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  1. I never said it is the be all and end all fix. I said it would help with one aspect of LL's reputation and their position in the metaverse. You brought nothing to the discussion relevant to the topic and comments like yours are nothing more than an attempt to derail the thread into a flame. Congratulations you have shown yourself to be the epitome of a troll. Oh wait I forgot to add the obligatory !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am in a timezone where it is to late for me to attend such meetings. That said, I met Oz once outside of the meetings and talked to him about some feature requests (one in particular) that I thought would help improve the functionality of the viewer. His response, we dont have time for things like that and it would be to hard. This is the sort of response every user that isn't in the 'clique' gets I think. Now I am not a coder (would love to be) and dont know how hard or time consuming this or that is, but common sense told me that it would be relatively easy. The main feature request I was talking to him about was rather than having to open the people menu, find your friend in the list and then right click tp or im, why not have the ability to drag a person to the favourite bar and then have up there a quick access to favourited friends. This according to Oz was to hard and time consuming. I then talked to Niran about it through a random IM. He was more than happy to hear me out and said "oh that sounds like a good idea and easy to do". Next viewer release of Black Dragon, there was the feature. All he did was code it so that the favourite bar accepted a residents 'calling card' to be placed there alongside landmarks. How hard this was I dont know but, he seemed to imply it should be an easy feature to implement. Now I am not saying LL couldn't do it or didn't want to but, the impression I got from talking to Oz was that LL seem to only treat the default viewer with bigfixes and when it comes to new features they rarely put such features in if requested by users and leave that for TPV. Whether this is the case or not, I dont know but that was the impression I got from him.
  3. You have missed the point again Coffee. It isn't about it being just a chair or just a padded room it is the fact that LL rules state that adult content cannot be sold or advertised to G rated users of second life and content must be G rated to the public. Whether it has an avatar or a picture to give it context isn't the issue here. Rules are rules and LL need to follow them as well to set an example. The issue is that those adult furniture items going back to 2007ish are listed in an general rating and therefore are available for general rated users to buy and interact with. The issue is that those BDSM or Erotic art items I linked going back to 2007 would be clearly considered 'pron' on any other internet site or platform and yet LL quite wilfully allow such things not only to a general rating but to the general public. It is that their inactivity on such things shows a clear disregard for their own rules. If they dont follow their own rules, what's the point of AR's or flagging or users following them? It should be a high priority if LL want to actually improve on its reputation to help garner new users, be part of the metaverse etc. You say there isn't enough hours in the day for them to do this? That is just a cop out and you know it. 🙄 Here's an idea that would take them LITERALLY one day to do. Change the website code of the Marketplace to not show EROTIC or BDSM categories on general or when logged out. Oh but wait, according to you they are SO busy they cant even do such a simple change to their own website that would resolve the issue immediately. No, I was the one that called LL lazy not Rowan and you say it is the least effective way. Then how do you propose to motivate them to do such moderation? Clearly AR's, flagging on MP, messaging LL directly or tagging them in forum posts about it doesn't work. I even highlighted these issues to them on their 2 MP feedback requests they made many years ago yet that didn't even work. Additionally, you say that talking about these issues in a thread like this is taking it 'off the rails' where is your evidence of such? It is beneficial for them to be highlighted to LL regarding their position in the metaverse. From the OP: "There are pathways for Second Life to play an important role in the upcoming Metaverse future Development and cost-effective surgical rebranding plus change of user experience can be done," Moderating content directly plays a part in the user experience, rebranding (its reputation) and IS a pathway for Second Life to play a role in the Metaverse. Without proper rating moderation Second Life will never be a part of the metaverse as it simply lacks the controls needed to put itself in that position. Even if it is a segmented metaverse where each 'verse' is separate (i.e. facebook, epic, linden lab, steam etc), no one would want to be advertised alongside a company that has 'pron' visible to general public and their shared users. Why do you think LL and SL aren't shown in such meetings or discussions? They have more experience than any of those companies combined in virtual metaverse's with even fortnite's tech being inspired by SL, yet LL and SL are notably absent. And no it isn't because the other's are bias or because Second Life has Adult Content. It is because of LL's and SL's reputation that needs rebranding and to do that moderation plays a key role. The argument about twitch is EQUALLY relevant to the topic as twitch is one of the advertising tools that is part of a metaverse. LL's non presence on there needs to be fixed and based on what Lindens have said they are looking at trying to get added to twitch. Pointing out these kind of moderation issues will help that happen. Sorry for the long post but it gets frustrating when you bring strawman arguments to discussions that ARE relevant to the topic at hand.
