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  1. I agree with this and it is the same as far as I am aware in Australia. You need to display it and ensure that it is agreed upon by the end user via either checkbox or signature. Additionally and separately to the above, I would like some clarification as to the clause in the ToS specifically 6.5.VI wherein it states: "At Tilia’s request, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Tilia, etc... (VI) Tilia’s use of the information that you submit to us, or to a Provider for use in connection with the Tilia Service". (emphasis mine). The clarification requested above is in relation to privacy and how this clause seems to contradict its privacy policy, more specifically, holding Tilia to account should their privacy policy be breached accidently or purposely via its heads or employees. This clause in the ToS gives across the impression (and reads as) that should a breach take place and our private information that was given for use in connection with a tilia connected service the end user is not allowed to sue Tilia (due to indemnity) or its parent company (that being Linden Lab) for the illegal distribution of private and person information of its users.
  2. Did someone with a time machine just spill the beans to which now has resulted in a time paradox thereby resulting in a altered future!? Where have you heard Blender will be taking over Second Life in 2071?
  3. This is what happens when an Architect has the wrong thing on his mind whilst designing. Lets see how many people see what I am talking about...
  4. For UV light I believe probes are still a thing... *Shudder*
  5. As sad as it is, given the nature of America, even if citizens did have to pay I don't think nationalised health care will ever be introduced there. To many people are opposed to it and from what I've seen will always be considering USA still doesn't have it despite it being the most expensive place for hospital care in the developed world.
  6. Very true. I'm curious as to what happens to those that are treated in a hospital and whether in America insurance will cover the expenses or will the government actually decide to pay for all the treatment, ventilators, drugs etc. Given America is extremely expensive for their hospital care, will citizens have a huge bill after recovering from Covid-19?
  7. Right and that would so work. 🙄 But hey, considering LL introduce features a minority want perhaps suggest it and they might introduce it 3 years from now. Just as 3 years later and looking to be 4 years we are still waiting for them to move the servers to Cloud of which they claim will fix some lag issues as well as reduce tier. Believe it when I see it.
  8. I agree. Same sort of thing goes for the lockdown free Sweden which is only going to get worse. Well hard to say, as they mandate for the protests is for everyone to go back to work. They seem to have not even thought about these sort of things. Take Georgia (I think) for instance, they are suggesting tattoo parlours to reopen, despite social distancing not being possible as well as a high probability of contamination through the use of needles etc. Then you have Las Vegas who are suggesting going back to full open casinos where hygine (wiping down slot machines as well as issues about contamination on cards and chips) is an issue. The Mayor's excuse there is "we have always got virus' why is this one so different, completely oblivious) I was trying to be nice.😝 The problem with the USA stimulus is they acted as if it was just a financial crisis like 2008 whereby they thought "lets just hand out ONE $1200 cheque". In a normal recession scenario this is generally enough as it injects money back into the economy by getting people to spend that $1200 on a product in a store. Many other countries however, saw that the pandemic meant unemployment for months and complete closure of those stores that any sort of 'normal' stimulus injection would not work. As such they moved to a more appropriate method whereby they initiated a wage subsidy and varying rationalised mandates such as in Australia where for 6 months a landlord cannot eject a tenant for lack of rent payment. By doing this method it meant that whilst yes, unemployment will rise, businesses still manage whilst locked down and also can pay their staff through government subsidies and therefore don't need to fire their staff. Without these sort of subsidies in America it has meant an enormous increase in unemployment requests, as people are not earning any money even when furloughed. The mere thought that companies wouldn't pocket any handout money meant to go to employees in America was a pipe dream that only politicians didn't see would happen. True, and is why a different tactic was necessary which many other countries instigated but America didn't (refer above). It is also easy to see how any economic stimulus at this time will effect the future economy. It would mean huge government debt needing to be paid back which will also mean a curtail to spending on needed infratructure and welfare. America is to interested in getting back to work for the wrong reasons, those being trying to make invisible money (stocks) to keep growing so that their capitalism model doesn't flounder and to have people being paid due to them not introducing wage subsidies. The problem with this is that even if they did go back to work, sure people will get paid and life will go on, however due to their erroneous spending during this time just to keep the stock market going will mean massive issues in the future not to mention issues when America has to increase their ever expanding debt ceiling next year. I think what should be taken from this is that we need a true independent health organisation that has the ability to move freely without needing permission to access a potential pandemic hotspot, meaning less time for cover-ups. Secondly we need to make sure that the organisation isn't corruptible and has the guts to put travel restrictions on a country immediately and without permission from the country that has the virus. Most of all however I hope the world has seen what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket manufacturing wise and starts bringing manufacturing back to other countries.
