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  1. Trouble is if you ask that much from creators it will only be more of a hassle and just annoy creators. Keeping it simple I believe would be better. Also as far as I am aware, the display weight in the more info section takes all of what you have listed into consideration and just calculates a number like ARC but for objects. This includes taking into consideration number of textures, sizes, etc. Scripts would be the only thing I don't think it calculates therefore perhaps rather than the number of scripts the script kb usage in about land would be better and more impactful as that would tell the full story script wise.
  2. Why don't LL introduce a star rating to the marketplace. Surely such a thing would be easy to implement. Set it up so that when listing an item on marketplace it is a requirement (cannot finalise the listing without the info added) to input the download, physics and display weights of all objects. This data is easy to find in the more info section of the build menu. Upon entering the data in the listing have a little '?' mouse over button next to the weight input section telling creators how to find this info if they don't know where it is and why it is important. Then have this information (via an algorithm LL can set themselves), on the listing being accepted, converted to a simple star rating (or even a green bar rating system for each weight - longer bar = better optimisation) which is displayed graphically (like energy ratings) under the Land Impact or price section. One star for bad weights and up to 6 or even 10 stars for well optimised and good weights. This would not only allow users to see what items will be impacting them the most and shop accordingly as far as optimisation goes but also mean it is in the interest of creators to ensure that they reach as many stars as possible to keep competitive. It also has the additional side effect of showing and educating both user and creator of how to make well optimised content and also why it is necessary. As far as existing content listed on the marketplace if this is implemented; just have it so that all existing listed items have something stating it was created pre the star rating. This would mean all current listings stay as is, however have the caveat of users buying at own risk. It would also give incentive for creators to go back and edit the listing and update the weights to have the star rating show. It could even go further (considering marketplace will have the data with the above data needing to be added) whereby they introduce a wardrobe feature to the marketplace where you can select multiple items you are buying via tick box in your cart to see how much the total avatar render cost would be. I.e., if I am looking to buy a body, hair, skin, shirt, pants and shoes in one cart transaction, allow me to tick which items I want to calculate the ARC for and it calculates the ARC value of all those items or outfit in the cart prior to pressing the buy button. Kind of like how you can check online in RL what the estimated postage would be before purchasing. Certainly not a fix for everything but a step in the right direction of trying to educate users easily, visually and most of all prior to it being purchased and rezzed in world.
  3. No, they may use a custom gaming engine but 3D modelling is still monopolised by Autodesk. Companies have invested way to much into Autodesk products that to change software would take time as well as money. That investment isn't necessarily money either it can be software with them creating custom software as well as plugins all to support and speed up their pipelines whilst using their software they use, which sorry to say primarily is still Autodesk. There is a reason why .FBX is the standard file format whilst exporting 3D modeling assets. Also keep in mind that as far as exporting and importing 3D models goes Blender is one of the few modelling programs (not sure if this is still the case) that doesn't allow either to be done in the format .3DS. Dice, EA, CR Project, Eidos, Bethesda, Bioware, Ubisoft (until this announcement) and many more use Autodesk's 3D modeling software for creating 3D assets. Autodesk's software file formats (.FBX and .3DS) are the industry standard for anything from 3D modeling and movies all the way to architecture. It is also the software that is primarily taught to students going into these fields in universities and colleges. Might not be the case for self employed professionals, but for companies it is the case. Just need to look at their career advertisements to see Autodesk software knowledge listed as a requirement. Its good to see competition creeping in now.
