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  1. Not sure if it is around anymore, but I recall that there was a script once that could be placed in an object that would give you the UUID of the texture in the object when clicked. If this script is still available wouldn't this generally give the same false notion to users?
  2. I never said they didn't offer the system body either. They have always offered them even when they announced the new mesh bodies they were there. I simply, in reference to BoM in that thread, said "The fact LL offer mesh overlay bodies as default now at account creation while hiding the older system body should say it all". Once again it seems you looked at a post and saw something that was never posted. If I had said "The fact LL offer mesh overlay bodies as default now at account creation "to all bodies" while hiding the older system body..." then I would agree with you, but this wasn't the case when I looked into your response further and I would think most people would still consider vampires as human bodies. The way you replied then and have posted subsequently, has implied that they don't offer any mesh overlay bodies at all now. For example in red below you clearly state that NO mesh bodies are given to newbies. This is why, I was confused in the other thread and also why Erwin posted what he did in response to your comment of which, if he would allow me to presume his mood, was equally confused about your post. Seems you finally conceded that they do, only to then narrow it down to "human" bodies as if they are all people talk about, imply or consider human. Perhaps, its just hard for you to admit a mistake and you dig yourself into a deeper hole. I don't know. I did admit my mistake however regarding the Redux Body to which, you still arrogantly flashed about in your above post as if I had never apologised for the error, maybe in a vain attempt to justify or give credence to your erred statement. Manners go a long way even in forums as they stop these exact situations of producing near flame wars. It seems though perhaps manners have been lost in this day and age. You don't say... 🙄 I'm pretty sure I said that exact thing in the post right above yours. I never said you did say they weren't in the library folder. My response to Erwin was simply highlighting that the mesh bodies are available in the current outfit folder in the library. The library separates them into folders with all current available avatars (I.e. at account creation) in their own folder (including all the mesh overlay ones available you have previously said don't exist) and all old previously used ones in a folder appropriately called "older outfits". I think Paul Keating's (PM of Australia) famous response is appropriate in highlighting your debating skills "... it was like being flogged with warm lettuce. It was like being mauled by a dead sheep." Also don't expect a reply if you post as, not only is it now way off topic but I just don't have the desire to argue with you anymore.
  3. No not in the inventory but in the library (Linden Lab Library folder) section of the inventory of which any current or older avatars are available no matter whether you have used them or not. It also includes the default male and ruth avatars to use.
  4. I thought they were as well (alongside the default body options) as they are still accessible in the library (well at least they are in mine nicely labeled mesh, though maybe I'm a special case and have a bugged library), but got shot down in another thread from Theresa saying they weren't (which is why she arrogantly responded to my post like she did). I even made an alt last year with the lab created mesh body (the riding horse one). I just can't be bothered arguing with her though so just never responded to her.
  5. I can just see the headlines and then the aftermath... "Linden Lab caught creating tool for copy botting or the potential of its use as such". You have to realise, in the world of SL, you don't own anything only the licence to use the skin or item for its intended purpose.
  6. Seriously? So not even a multinational behemoth like Steam can convince you its done all the time... Hopefully OptimoMaximo wont mind me using his phrase where he put it so well...
  7. That aside, I still believe a lot more can be done in highlighting to new users how to make money other than premium. The problem SL has always faced is new users are literally thrown into the deep end and have to work everything out themselves. Not a bad thing in some ways, however as I mentioned in a previous post, highlighting ways to make money on noob island wouldn't be a bad idea. Whilst Linden realms is a rather tedious way to earn lindens, for a new user it is one way that should be advertised. Even a pop-up notecard or whatever from noob island explaining "Sl has many great ways to make Lindens here are a few examples. Good at making things, try selling objects created inworld or through external programs like blender.. blah, blah, blah".
  8. 🙄 That's an entirely different scenario and opposite to what was being talked about. What was being talked about was the ability to wear texture switching objects to give a movement effect of a tail or the like of which was what I was replying to by saying break it. That is to say, remove the ability to wear such items all of which can still be worn, including the massively laggy texture switching wearable pets. Do I really need to point out each time specifically what was the meaning behind my response because people can't track what is and isn't being responded to... Sheesh If people want to go use antiquated graphics to remove water from a boat, to each their own. Doesn't change the fact that the system was still broken for mostly everything else and for the 90% of users who do use full graphics. It also highlights a huge area that should also be fixed that Linden Lab still refuse to look into, the ability of allowing the removal of linden water form certain areas. Yes, they do all the time simply by allowing the account name to be shown during the process of the transaction so you can compare it. But hey apparently what isn't good enough for Steam, the largest gaming store in the world, isn't good enough for Linden Lab.
