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  1. Its not even about them growing up with SMS and Instagram. Whilst yes like I said emojis etc, there are far more features discord offers over second life. For example discord also allows me to chat whilst playing second life to other people who may be out and about using their phone. Add to this I could also then stream second life from my pc for someone with discord on their phone to watch me playing second life on their phone with me talking to them in real time. So I could attend a club or live event only for my friend who is picnicking in a park to sit and watch that event whilst cont
  2. Oh I see. Well not sure how my suggestion would make it worse as all I said to do was to make it so that say a club that says join our discord server for chat will be shown in local chat as well and vice versa. Even if there was no discord linking, like I also said the reason why no one socialises in SL chat these days and uses discord is primarily due to the lack of features in SL chat. Why would I use local chat in SL when it offers no emojis, no meme/gif picture support, no post reaction support etc. I cant post a picture of something without others having to open another window or bro
  3. The difference is people prefer some form of privacy to their voice chat. Local voice chat has never worked and will never work. I for one hate it when I go to a club in SL to listen to music only to get bombarded by people in local voice chat chatting over the music. If I go to a shop I don't want to listen to someone talking about what adult appendage they want to buy. You might like the way the system is at the moment, but most people prefer to be able to hangout with their friends these days in whatever game they are playing or whatever they are doing. If say my friend decides he want
  4. Unfortunately this just shows the lack of foresight Linden Lab have and it will just never improve. It has also been clear for years that chat has moved away from basic text to a hybrid system. Why are Linden Lab not utilising Discords development portal and approaching discord creators to integrate their chat platform into Second Life? Everything is there for it to happen. With such tools they could make second life a social hub for almost anything and anyone. If I go to a club I could see all of the club discord chat as well as SL chat and vice versa. If I go to someone's SL profile I c
  5. As mentioned by @Wulfie Reanimator and explained in his entire post is what I meant. But where do you draw the line? Would you say that removing the scripts in a body like Maitreya or Signature needs to be done? Those scripts allow the HUD to communicate to the body to tell it to turn on/off alpha parts. Now if you say "sure those are fine", what about scripts in clothing that communicate with the body scripts to tell them to turn off/on alpha parts when the clothing piece is added or removed? This means the user doesn't need their body HUD on all the time or needs to find the HUD
  6. Then my response would be the same as @Wulfie Reanimator response (last sentance) to you before you posted to me. Don't get me wrong, I agree 100% with you regarding scripts in avatars that are not necessary like eyelashes or earrings or finger rings etc. They shouldn't be there and creators shouldn't even put them in such items. That said, removing all scripts from an avatar shouldn't be necessary as the ones that are necessary are generally low impact.
  7. I think you are confusing what people mean in regards to 1024 textures being unoptimised. No one I know that has argued about optimisation regards 1024 textures as unoptimised. They are a necessity in building. What people do argue insofar as 1024 textures goes is that their use on small objects are unoptimised. I'll use your lipstick analogy as an example. Placing a 1024 texture on a stick of lipstick that is a small object as far as texture space goes is unoptimised. Textures should always be placed relative to the surface area of the object. The smaller the object the smaller the textu
  8. I am not lumping you with Luna. She has whacked ideas and doesn't understand anything about the world as a whole. Firstly as I mentioned many of any Presidents policies etc have to go through your senate for approval. This is irrefutable. Checks and Balances. Also whilst any President can initiate an executive order, then next president can remove it, especially if it us unfavourable. Any decision to leave 'x' policy or treaty can easily be reversed by the next president. Secondly, when Luna was talking about the President affecting the world I take that as negatively, its all she se
  9. But once again you are relying on the person to be truthful. I to agree a demo should be possible for everything, however its just not going to happen. People would argue against it somehow such as "if I offer a demo it can be copybotted" etc. We all know that to be wrong but they will just not offer a demo for furniture etc. The only possible way to encourage optimisation is to firstly improve the upload systems LL offer (they wont) and secondly for LL to offer incentives for people to do so such as lower marketplace fees for optimised and higher for unoptimised. Unfortunately once again
  10. I have done my homework. Hence why I want you to show how you think it is otherwise. Lets take the GFC in 2008 it didn't even make Australia's economy bat an eyelid. What did make Australia fall into recession was a simple virus. 29 years of recession free, no affect at all from any American influence (dot com crash, 9/11, GFC, even the 2020 covid crash) it was a lockdown to control a pandemic that caused a recession. Many American's think like you do, that America has all this influence when if fact they don't. The same way many American's still believe that they won WW2 for the wor
  11. Fair enough and noted. Also Applier HUD's for BoM are already around. The entire marketplace needs an update. It looks like something from 2008. Unfortunately as mentioned from someone above most of SL's websites other than the main hasnt been updated in years. As to optimised or unoptimised content flags on the marketplace, who would determine this? It is already well know that LL's own ARC is garbage and wrong, with promises for years to update it yet like usual it hasn't. LL certainly wont go through each MP item to see how optimised it is, which leaves only two methods. Firstl
  12. Why is it that Americans always think this? I will let you in on a secret... it's a LIE. How arrogant do Americans have to be to actually believe this? How would the rest of the world be impacted by American Politics? The only time the world is impacted by America is when America as a government don't keep their noses out of other countries business or when American businesses refuse to pay other countries what they are entitled to in tax. Let's look at current hot topics in the USA politically. Healthcare - The rest of the world have a system in place 1000x's better than Americ
  13. The main purpose of BoM was to remove multiple texture and mesh layers, nothing to do with scripts. Check any of the bodies that are BoM, most if not all still have multiple layers (albeit less) due to BoM neglections, all have scripts that are still about the same impact as they were in the past. A general script in the body still has to provide tinting, colour options, layer options, alpha options, alpha save options, applier options etc. This despite the fact that if BoM was done properly and not half a** you would have the need for none of the fore mentioned scripts. Or LL cou
  14. LMAO um no, gambling is the same as lotto, you GAMBLE your money for a CHANCE to win a prize. Despite what you said, you can not create a lotto in Second Life. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_Regarding_Wagering_in_Second_Life As far as I know the only way you could possibly get around it is if you don't expect anyone to pay (this is defined in LL policy as a wager) anything towards it and they just enter. This is how legal sploders work in sl as well as things like prize chairs. So for example, you alone provide the prize (I also assume this ha
  15. Doesn't necessarily mean she was telling the truth. Go read the OC blogs to find out what actually happened. Its all written out how Athy and Nandana never gave her ownership other than ownership of the SL OC group which is not the same as passing copyright of the source code. Sure she maintained it and altered the code accordingly however that was as far as it went, of which Athy and Nandana were very grateful to her for maintaining it whilst they dealt with RL issues. No matter what she said she could never claim copyright of the source code without specifically being handed it over to
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