  4. Oh please. Stop putting words in my mouth. I have never said I didn't like people using mesh bodies created by users, I have also never said I was against them. Sure I may have said that they were heavy on performance and the way they are now is limiting certain aspects as far as choice and creation goes, but why would I be proposing ideas in my latest post about ways to have clothing work for current mesh bodies (and an updated default body) if I was so hell bent on removing them. Am I advocate for a new default body? Yes, as it will be beneficial for the new user experience and help user retention. Who knows, it may also set a base line for mesh body creators to optimised things further and provide some competition. Do I think the mesh bodies as they are now need to be looked at to help performance and optimisation? Yes. That doesn't mean I think they should be removed from second life as I think they serve a purpose (I know, shocking!) . Do I think BoM will solve the optimisation issues of the bodies? No, I don't think it will have any effect what so ever on optimisation and performance. Also, I have never said the onion layered body was a hack. That is your words not mine. I believe that the body was created all within the bounds of allowances Linden Lab provide, unlike megaprims that were created through work arounds or 'hacks'. That said, I also believe that by Linden Lab not restricting some elements of the mesh upload and having to highly set allowances resulted in a lot of poorly optimised content and bodies. It is a fact that the better looking onion layered bodies were a necessity created solely due to Linden Lab ignoring years of requests to update the ugly and outdated system avatar. People didn't like it so they created something better and I am glad they did. They then realised that textures and skins would need to work independently from each other so adapted from there. It was all a necessity that may or may never have happened to the extent it has if the default avatar offered a similar solution. Keep in mind the buck has to stop with someone and it generally cant be the user it always stops at the company. Sorry for the rant and if I took your post the wrong way I apologise, but I don't like people putting words in my mouth or saying what I do and don't like.
  5. But that's the problem. They are to scared to break content and therefore negatively impacts everything. In addition to the body skeleton, I still think they need a duplicate skeleton just for clothing that has an even larger range than the body skeleton. The problem we have now is that when I wear a fitted mesh body and a fitted mesh clothing item they move together. This means that the mesh clothing item has to be made specifically for that particular mesh body so that when adjusting the body sliders the clothing doesn't clip with the body. By implementing a separate additional and modifiable skeleton just for clothing that is offset slightly further from the body as far as usable range goes, it would mean that I could then have separate sliders to control my body and then an additional slider set to adjust the clothing skeleton. This is the only way to make it so that clothing can be used irrespective of what bought body you buy. It would also be usable with an upgraded default body as well as it would mean the clothing made for other bought mesh bodies would work for the upgraded default body.
  6. I wouldn't necessarily say its a bad thing for linden lab. If Linden Lab redo the system body now, whatever body you have bought would still be yours (to keep using to the detriment of others performance), whilst new users would get a far better experience of creating their own unique avatar helping user retention without the looming $ sign dropping on them when they realise it will cost them quite a lot to look good like it does now. A plus for LL and SL in general. Now as to the Second life Economy I would dare say it would be far more beneficial and will only affect the profits of the body and head creators. As it stands now, with the disunity the multiple mesh bodies create in the market it is hindering creation as well as the economy of both users and Linden Lab. If I buy a Jake body, I have to go around endlessly trying to find decent clothing just for that body. The newer the body the less chance of clothing to be found and the higher the risk of buying a body that wont be popular and will see very little clothing for. This means that you are reducing the market share of the economy and consequently limiting the amount people are willing to spend. Due to the high cost of a head and body most people will buy one of each and stick with it. If they cant find enough clothes for it I would dare say they would grin and bare it and just not put as much money into spending on clothes for that body. On the other hand, if the system body was completely redone to look up to par with the current mesh bodies on offer, this would mean, not only a free body but also more options clothing wise, the ability to keep track better on optimisation, the ability to add new features that benefit the body without having to think of the what affect it would have on other mesh bodies etc. At the moment if I like a item of clothing, it may not be compatible with my mesh body, I therefore may choose not to buy it or anything that week. On the other hand if I have a default system body, all creators items will be solely for that body meaning more choice and more potential profit for both users and LL. It would also probably get more people into making things for bodies as well as they only need to concentrate on one type. The only market the rework of the system body will affect is the mesh body creators. People will still create tattoos, make-up, clothes, hats, shoes, eyes, skins etc. for the new default body and all the while there will be more choice due to creators only needing to create for one body meaning more people buying things. That's how I see it anyway.