  4. Hence why I was trying to show to the others in this thread that there are plenty of games allowed on twitch that 'have' adult content it is just moderated and not the focus; and that LL (and by extension SL) has a really, really bad rep as far as Adult content moderation goes. Hence any bias received from twitch or even steam where, shock horror, it isn't even allowed on DESPITE other adult games being fair game on steam is deserved based on their community guidelines. Apparently however, despite LL's lazy attitude to it, it isn't LL's or SL's fault (according to certain SL users) but twitch's fault. But.. but.. Gary's Mod is owned by steam so they get preferential treatment... they claim.🙄
  5. Doesn't surprise me at all. I gave up reporting things on MP years ago as it just was never removed and if it was, placed back up again 2 days later under a different name under the same rating. I think people get stuck up on the oh but the pic isn't adult and fail to realise that being in general means general flagged SL users can buy and use them.
  6. Its shockingly bad and your link and those I posted need a full explanation from @Linden Lab staff as to why it is still allowed under G rated content and is why I am calling them lazy of late. Is it because there is no CEO and as the saying goes, when the cat's away the mice will play? It shouldn't even need to be reported by users. LL should have a staff member that browse the Second Life marketplace specifically to remove that content. As far as the forums go, they already have mods that are employed specifically to monitor those kind of posts you linked and even still not only do they ignore it, they move the thread and ignore your reporting of it. You probably didn't see my edit to that post but I put in a link of something from 2007ish that should have been removed a decade ago from general search. Until LL take moderation and their platform seriously Second Life will stagnate in relation to new users.
  7. Right, so lets see, @Rowan Amore flagged a pic that contained an adult pic and wondered why it wasn't removed from the forums. Seems the answer according to you and it seems LL "it is not inherently adult". Thanks for the clarification Coffee. 🙄 From LL maturity rating webpage:"...General is not allowed to advertise or make available content or activity that is sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity." "Sexually explicit. , in relation to any goods, means goods depicting or portraying the nude human body, or parts thereof, in such a pose or posture that the viewer’s attention or concentration is focused on the female breasts or male or female genital areas which are exposed or provocatively emphasized or both." Sexually explicit Definition | Law Insider It has nothing to do with being 'shiny' or whether the naked body is exposed or not, it has everything to do with the definition of Sexually explicit i.e. a provocative pose or posture focused on sexual parts of the human body and that they are visible to g rated individuals both as residents of second life and general public. At the risk of getting banned, but to make my point... so according to you @Coffee Pancake BDSM is acceptable to be searched under g rating (or general public) (definition from LL above and defined legally above) despite it being full of items such as these (this is just a few of many on just the first 5 pages of the 105 pages): Second Life Marketplace - "Transparent" Suit Mysterious Woman compl.Set Pink BOM Second Life Marketplace - +Jumpsuit+ camouflage Orange transparent BOM Second Life Marketplace - Plastic Style+HOT Lingerie Body Dark Green BOM Second Life Marketplace - .::Arkan::. Sheila Harness + Fitmesh DEMO Second Life Marketplace - HYPNOSE - CANISSA INITHIUM KUPRA Second Life Marketplace - AURORA Agata Plastic Lingerie Here's one from about 2007 Second Life Marketplace - Steel Chastity Marble Belt for Women Or as per my edit about erotic art: Second Life Marketplace - [Kres] Seductive Silhouettes - 13 Second Life Marketplace - ^Dejavu^ Couple Art 03 Second Life Marketplace - Erotic Art (3) And Easel No it isn't, however when any person can search for adult items on marketplace not logged in (general public including 5-10 year olds) and find material that is not general maturity rated as defined legally and by LL itself, then LL do have a obligation to minors irrespective if they use second life or not, especially where everywhere outside of LL and second life users, Second Life is classified as a GAME with NO rating. That said, as defined by LL G rating is: General regions are areas where you should feel free to say and do things that you would be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother or a grade school class. Grade School definition: school where children were taught between the ages of five and thirteen Plain and simply it should not be up to the residents to flag items over and over that are against the mp upload terms, maturity ratings etc. That should be LL responsibility via keyword blocking or proper item moderation. Other companies moderate their own platforms not just leave everything until they get an abuse flag. Why is it that as soon as I say LL are lazy for not doing things other companies do is considered taboo and SL users try to wiggle and weave every possible angle to prove they are not lazy?
