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  1. Thought it was obvious. Climate (not climate change either - a polar vortex instead) caused the outage. A unprecedented 1 in 50 year event (last one was seen in Texas was 1983 or in some areas 73 years ago) occurred where freezing temperatures over a period of timed caused a massive infrastructure failure. Whether it was traditional or renewable or enviro friendly energy sources all failed, all are to blame and I guarantee you that regulations on all infrastructure were skimped on.
  2. No not at all and any company doing due diligence should look at what others have done. Proposing the idea to their client base (not just a few members that attend a meeting) however, to see whether such an addition to premium would be worth while would bring better results than outright refusing based on other third party company failures. The primary reason why SLGo for example failed to obtain more users for SL streaming could be attributed to a person having to not only pay for a SL monthly subscription but on top of that the streaming service fee per month. Additionally due to the fa
  3. To be honest that's a bit of a silly position for Linden Lab to entertain. That would be akin to McDonalds saying they aren't going to release a new cheeseburger with better ingredients because cheeseburgers are not popular due to having substandard ingredients. That said a LL provided streaming service will never happen.
  4. True and probably due to there being a specific black skin body by aesthetic. Smith being the black version, Enzo the white. Haven't seen any other body maker specifically show two different bodies for both races.
  5. It is very popular with Furry Skin makers I know that, however not sure if the statistics in the OP includes furries as it would depend on which sims they went to. Additionally, the Aesthetic body can be slimmed down quite substantially for the male shape and if the female shape is used you can get it down to slightly more buff than signature 😉. The downside with Aesthetic is no BoM support and very little clothing support. Looking at the male statistics (probably the same for female) the distribution correlates to clothing support perfectly with the higher body support havin
  6. LMAO, that had nothing to do with the pic @LittleMe Jewell posted that you responded to. That pic had nothing to do with "non-traditional looking people supposedly being liberals" but, specifically to do with the Super Bowl and how no matter what political divide you are on, no one is following the rules at large gatherings. How can you not understand that? It is also what my posts have been trying to get through to you. COVID, the response, the outcome, the whatever has NOTHING to do with politics or what side of politics you are on. Nor racism none of that. It comes down to all citizens
  7. Yes, naturally you would say my one point in that post with two official sources to back it up was 'Gish Gallop'. But as usual you miss the point entirely like you have been accused of in this thread just recently. To which I have answered your question in my post. I'll quote it for you for ease:
  8. Wait, its pancake day today or when Mardi Gras is on? I hope the former as I am not sure I could bear seeing people like this in a Mardi Gras parade...
  9. Glad I could bring some insight. The Aboriginal culture is absolutely amazing with dreamtime etc. Definitely worth a good read into. You would be surprised. I do understand how trump did influence some states and get that, I truly do. I also do understand that trump did have an enormous following. That said, it wasn't just those states that he influenced that didn't follow directives that were organised and released by the CDC, your top medical experts etc. There were other states that just didn't follow through. You say to Fairre that: "While on paper it appears state power is se
  10. Hey come now, we do have a few plants that don't kill you. Just have to watch out for the ones that paralyze you with pain, put poison on your skin or the other ones that explode if you light them.
  11. Look Luna, I know you mean well but I never said we all didn't follow the rules and there were not problems. I said that if the rules were not followed then there were penalties. Just like that article implies, they were arrested. The vast majority of Australian's 99% followed the rules, it was only some wackos that didn't led by a particular celebrity over here called Pete Evans who has been the bane of everyone in regards to his views. Basically the Trump of Australia - thank God he isn't in politics. The other thing you have to realise is that the Victorian Government went to far with
  12. Lol rule of thumb coming to Australia, ALWAYS check your shoes and under the toilet lid. :EDIT: Proof of why: Snake attack: Woman bitten by 5-foot python in toilet in Australia (usatoday.com) Pictures of spiders and snakes in footwear turning U.S. travellers off Australia | Daily Mail Online Second link is a bit graphic lol.
  13. I think it is a mix of too little to late and not enough. Allowing protesting still is just silly. Additionally, Australia and NZ are not allowed to even leave the country and don't allow any in to help stop the spread. That also plays a huge role in stopping it. One look at flight radar and you should see the amount of travellers that are coming into the USA from everywhere unchecked compared to Australia and NZ who have hardly any planes flying internationally except freight and getting aussies home.
  14. Australia is exactly like America as far as government goes. I am not sure who is in control of health policies in America federal or state, however it comes down to the Australian States individually to manage their own health plans and that included in the Pandemic. The Federal government gave the advice of the top medical expert and it was up to the states to implement whatever they deemed necessary based on that advice as well as their individual top medical experts. The only thing the Federal government health wise did in the pandemic was stimulus and closing borders as that is all t
  15. No I am not joking. You are correct he did want the country to reopen and pushing them to reopen. So did Australia's Prime Minister. Despite all of that as per the link I posted states, he delivered that specific plan which was released from the COVID taskforce doctors and as mentioned in that link it was stated that it was the governors that were responsible for implementation of it. In other words. Trump left it to individual states to specifically follow those rules, just like Australia's Federal Government did to the State Governments. Trump could jump up and down all he wanted but th
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