  7. Ture, however an architect in RL can come up with numerous work arounds to the Development plans of governing bodies. Does this mean its necessarily bad? No. All it means is that if it goes to harshly against the development regulations its refused and in the next iteration of the Development Plan a clause preventing that workaround is put in place. On the other hand if it adds to the community or has little detrimental effect, it is approved to stay. This is how we get buildings designed to the extreme from starchitects like Frank Gehry. Just as it is the same we get to keep work arounds like sculpts, megaprims and liquid mesh or we get changes to the ARC etc to stop those work arounds. That's a different case. Its not necessarily a hack. It was a necessity or byproduct of negligence. It is the fault of Linden Lab for not redoing the default avatar customisation system when they introduced mesh and even after years of people requesting its upgrade. Edit: This negligence has also affected their pipeline whereby they have had to dedicate resources to rework inbuilt systems to help with the situation despite, if they had just updated the default body they could have just ignored. I.E, BoM I have seen lots of low poly well done animesh figures around the 50Li mark. Is that high compared to a non animesh NPC of 20Li? Maybe, but if done right you can build a multi level sim wide city for 3000Li leaving well over 10000Li. Enough for 200 animish NPC's and room to spare with current Li allowances.
  8. Further in essence to what Penny said. Despite the help of hype in the past, Linden Lab could turn it all around and get hype again if they put the man hours into it and give up on Sansar giving them more man power (will never happen). Sansar by the time it is finished will be DOA, no, it is already DOA. With second life Linden Lab have a gold mine, the best of both worlds with everything; a virtual currency, world and a well established base. If they could just look into the future. I'm sure they are trying but as it stands now its just going to get worse for them. Linden Lab need to: Make SL character creation better, update the bodies, the customisation etc. As a new user the only option now even when you create an account is a custom made body allowing very little editing. Gone are the unique face adjustments, body sliders, individual looks etc. Second Life has gone the opposite direction to the trend. When it was created it was rare to have such character customisation. In games it was pick x,y,z head. Now SL 18 years later, is pick x,y,z head and all other companies are pouring millions into unique character creation. They need to rework the inworld creation system bringing back the defining difference between all other competitors both old and new Adopt in world animation editing seen in the Black Dragon viewer, Bring in texture creation and manipulation seen in modern games using shapes or as in past games such as APB Reloaded. Focus hard on region crossings, pathfinding and more scripting options to rival the options in C# Make some extra graphic and cache tweaks to bring it up to a current more reasonable real world graphics (not far off it) Relook at integration of VR - and dont just put it in the too hard basket. Rework (lower dramatically) tier prices Doing all this could open the door for external game influences within the world. But for this to happen the rest of the content both now and in the future needs to be optimised for everyone for them to even consider this. What better way for Linden Lab to bring SL into the future and garner new users could there be. To have gaming companies using the SL world for their games, not as a closed zone room like Sansar or other companies provide, but a never ending world where if I want to play (hypothetically) WOW 2.0 it would be a simple matter of teleporting or walking through a gate/portal after driving my car on a road on mainland (like attending a theme park) to the WOW 2.0 region from where I was playing minigolf or from my house. Then Experience Tools changes me automatically into my WOW 2.0 blood elf during the teleport or cross over through the gate. All with a universal currency managed through their Tilia subsidiary whereby all games in world use the same linden currency. Keeping user creation in the system so people get the best of both worlds exploration and gaming with social and building. This is where they should be heading not keeping the status quo. Lastly, if they don't look to the future and change more, companies like Valve will just take Lab's idea over and SL will just fade away even quicker. This is why Sansar is already DOA. With steam VR you can already have a house that you can decorate, access steam menu's, create your own virtual space and share it with people through Steam Workshop, start and essentially "teleport" to games, meet, play and communicate with friends all in VR. Essentially Sansar mixed with SL only better, already with loads of content from both average people and multi-million dollar gaming companies. The Steam VR system is already finished, relatively bug free and most of all free to access. How long will it be before Valve introduce your own avatar customisation or, adopt the vapourware half life 3 engine to allow people to make their own region and games through Steam Workshop? All of the above would also fix the very reasons people leave SL that they have posed in these forums time and again. Linden Lab and SL are getting left behind, plain and simply. If they can work on the above things and more, they could have a system taking SL (creation and exploration) into an area that not even Valve (games), Facebook (social and profile) or the like could rival.