  8. That is the problem that SL has faced from the start as it was and still is a unique genre of game and those boards do not know how to classify it. It is the same for say Gary's Mod in that it is also not rated. Now you say that their may be Bias, that may be true but if that was the case and it was found out or even CALLED out by Linden Lab and made public, then there would be hell for Twitch to pay. I would also agree that there are other reasons to not allow SL however it isn't why you think. Take Gary's Mod (GM). It is the same as second life a user generated content platform and unclassified by ESRB, yet allowed on twitch. This despite the fact that there is just as much adult content on GM as Second Life based on the percentage of players. The difference is LL have actively promoted their adult content and have been lazy in moderating it, GM hasn't. They allow it but that isn't the focus of GM. Second Life it is allowed and the focus. Twitch's guidelines simply state that in user generated content Adult content cannot be the focus. GM allowed SL not. This also comes down to why many people dont want to play SL (per the OP) - its reputation as the brothel of the internet. Even after they locked adult content away on Zindra they didn't police it and worse yet, removed the locks to get to Zindra. Sure like people have said in this thread 16 year olds can only access G rated sims but that is only IF they say they're 16 at signup. When they locked Adult content on Zindra, you had to provide ID to LL to show your age, LL removed that and set it up like one of those farm stalls on the side of the road. Pay 1 dollar for fruit... we trust you to do the right thing... 🙄 I even remember meeting many a teen on the adult grid (before zindra) when the teen grid was still up, simply because they lied about their age. Apparently despite LL knowing they did this LL never learnt. Then there is marketplace. Once again tick boxes to dis/allow access to Adult Content. Here's a fun exercise. Logout of marketplace (or search in general) and search for BDSM. What do you see? Straps, collars, leashes, whips, latex, nude figures, boobs, sexulised clothing etc. etc. Pray tell, why is BDSM even allowed to be searched on g rating and not flagged as an unsearchable keyword? Now, I posted in another thread that LL are Lazy and got hounded for it. Yet here once again in something that HUGELY impacts on LL reputation is lazily ignored with 105 pages of BDSM Adult rated content shown to G Rated minors. 🙄 :EDIT: BTW it isn't just BDSM, there is a huge amount of what would be classed under ESRB as M17+ or Adult visible on the marketplace to minors under 16 when searched under 'g rating'. I mean, seriously why is erotic art even a visible category under g rated and worse still some visible... just what a g rated person wants to see "Seductive Silhouettes 13". Here you wonder why there may be bias towards SL from twitch.
