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  1. Never said the permafrost melting was new. I said the recent studies related to permafrost and co2 emissions being 4 times higher than previously thought was. Not even the Sun article says that permafrost melting is new. So no idea where you got that from my post. Or is it a case of you just seeing a newspaper linking to university studies and just came to the conclusion oh a newspaper... it must say x,y,z ? I disagree that the carbon footprint in the atmosphere is all man made. So according to you, such things as permafrost melting which has resulted in enormous CO2 emissions is
  2. I for one believe climate change is a real thing. I also believe that our mismanagement of the earth has potentially increased its timeframe. That said, reading that article you posted doesn't show anything about population being the cause. It is all about how lifestyles have caused it. It takes no consideration into it that we can do everything possible now to reduce our footprint yet, if population continues to grow at its current pace, it will continue to happen no matter what we do. The article talks of deforestation being a contributor. What is the action taken on this? Simply stern
  3. True, however it is not practical. South Australia is the first major jurisdiction in the world (population 1.7million) to be able to generate enough power from renewables to supply the entire state for 1 day of the year in October 2020 and 1 day in December 2020. Those days were perfect days with wind and sun. South Australia has one of the highest solar panel uptakes in the world with over 1 third of its houses' covered in solar panels, 2 massive 10 hectare solar farms and 17 windfarms over 50 hectares each and 1 small hydro dam. South Australia also has the largest lithium ion battery farm
  4. And just when will that growth end as they have been forecasting reduction for many years since well before the end of the 20th century? In 1997 it was estimated that by 2050 Australia would have a population of 25million. Great maths and planning that was...only missed that mark by 32 years and met that number in 2018. It is now estimated that Australia would have by 2050 38million people. Now lets not forget that Australia's optimal population for sustainability is only 15million. From the discovery of germs in the mid 19th century our population went from about 1.6 billion (took 10,000
  5. This. It literally could have been a simple tick box on the object that the creator of the item ticks before selling, telling the system that that object can attach to the body where a house cant because the tick box isn't selected. Or better yet a simple category system where a drop down menu shows and the creator selects hair. When that is selected and sold the system would then know that object is only hair and place the hair on the head.
  6. That is all well and good but I already mentioned in my post that in an ideal world clothing should be separate from the inventory and in the outfit section similar to what you posted. As others have already stated though, Second Life just cant do this and to update it would require far to much work to make it happen, with literally new mechanics needing to be made. If this was to happen with LL track record you would be waiting 4 years for such a thing. Also IMVU's inventory is entirely different to Second Life. Notice that pic you posted is all about avatars, clothing, accessories etc.
  7. That article refers to what he can and cant do at large and what he could do would be based on context. In regards to the President calling a national emergency on the 13 March 2020 he instigated it under the clauses of public health safety which he had to specify those emergency powers as congress does its checks and balances to ensure that he does not have more power than needed. His statement declaring the national emergency reinforces the below mentioned. READ: Text of Trump's national emergency declaration over coronavirus This did not include the laws in place to restrict travel fro
  8. Whilst I am all for a more streamlined viewer (unlike what Solar seems to always imply, this doesn't mean removal of features but readjusting them to a more user friendly method) the inventory is one aspect that would be very difficult to make user friendly. Even in 99% of games the inventory system is a mess and SL has more inventory than any of them. There are a few ways that could fix this by say having all your clothing moved out of the inventory and into an 'outfit' ui element and make the creator tick the appropriate category so that it goes into the right outfit area, for example s
  9. Where did I even talk about Trump in my posts? I was talking about the US Government which is not Trump contrary to popular belief. I have already posted all of the dates showing the border closures that happened in the USA of which date from late January to early March. Within acceptable time periods of the start of the virus and following the same time periods of other countries. You say that the world was well aware of COVID months before the closures happened. I would like to see your evidence for that. The first the world knew about the virus was on 3rd January when china announ
  10. This is once again the fault of Linden Lab in not updating their recommended specs on the website. Current recommended specs show hardware that has had support officially stopped on it, companies that haven't existing in over a decade and was manufactured in 2008. So they come in and say I have a pc with the lowest ancient gcard and expect good results because that is what LL tell them. Additionally, as far as second life is concerned I believe it would be better for Linden Lab to forgo the minimum and recommended specs and break it down to a graphics standard based on the graphics slider
  11. LOL ok whatever... What a ridiculous and non factual statement. To even go as far as suggesting the border closure dates I posted was "irrelevant information" because it showed that closures happened and happened early - against what you were arguing. Early March is only two and a half months since covid was known about and borders started to close. Also, if the US government dragged its feet (before any of those border closures I mentioned took place) for 4 months (wasn't this long I even provided the dates) then so did every country in the world, including those that had very few cases
  12. Actually, Sims 5 is rumoured to be announced at this years E3 subject of course to Pandemic disruptions. EA's higher ups have already been talking about Sims 5 stating it is in development and have even mentioned it will be multiplayer and have a creator marketplace that allows people to earn real cash. How far that multiplayer goes is still unknown and of course whether EA will deliver. The Sims 5: EA confirms the game will feature multiplayer (realsport101.com) If it is open world and less cartoony like some are hoping it will be a serious contender as a virtual social world should they
  13. Where does the writer imply that in that blog post? All it says is that second life was an early version of a metaverse (which it was) and also states that from that in 2003 digital currency that was developed by Linden Lab in second life was the precursor cryptocurrency (which is true). She then continues on from that point by linking it to Decentraland. She isn't at all implying in that blog that Decentraland is the successor to Second Life per-se, but the successor as far as an evolving of a virtual world and digital currency to a virtual world and cryptocurrency with NFT.
  14. Can you please explain to us what misinformation you think there is outside of SL that is giving SL a negative light. As far as I am aware all information out there is factual. It is laggy and has low frames despite modern powerful PC's It has long load times on textures and objects It can only support at most 40 people on a sim until Lag hits, It is hard to learn it has a high initial cost It is full of adult content It has griefers It doesn't have an objective or anything as a hook It's viewer is complicated It is old (like Sid ment
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