  9. The problem is that whilst that is the case, it requires everyone following the orders to ensure that happens. At current, America appears to have flattened the curve but are now putting that at risk with all the protests going on. It will be interesting to see what happens in 2 weeks as far as infection rates in the USA as social distancing certainly isn't being conducted by protestors. Of course what doesn't help either is a President that encourages it or as per his latest speeches, his complete lack of knowledge in confusing the situation by mentioning things like injecting people somehow with disinfectant or blasting them with harmful UV light. As a world leader he should only be providing facts in his briefings not ridiculous theories like these or his malaria drug failure. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8251605/Donald-Trump-suggests-bizarre-treatments-coronavirus-including-injections.html Or Trumps top economic advisor suggesting everyone goes back to work with a space suit on. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8251353/Trumps-economic-adviser-suggests-putting-everybody-space-outfit-open-economy.html Whilst I certainly hope immunity can happen I think a lot of people are relying too much on it and thinking immunity is a sure thing. Nothing of the sort has been proven yet and even the top of the medical fields are saying there is no evidence to suggest that it is possible and results showing that reinfection may be possible. The main reason governments have locked down the countries is precisely because there is no evidence to say as much and why they are waiting for a vaccine. Despite the fact a vaccine isn't at all proven possible as yet. Where the other issue is, is mutation. Whilst it may appear to be slow at mutating at the moment, the virus struck at the end of the northern hemispheres flu season which means that the risk of cross mutation between various coronavirus' such as the flu was minimal. That is not the case in the southern hemisphere or colder areas and therefore still runs a greater risk of someone catching both and cross mutation happening meaning all that immunity talk goes out the window. There are still way to many unknowns about the virus to claim that immunity is a thing. That's all well and good in theory, however practically in most situations it would be impossible. Social distancing in some business etc is just not possible. Economically, it is also a little fuzzy as far as what would have been more impactful to the economy. Sure America have spent trillions of dollars while in lockdown (mainly to people that didn't need it mind you), however giving the virus free range without lockdown could in theory have proven just as much if not more troublesome for the economy. If an entire business gets sick from the virus they don't open for say 1 month due to people being infected. That business not only looses money but also has to pay sick leave, meaning financially the business itself is just as worse off as it would have been in lockdown. Additionally, it would mean a higher death count which even at what was predicted to be the lowest 200,000 would cause far more fear to the populace than whatever fearmongering the media has done as most citizens current justification for returning to work is that "its not even as bad as the flu death rate". This would mean further panic buying, increased people staying at home irrespective of whether an order was in place etc. Whilst locking down and enforcing social distancing may have an economic impact, if they are followed it can lead to a better outcome where the country can reopen quicker. Look at Australia and New Zealand or even a few other EU countries. Their citizens followed the orders and are now reducing the restrictions and are potentially looking at getting back to work quicker and with an almost 0% infection rate. Granted travel will still be restricted for some time. You also have to look very carefully at the unemployment rates and what exactly they entail. For instance, furloughing does not in most circumstances mean you are unemployed however statistically, if you apply for a benefit to cover your wages during that furlough period you will be counted as part of the unemployment rate. Furlough means you are only temporally without a job for a period only to in most circumstances have your job back after that period.
  10. Ok fair enough didn't know that but still, it's something that overly complicates things where it shouldn't. For something that would have been very easy for LL to implement to just show old alias' in the profile that are a searchable field (as they are not subject to privacy laws or ToS's) we now get another convoluted system that requires a person to firstly know of such a script, then to have to get that script from the marketplace, run that script (and know how to do it etc, as we all know how dim some people can be with such things) just to find out details that should be accessible just like other platforms do in the profile. But that said, I am also of the opinion that if you have bought a name change you should be able to switch back to the old one and new one free of charge given they are both still technically associated with your account. But that's irrelevant to this thread.
  11. Whilst yes this is true you are missing the bigger picture. As far as I am aware, you cannot do a search of their old name as search doesn't look into the description fields of the profiles even if they type it there. This will mean you still need to know the new name of the person to find them or their store. For example, I talk to a friend and ask him to recommend someone that makes a nice tree. They cant remember the shop name but can remember the username of the person (as they don't use a display name and the username is unique). As such, I then go and search for that username only to find it isn't listed and therefore I never find that person that sells it. This means not only do I miss out on that nice tree, but the shop owner also doesn't get a sale because of word of mouth failing due to the username change. As far as I know the same applies to even shop groups and land searches where it only searches the name of the parcel or the name of the group and/or the name of the creator of the group. If the shop owner places the name in the keywords in marketplace it may come up, but I would dare say that wouldn't be allowed as it would skew the keyword search. Whilst yes, my example may be not common it does however show (as one example of probably more) a clear flaw in the system with username changing of where knowing a persons old avatar name without asking the person for it is sometimes necessary.
  12. There is a vast difference between personal information privacy and a username/avatar name. Whilst you are correct they are under no obligation to tell you, there are some cases where it is handy to know and beneficial for the person who changed their name. LL should take the method Steam and other platforms use by which on the profile you can see a dropdown box that lists all previous alias. Claiming that an avatar name is protected under personal information is a stretch and to be honest, I would take the stance that the refusal of the person to provide it would only mean they have something dubious they want to hide given that, an avatar name is a throw away commodity.
  13. My hope which I know would never come to pass post Covid-19 is that all the governments will see how bad pollution has been by seeing what the world looks like when there is none. Lots of things have become so clear without the pollution due to lockdowns such as India for the first time in 30 years being able to see the Himalayas. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/people-in-india-say-theyre-seeing-the-himalayas-for-first-time-in-decades-amid-drop-in-air-pollution/ar-BB12sfkY?ocid=spartanntp Not to mention all the animals coming out to play that are rarely seen so close
  14. Hmm I think there is something wrong with my HR department I can access everything from my computer... Oh wait I'm the boss... phew.
  15. By tap and go or pay wave I meant debit/credit card not phone. It's what we call contactless payment by card in Australia. No idea what it is in America, but no not (just) using phone for payment. I am the same as you except whilst I have a smart phone, I still don't use the phone to pay as its just too annoying, can be lost, hacked, etc.
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