  9. Knowledge base articles as a user guide ≠ ToS or enforceable rules.
  10. I am not saying that a fog isn't possible now and that experience tools cant control it. I am saying that fog is still generated by a temp rez particle system that causes more lag and performance issues VS something that is within the actual graphical engine of second life such as windlight and controllable as far as optimization goes by LL and the viewer graphical settings. As I mentioned in another thread, the windlight engine that LL own and use already had/has the capabilities of storms, blizzards, fog, dust storms, snow, rain etc built into it but was removed by LL. It wouldn't be a 'new feature' simply re-adding what was removed and never implemented. As to the animation, not necessarily. Take for instance if LL decide that the best way forward for avatar optimisation is a mesh collapsing system where the entire avatar (attachments included) is 'baked' into one physical mesh and rendered as opposed to multiple attachments. Having a resize function added at the same time would be a lot easier and therefore becomes a side addition of the optimisation system. After all, the need for pose adjustment scripts, objects etc would be removed and therefore also increase overall sim performance. It is all perspective. A good developer sees optimisation as a whole not a specific this or that. ARC for instance doesn't necessarily need to just be just for an avatar it could have been expanded as 'AORC - Avatar and Object Rendering Cost'. Instead it was used as a metric for one which saw better object design for avatars (e.g. have to get that avatar ARC number green) where as it saw no benefit in reducing object complexity outside of avatars.
  11. That is exactly what I have stated is the reason. Content in the game is UNRATED. If ESRB rated second life M17+ then it would be allowed, no ifs or buts that is what it would be irrespective of what users do in the game. It is the UNRATED nature of second life that is the issue just as that response you posted shows. Now if ESRB rated it adult, then that is entirely different but as it stands Second Life is UNRATED and that is the issue. All of those games on that page in the link I provided are all UNRATED games. In other words they are not banned because they are adult but because they are UNRATED (and contain adult content) by places like ESRB and therefore Twitch themselves rate them based on their own guidelines. If ESRB looked at the base game of second life as a social building game with inworld building and sandboxing it would be rated M17+, if that. It is the additional content that is added that is against Twitch's guidelines and therefore banned as they rated it not ESRB. Let me put it this way, if ESRB rated second life prior to twitch coming to be as M17+ based on its default form, then Twitch would probably allow it with the conditions of other such games (like VRchat I posted earlier) that any sexual activity is not shown. Just like as I mentioned Skyrim is ESRB rated however people CAN make it just as sexually explicit as Second Life is through mods of which technically is what user content is to Second Life. Having no ESRB rating is probably another reason why SL has issues as far as traction goes per the OP. For example the Teen Grid, even if unrated, would have been allowed on twitch but was discontinued.
  12. Ah I see, thanks for clarifying - I find those videos horrible and difficult to watch so usually go by a transcript which wasn't provided just summaries. I still stand by what I said though. Even if that is other features like pathfinding, experience tools, default body etc.
  13. That is the gist of it actually. Notice how what you stated said that "Twitch has officially classified" where as most games have an official ESRB rating to determine the category instead. Due to SL not having that classification Twitch assumes the role of the Rating system and therefore refuses it based on their own guidelines. From the link I showed "This nonexhaustive list is regularly updated and games may be added/removed in such situations where the status of the official ESRB rating changes or the content of an unrated game changes to bring it within our Community Guidelines". The non ESRB rating is the main factor with second life. If for instance the ESRB rating for Second Life was M17+ then the game is allowed and the content that is streamed becomes the liability of the streamer and then Twitch's streaming guidelines come into play for the streamer to ensure what is and isn't shown on their stream. Just as for instance you can download nudity and sex mods for Skyrim, however Skyrim can be streamed just not with those mods. From Twitches Guidelines on user generated content games: "User-Generated Sexual In-Game Content Focusing your broadcast around sexual content or in-game nudity in an otherwise allowed game will result in enforcement action against your Twitch account. When interacting with in-game nudity or sexual content in a permitted game, users may only spend as much time as is required to progress. In addition, users may not engage in simulated sexual activity or erotic roleplay—which includes the specific behaviors listed under Sexually Suggestive Content above—with other players in online games. Games that primarily consist of user-generated content, in-game roleplay, or interactions in virtual reality are not exempt from this policy." The spawning of unwanted content during a stream obviously is a concern but no different to a person playing an MMO which has nudity doing the same or rping in text and action. :EDIT: Take VRchat for instance this is Twitches take on AR avatars with regards to that game and nudity: "VRChat is categorized as a game on Twitch, and in-game virtual reality models are not subject to our policy on Nudity and Attire. This content must still comply with our policy on Nudity and Sexual Content in Embedded Media and Games however, so you may not modify your game to include nudity, or make sexual elements a primary focus of your broadcast." Also twitch states this: Prohibited Sexual Games and Game Modifications "Games featuring nudity, pornography, sex, or sexual violence as a core focus or feature are entirely prohibited" Is nudity etc SL's core focus or feature? I would say no it is a 'mod' that people buy on a marketplace and add to their game. SL's base game has no nudity in it at all or sexual actions. It is added to the game by users through modification.