  9. In some cases it can, but in others I would say no. Firstly putting limitations helps ensure that everyone can have a better experience and produce better quality and optimised content. Secondly, restrictions encourage innovation. Many things are created better because the restrictions placed on creators and designers has forced them to think outside the box. Architecture is one of the primary examples of this in RL. Even without restrictions people are going to find a way to bypass something so it makes no difference introducing them other than encouraging content creators to create a certain way. Your always going to get a few bad apples that don't conform. You also say "there's a hacky way to bypass it" whilst yes that is true, in the majority of cases if it goes against the restrictions it would be a simple patch needed for Lab to fix it. That said, without those very restrictions or people finding "hacky ways" we would never have had mega prims, sculpties, fitted mesh, animesh, etc. Some of these were introduced as a way to resolve those very hacks and others kept because even as hacks they worked. Sure some of the hacks impacted on performance such as sculpties, texture flicking movement etc., at the time and in some cases now, but they allowed the SL world to change considerably, flourish and be innovative. Keeping user retention. But there is the problem. Well created content, that has a low polygon count and uses better optimised textures would allow for more sim resources to go to animesh. The situation we have now is that there is a hard restriction placed on animesh that forces sim creators to not put many down due to the cost. This however is counteracted by having very lax or abused restrictions on other content creation whereby, a house can have a land impact of 1000 solely due to poor optimisation. This leaves less space for other content such as animesh that makes it hard for a person who doesn't know how to rig or mesh and is at the mercy of poorly optimised content creators taking up the space making it hard for them to justify that extra 30Li. As far as justification in other areas go for rezzed animesh, it certainly can be justified through the use of animesh as NPC's in any circumstance especially RP and gaming. The trouble now is, per above, one type of creation restricts the use of the other and people also are not optimising the animesh. This is what is keeping demand low as . Animesh could be a gamechanger for second life but, if its adoption rate is poor simply due to ALL content not being optimised (even through restrictions), it could crash and burn any positives both inworld and to potential other users.
  10. You are correct, my mistake. Re-reading what I wrote it seems posting at 2am in the morning is not the wisest thing, but here I am doing it again. Fingers crossed I do it right this time. What the line about point lights should have said was: Part of that line doesn't even make sense after re-reading .. shadows cant go through walls, light can though, spooky if you could though. lol. My not so well explained point was basically that it is better to use projection lights as you can direct the light to cast shadows on the right areas where as if you use a point light it will wash out the shadow effect and result in potentially more projection lights being added to create a better shadow effect. By everything I just meant all shadow producing lights. Not all lights. I hope that makes sense this time.
  11. Could always do what I used to do when I created my sim. Would link as many objects as possible together then copy and paste the x,y,z position coordinates in the description section of the edit menu just incase this happened. If it did I would simply rez it, copy and paste the description field into the position coordinates and it was neatly back in its original space.
  12. Pointless and sometimes rather disturbing TV episodes reacting to SL. I'm looking at you CSI - NY 😒 .
  13. The fact that such things causes performance issues says otherwise. Sure SL may keep going, but the experience the user has with the huge performance drop is what one should think about as this negatively effects user retention. I think you're underestimating the uv mapping issue as it is not an edge case at all. There are plenty of examples. Agree, however when the viewer is how it is and see's very slow major improvements to the drain it has on a users computer, I would far prefer other creators creating things properly to reduce all of that drain. If this is done it would see a much speedier increase in the performance of SL than anything in the near future LL can muster up.