  9. the Moderate rating has always been a grey area. However as far as it is understood it is the act of sexual conduct or promoting of it that is not allowed. Nudity in itself usually is fine. For example as silly as it sounds generally a nudist beach can be on a moderate sim so long as no sexual acts are undertaken. The following is from the maturity settings wiki:
  10. There is, break them so they no longer work and/or remove them from marketplace listings. The problem here is that LL are adamant on never doing this. From memory the only time I have seen an instance of LL breaking a terribly implemented system is with invisiprims on bodies. The change to invisiprims on avatars completely ensured their removal on avatars overnight due to them being visible, so everyone removed them. Getting off topic with this though I suppose me posting the example did open it up for responses. Yes correct and that is how it should be in SL, more and more companies especially in online worlds are moving to a system where every account is treated as a unique 'handle' (account name in SL) and then allowing people to use whatever name they please that are non unique (Display name in SL) across the world. What is this obsession in SL that everyone wants a unique name? I think the more frustrating one would be that someone has taken my name and I cant use it because it is already taken which is the problem with unique names. The same problem existed when last names were still available in SL where people wouldn't sign up until they saw a last name they liked, because someone had already taken their desired first name leaving only horrible sounding last names to choose from or they counted the introduction of a display name as a blessing due to being able to change their name finally to one they liked. Also, the problem many companies found is that by having unique names meant that you get usernames that confuse the system and users such as using Alt Code replacements, or just random names such as in SL's case "123456789 Resident". By having the username hidden who cares about '123456789 Resident' as it wont be seen. On a system management side for all things security, payment, help etc all that matters is the username so having it random doesn't mean anything. Additionally in a virtual world environment why should there be a unique name, as the virtual world should reflect RL. Do you see John Smith in the real world unhappy that someone else has his name? No, it is accepted and why cant that be the case in a virtual world.
  11. Dance floor idea is really good and would be possible to do I would have thought under the same animation flag idea and some extra lines added to the LSL scripting. The problem comes in what I quoted from your post and reflects the same statement in the posted article in the OP that the development team comes across as lazy. I'm sure this isn't the case as there would be numerous unseen fixes etc done, however the feature upgrades to user retention, optimisation and UI friendliness are few and far between. Certainly is interesting to see how other VW's do things differently and in some ways better.
  12. Well then I feel sorry even more for the new user then and am speechless. Not only are they stuck with a badly made system body with numerous weighting issues, badly made male body etc, but limited in almost all clothing options etc.
  13. Are you saying they use the default system avatar now or something? I don't quite understand what you mean... or maybe I didn't explain it correct.
  14. Why should it be a laggy hud or take up precious screen real estate? Wouldn't it be better for the Second Life Viewer or TPV's to introduce a feature where you buy an animation, right click it in the inventory and select add to AO? Whereby, it automatically sorts it into the correct viewer AO area (i.e. a stand) because a new feature is implemented where animations are made to have a flag set to them that identifies them as to what animation they are? (Stand, Walk, Run, Sit, Swim, Gesture, etc.) That is the mentality the developers should have in looking forward. Improving the user experience, not keeping old systems where you have to buy a hud, drag it on the ground, take the animations out or put them in, edit a notecard and then take it to the inventory and wear it again then get pop-ups saying "x HUD is script heavy and may lag the viewer" every time you log in.
  15. I think the article was an interesting read (seems like I was the only one who thought that) and whilst yes some of the points are just meh... it is still good feedback for LL to look at to see where they could improve. Lets face it at least they wrote something with points instead of the usual tripe we get of "This game sucks" or "5 mins of playing its all just sex". It also is interesting to see his first point stating "The developers, as it is said above, are incredibly lazy." If this is what is being picked up on from a new or returning user, it should be ringing alarm bells. When it is all said and done, in some ways this is true or to put it another way the developers ignore simple things that should be in SL already by default almost like tunnel vision. Many posts here talk about him being a noob by not realising that you need a hud to swim... I mean come on, give it some thought. Second Life is 18 years old and yet you still need a user created hud to swim in Linden Water? Not only could Linden Lab easily just implement it into the default AO but it would also remove a lag creating HUD from the viewer screen and create a new aspect to many RP areas and other features within the space. I get that LL have the mentality of Your World, Your Imagination, but there are some things that still boggle the mind as to why they haven't been implemented. Would also be nice to be able to create voids in Linden Water for underground buildings with internal spaces, but perhaps that is to much 😝. This, I think, is also an interesting point to highlight. One, it shows that Linden Lab need to do far more to ensure that new users know about places like Linden Realms, and also secondly shows that with the modern gaming environment and newer generations it has indeed become important to have a secondary avenue of earning the inworld currency in some other way at least in the early stages of SL. Sure you can earn money by creating things or d'ing etc, however more and more restrictions are being put on these and any new user would consider these 'end game'. Another infamous point raised all the time and hopefully somewhat will be fixed with BoM. That said I do think it may be time for Linden Lab to step in and perhaps remove the default system body if they are not going to update it and just provide a better bento enabled body and head mesh overlay. The fact LL offer mesh overlay bodies as default now at account creation while hiding the older system body should say it all. I Lol'ed
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