good enough for me! Your suggestion works, errors are gone with Firefox. Thank you! PS. I'm sticking with this for now. It's simply a matter of what works and what doesn't.
  18. Um ya But... on the plus side... Firefox let me install some cool scripts to control the spam.. and with no errors like in IE, I'm seriously considering staying with this little gem. I'll mark this as answered, if you'll post a reply that says: Try Firefox!
  19. No, it's not fixed. Is there a time limit to asking for help? BTW, I did move to Firefox, temporarily, but the errors persist in IE7.
  20. Waves at Torley, hoping he'll notice, because after almost three years, and visiting "Here", she still has not ever had a chance to say hello! SOOOOOO.... Hello Torley!!!
  21. So, Houston, is that what Lance was getting at? (And thanks, I appreciate your info!)
  22. Lance, I'm not sure I understand what you are saying here. Please educate me (and others), because now I'm totally confused.
  23. I voted and commented on this, but I do have a question. I noticed your frames per second didn't change with the slider pushed to the limit. I DID see the world rez a lot faster, and I DID see your bandwidth climb measureably. But I always notice with lag, my FPS drops drastically, hovering below 10, and when I'm not lagging much, my FPS is around mid 20's. If changing the bandwidth isn't affecting the FPS, how is this helping with lag? Perhaps I need a smack for missing something. My apologies. But I am curious.
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