  14. Some objects already have scripts that allow certain objects to hide or detach when entering a certain region. For instance many adult huds have a option to autohide certain attached objects when entering a G region. As to mature and adult well technically it isn't needed as mature allows for adult items to be displayed on an avatar just not 'used' (ie nudist beach) and adult areas allow for everything. Additionally to your comment regarding Twitch, Twitch does not ban nudity perse in games if those games have nudity in them and are not ESRB rated Adult. This is the same with user-generated content so long as when the person is streaming and the nudity isn't the focus and time spent is as quick as possible for say just getting through that area, then it is fine. The reason why Second Life is not allowed on Twitch is simply because it is banned due to not having an official ESRB rating and containing adult content and predominantly. As such due to SL not being rated by ESRB and no comparable game has ever existed to compare ratings to it, the Twitch moderation team then decided to ban it. List of Prohibited Games (twitch.tv). If for instance SL was rated by ESRB as M17+ which allows sexual content (just not prolonged or graphic) it would be allowed on twitch.
  15. It's things like this that show that LL are out of step with things in that the two are mutually exclusive. It is sad to see that even newer staff members are going down the same avenue LL have done with SL onboarding for 18 years and still after updating the signup and noob island over and over cant see that the onboarding experience also includes the 'After' of those two things. The 'After' only us residents can provide with the limited buggy tools we have been provided. For example, lets say a person comes to sign up for second life because they heard or saw an advertisement that you can sail a boat in second life. This for onboarding requires not only the initial noob island but also requires the person to enjoy sailing. They need to for example not see water in their boat, not lag across regions, not have the boat detach or displace from its original position crossing a region etc. They need to have that initial noob island experience relevant to them, allow them to sail a boat. Take flying a plane in second life. Perhaps a person saw that you can fly and wanted to experience that. This requires them to be impressed that they wont lag and it is just as an immersive experience as elsewhere. It doesn't need to be as good as modern games but at least have basic elements that make it more enjoyable. Give them the hook they signed up for, let them experience it and then reel them into other areas. As to his comment about onboarding and EEP and bug fixes etc you mentioned. EEP is just as curial to the onboarding experience than what he or Linden Lab seem to think, just as feature updates and fixes are and it is worrying they dont see that. Jessica Lyon sees this in asking for more polish and completion of current features. Take the two above examples, which would retain a user better EEP as it is now where they sail in an uneventful sea that is the same over and over or fly in a barren sky that looks the same over and over or an updated and fixed EEP using the original windlight systems of whether etc., not currently in EEP? Where a person sailing a boat can have weather changes. i.e. as they sail they encounter a thunder storm or a low rising fog, etc that is controlled by EEP and not laggy, unjointed temp prim rez weather systems we only have now. Where a person flying a plane can fly that plane above clouds or through thunder storms that the scripters of those planes can add turbulence effects to or change the weather of EEP using experience tool scripting during the flight etc. The same for a person that comes for RP. They want to see that when a person animates on something, that animation is going to work flawlessly with whatever size/shape avatar they have. Do they really want to sit on a chair and have their avatar not fit the scale or allow for the chair script to automatically scale your avatar to the right size for just that animation, like other games/platforms do? Until LL realise this and update the start onboarding alongside Second Life's other systems they have not completed or polished - treating BOTH as a requirement for retention, the better. I agree with Jessica Lyon "for Mojo to "polish"/complete the features SL already has, rather than chasing more shiny" and also agree with her in that the residents (including new users) will love Mojo (and by extension Linden Lab and Second Life) for it. I wish Mojo well and hope he takes an approach to retention and onboarding that is better and different than his predecessors.