  14. Locking it is what I meant. Removing the access from people changing it. As to FS ignoring it, well if that's the case least we can say don't use Firestorm 😛 Oh I agree, for example if it is just a somewhat square object like a statue sure. But I have bout so many houses or the like where half of the mesh is has decent physics and then one part doesn't and a wall can be walked through so they just place a prim in front of it. I'll rephrase as I'm not talking about server to client performance as I agree that is different and a grin and bear it issue. Nor am I talking about the dynamic nature of it. Take the Bethesda creation engine, as this is the most commonly modded gaming engine that allows it. I can create a mesh object so polygon dense similar to how some might make it for SL such as single coin with a 4k texture and then add that to the game and it can crash the game due to the increase in load - a single coin. Same with 4k textures. Whilst yes, SL is different, the performance hit a person takes by loading poorly optimised content will still effect performance in either a dynamically generated environment such as second life or a static one such as Skyrim as, the computer needs more resources to process the coin irrespective on which "game" it is in. I agree, though not imposing limits will still create the same issues even with a new cache method as unlike a gaming studio the average user isn't as adept in the knowledge of how to create game assets. People are still going to limit how big their cache is despite any new changes and by the sounds of the new cache, your going to need an even bigger size to accommodate. I'm not to sure about that. I've seen some pretty terrible texture wastage and quite often and a lot are similar to Penny's example maybe not as extreme as a quarter but half definitely. That's my point as to why they should lock down the LOD system and to be honest LL could just stop FS from hacking around it. I'm sure it isn't the first time Linden Lab have stopped a TPV from doing something, just ask niran. I do agree on the other things people made comment, which is why in my posts I have stated making your own is the best way. As to the 100's of 1Li object example, once again it would depend on the user not Linden Lab or the viewer. If those 1Li objects only share 10 textures between them then that's good use of resources. The case we have now is that most people would have 100 unique textures for each object. That would be poor use of resources. Who do I blame for that? I would say the creator of the objects. But as you say if people use other peoples creations then you would have multiple textures everywhere, though then it once again comes down to the creators to ensure that their objects are as optimised as possible to resolve situations like this. No idea, I don't use Blender. I only suggested it as such as you mentioned it wasn't possible without an addon, so assumed one was available. If it isn't then learn how to do it manually and grin and bear it. I have to do that for a lot of my content created IRL if there isn't a easier way of doing it.
  15. Was that a jab at me.. 😛 I swear I was civil and on topic with my posts. If done right (despite me hating seeing shadows baked on a surface going the opposite direction to the sun angle) and I would say it depends on how the light is implemented that creates the shadow. Sure you cant stop the somewhat minimal performance hit of shadows caused by the sun, but I also think a lot of the performance issues people may suffer with shadows on is how an artificial light source is created. There are 2 ways in second life to create a light source. The simplest and almost exclusively used way is tick that light tick box in the build menu leave the settings as a 10m radius light and hey presto I have a new lamp that can light up my whole house. This method will cast a shadow on everything even through walls in some cases which, in a realistic environment as well as a typical game engine environment just doesn't happen. This means you cant control the amount of shadows or the performance hit it creates as it is rendering shadows for everything in a 10m radius. The second option is to use the spot lighting method and adapt from there. Spot lighting allows you to use a texture whereby the light only comes out from that texture space. This means I can directionally light something without it necessarily casting shadows on other objects or avatars. You then further this but reducing the radius and fade etc. so as the light source radius or in the spot light example, distance only casts a light to the required distance needed to illuminate the surface. Shadows will always be a performance hit as you say, that's why there is also settings in SL that allow you to manage them and even more so in viewers like Black Dragon. I generally just use the shadows by sun and moon option and if taking pictures etc will then set it to everything.
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