  16. Considering EA were the publishers of The Sims (2000) of which entails distribution and marketing then I would have to disagree. Additionally the provided the funds to make The Sims through the acquisition money as well as provided a larger dev team for the game to be produced. "Following EA's acquisition of Maxis, Wright was given the team he needed to put The Sims into full production." History Of The Sims "In 1997, Maxis was acquired by EA, giving the team funding for another project." The Sims Wow really? What was he trying to do that you were so against? He brought us the destination guide, mesh, materials, dynamic lighting, shadows, dof, mega prims, pathfinding and even tried to fix things his predecessor did like bringing back non-profit discounts. Sure LL communication fell during that period but that started in his predecessor reign thought got worse under Humble who was all for privacy. Even fitted mesh, experience tools and Linden Realm (which was an effort for Lindens to see how complicated building is) were started under his tenure. On top of that he tried to get a mobile app going in 2013. As far as what was released under his tenure I thought he did well meeting most of what he said he wanted to do. He also improved the daily sign-up as well as tried to reduce the new user experience and improve the viewer. Mark Kingdon on the other hand... :EDIT: Additionally, Will Wright was on the board of directors for LL at the same time Humble was CEO and even Will's gaming background couldn't help improve SL.
  17. Then we agree. My point was just simply that the marketing of the original Sims was largely responsible for it being a success and EA Play which Rod oversaw was responsible for that. I too play the sims and have the since the original. That said I dont like sims 4 so dont play that as there is too little content and not a fan of the newer sim appearance.
  18. I must be sick as I agree with what you posted. A rare moment indeed. Whilst I still think minor things need to be done for QoL (obviously things you dont agree with) any form of major update to Second Life such as graphics or regions or even the viewer unfortunately etc. just isn't possible especially after how disappointing and lacklustre EEP was. The sooner people realise this the better. :EDIT: I am not a complainer at all. Whilst I disagree with how LL have done things and wish they did better things I know it isn't going to happen. There is nothing wrong with people discussing wishes and hopes for a platform as it shows people still believe in the platform. Whether they happen or not is an entirely different story. If LL were not interested in this kind of discussion of feature requests then they wouldn't have a feature request section in Jira.
  19. You are missing my point. I am not crediting Rod for the development or creation of The Sims. Other than the oversite of the entire project and EA Play's marketing he had nothing to do with The sims development wise. I am crediting his oversight of EA Play and EA's team at the time and his tenure as head of The Sims for later games in making the game popular through marketing and distribution. Nothing more nothing less. So I am not sure why you are so insistent that am saying that he is responsible for the success of The Sims from a development point of view. I said nothing of the sort. Simply that because of EA's distribution and marketing that Rod headed through EA Play's distribution and marketing, The Sims reached a wider audience and became a success. That is not my words but Will's in that he said he was choosing EA to acquire Maxis for the distribution network. Anybody can create a good game but it is the marketing and distribution that makes a game do well as people need to see and buy it first to see how good it is. In the same way it is marketing and distribution that allows second life to become popular despite how good or bad it is. A game could be terrible but have good marketing and make millions (like Cyberpunk 2077 recently) or a game could be brilliant like the sims and have bad marketing and make no money (obviously this wasn't the case).
  20. Blocksworld was actually a success and popular that ran from 2013 to 2020. The reason why it began to fail was, LL stopped updating it from around 2018 due to moving all their attention and effort to Sansar and so with no updates users dropped. Sansar was the cause of that failure not Blocksworld itself and was a good move from Rod that generated income for 7 years for Linden Lab. Patterns and Creatoverse was what I referenced in another thread where LL wanted to hang to the coat tails of more popular games, in this case minecraft. As to Avatars United, that acquisition was never about keeping it alive but obtaining rights to the profile and social tech which is still used in Second Life today. Additionally, that was purchased in Jan 2010 for that purpose and Rod was employed in December 2010 so he had nothing to do with that acquisition nor its termination after the tech merged with SL as planned and closed in September 2010, 3 months prior to Rod being employed. LittleTextPeople was bought on the assumption that its tech could be used as part of entry into the mobile environment in the form of a sandbox text app. That was not a failure of Rod but a failure of LL not perusing mobile integration until last year. As to Desura I have no idea why they sold it off after buying it however considering it was a marketplace distribution system I would dare say they were thinking of using it for a UI Marketplace however for some reason sold it. The fact that they planned to absorb Desura's development team and tech into Second Life as per their acquisition announcement shows this was probably the case. That is my assumption though however it makes sense as to why they bought it. So I would say that Rod actually had many success and given he wanted to move into the mobile environment in 2012 shows that he had far more foresight than is predecessors and successors. His only real failure was Creatorverse and Patterns.
  21. That looks no different to what Linden Lab have had in the past and currently. Even the iteration before the current noob island was fine layout wise to what you have shown, just more less graphic detail due to as you said the engine. Default camera wouldn't help in retention. It would be good, however not needed for retention. No one would come into SL and think, I am not playing this game because my camera is to high. You mean like it currently does with the new noob island they released this year? What you have suggested here is no different to what is in the latest version of noob island.
  22. Publicity and distribution under the EA title is what I meant. Under the EA Play label which Rod headed EA was able to market it to a far wider audience and better than what Maxis could do. Other than simcity and its many, many offshoots, Maxis had all failures in games which is why EA bought them out. I didn't mean development wise. :EDIT: If I recall, one of the reasons why Will said he chose EA was because of their wider distribution ability. Also Rod was the head of The Sims label for The Sims 2 and Sims 3.
  23. Second Life is such a closed platform and so niche that no AAA level game designer would even go work there. What would a AAA game level artist do in Second Life when Linden Lab do not involve themselves in creation outside of moles? They also have had someone with plenty of experience in the gaming industry both from a design point of view as well as a overall development, marketing, publishing etc view, something far more superior to a measly level artist. Rod Humble in 2010, with 20 years of Gaming industry experience seemed to even have his hands tied in that even he couldn't bring about a change significant enough to take Second Life back to hype years only 2 years earlier. Rod Humble wasn't just some unknown that LL got to head the company. He was at the time of his transfer to Linden Lab, the Executive Vice President of EA Games and Led the EA Play label of which he is directly responsible for not only 200 games under that label but also the reason why The Sims is one of the best selling game franchises. Before that he was VP of Product Development at Sony Online Entertainment and Head of the Everquest Studio - a MMORPG. If he couldn't do anything what makes you believe a AAA game level designer could do anything? They would be limited by what they have and budgets just the same as Rod was. How would this be possible in your eyes? How are Linden Lab going to achieve a modern continent equivalent to modern standards when modern standards are either a closed system with downloads (aka sansar or roblox) or a endless continent that has no region crossings or very large areas prior to a region crossing? Additionally they have already tried this in the past and currently but smaller region size, and it hasn't brought any new hype to second life. EXPLORE | Second Life Work they also pre-built themes for general people and educators. Also look at bellisseria, is ok until the lag hits. How would this achieve any form of retention to new users when almost all users want to see masses of people playing the game. What would be achieved in them starting off on their own continent when they would be hard pressed to find 10 people to talk to at a time and have little interaction with experienced residents? It's ok to say "lets just fix the onboarding experience", however how are you going to achieve this? For 18 years LL has tried to work out a viable solution for that and as yet, still haven't worked out a good one even with their latest update to noob island. People want a plug in and instant play experience these days, and that is something Second Life cannot achieve easily due to the complexities of it. Such as? It is easy to say they could just do this and that. If only it was that easy. Viewer side I would say yes as you have TPV's to bring in ideas. Server side however there is just to much catching up to do and the code and LL timelines just cant even compete with anything new. If they had continued developing on top of the systems they had year after year improving them, expanding them etc. rather than a release and forget attitude, they would have been on par with everyone now if not ahead.
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